Confused? Frustrated? Trying to find answers for why you are sick or debilitated?

There is an uncomplicated way to have Good Health:

It’s not the length of time we live, but how we live that really matters.  Our lives are too important to leave them in the hands of someone else.  I will explain how you can take control and have good health  to live the life you want to.

Be a Caretaker of your Own Body for Good Health:

While studying the body, I realized that our job wasn’t to know the internal workings or functions of the body to solve the problem of ill health.

Instead, what I found was that being the ‘caretaker of our body’ was a much simpler path.  Let me explain:  if you recognize yourself as being a caretaker, all you have to do is feed your body the right ingredients and quite simply trust that your internal factory knows what to do with it.  Once we understand what our job is, it clears up the confusion by no longer having to think:  “I don’t know what to do” or “I have tried everything and nothing is working’.

Think of your body as a high-performance car…if you had a Ferrari, you would take care of it with regular maintenance, clean water, high-quality oils, and general care and attention, and leave the specialty work up to the specialist e.g. the mechanic, auto-electrician etc.  I see it being no different with our bodies.  Our cells’ DNA has the right code, our cells are the specialists.  If the right unable nutrition in the form of natural food enters the cells and toxins are excreted or released you will be looking after your body.

When your cells have the right conditions (environment), they know what to do.

How easy is that!  You give your body what it needs and it does the rest, there’s no more for you to do.  It sounds so simple and that’s because….it is!

Feed your body with enzyme-enriched foods.  Every food source that is growing, is alive and is rich in enzymes.  Nature never gets it wrong, nature made it simple, all fruits and vegetables.  These are foods that your body can take and use as building blocks.  In turn this will strengthen your immune system, helping it to fight off infection and disease.





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