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Hi, My name is Vic Collins.

I am a qualified Nutritionist, Masseur and Author as well as a Husband, Father and Grandfather.

I have been committed to studying how the body works for over 30 years. When our first son was born, he was very ill and so that started me on my journey to find out why his body lacked the ability to break down and absorb nutrients. He is now a very fit and healthy young man who has gone on to become a personal trainer.

I have continued to study the human body both to see how it works for optimum health but also to reduce the risk of serious illness and disease mainly as a result of poor dietary habits and also failing to take care of ourselves properly. If we study nature, we can see what we need to do to nurture our bodies and keep them functioning correctly.

With my clients over the years, I have seen such sadness and frustration from their sickness, pain, being overweight and stress.

It has been an amazing privilege for me to see their sadness turn to joy and  their frustration turn to a feeling of freedom and control.

I have dedicated  my book to those clients over the last 30 years  who have encouraged me to put my words to print.

I would like to wish all who visit this site a Long, Healthy and Happy Life.


If you would like to contact me, please use the form below or go to www.facebook.com/VictorCblog


Comments or questions are welcome.

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One Response to “About and Contact”

  1. Jessica says:

    Dear Wendy,

    I want to begin by telling you I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and exploring your site. You encourage the public to trust in oneself, in nature and in God. This beautiful belief system is imperative for healthy living and Spiritual growth.

    I believe consciousness is shifting in a holistic direction; people are realizing it’s time to return to nature to resolve physical and emotional aliments just as the way God intended. It is my belief people are tired of feeling pressure from exclusive western medicine doctors and drug companies to imbibe in medications that simply do not heal effectively!

    I believe it is people such as yourself and the company I represent which encourage the public to do their own research regarding their health before taking an anti-biotic or pain pill. Studies suggest the body has the capabilities to heal itself given the”right” conditions: proper diet, quality hydration, exercise and Spirituality.

    Alkaline ionized water is a natural source of water the way water should be consumed, without all the unnecessary chemicals and acidic properties. Water that has been ionized is extremely hydrating; the molecule is actually smaller so that it permeates the bodies’ cells more efficiently. The additional oxygen delivered to the body results in a surge of natural energy and healing.
    I work for Chanson Water, a company that manufactures and sells healing water machines. I am asking you to blog to your readers about Alkaline water, particularly Chanson Water. I want to get the public talking about the fast growing field of healing water technology to prevent disease and promote health consciousness.

    I believe the American public is diseased and sick due to many preventable factors: de-hydration, over-acidity of the body and premature oxidation. Sadly people believe they are consuming “clean and healthy” drinking water from a filtered source or bottle; this is a fallacy that is causing more harm than good. It is my mission to educate the public about the healing properties of ionized water to the best of my abilities. I am asking for your help because there is no better way to create something meaningful than by aligning with someone of experience. You are a blogger who has earned the trust of your readers by your experience in the Holistic Healing Arts field.

    I understand you may not consider yourself a water “expert”. That is why I am here for you to act as your consultant should you feel this is a project you are interested in. You could even post a question to your readers regarding Alkaline water: Who knows anything about Alkaline water? Post your comments here! Any discussion of healing water is better than ignorance. I do hope you believe this is a fight worth fighting and you will see tremendous grow on your blog and benefit your many readers.

    Please review our website: www. chansonwater.com for more information, videos, and a free water consultation!

    Jessica Jure

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