Why is Sugar so Bad for You?

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If you want to prevent diabetes, stop eating foods containing sugar and be aware of hidden sugar in foods

www.ihealthtube.com Frank Murray explains why sugar is bad for our health and what to do to prevent diabetes. *Rate – Comment – Subscribe*

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24 Responses to “Why is Sugar so Bad for You?”

  1. brutus64 says:

    eat fruit, avoid all the rest…simple. since giving up fat and eating all fruit and greens, i lost 10 lbs and my stomach is getting flat again. so sugar in fruit is our friend and forget about supplements

  2. HardeyLeone says:

    It took away my model looks

  3. allrecipes36 says:

    Companies that market refined sugar to children are more dangerous than drug cartels and terrorists. “Little Debbie is a Rapist” because Little Debbie wants to rape children of health

  4. IampureSol says:

    doesn’t rice kill pigeons?

  5. usenetposts says:

    More than that, ytfetc, one of the acids in it is a mild chelative, and does help to remove metals from the brain. It also keeps the immune system healthy by fixing vit d3.

  6. ytfmichaelxu says:

    Omega 3 isn’t an antidote for any harmful substance. It is just a healthy fat that helps brain development.

  7. usenetposts says:

    How can you tell that she is looking at him directly. The camera is not giving you all that information.

  8. usenetposts says:

    They eat raw fish and get a lot of omega 3 that way. That’s the point of that.

  9. usenetposts says:

    It gives them energy, but it doesn’t give them other things. They do not just eat rice, if they did they would be dead.

  10. guitardude5050 says:

    y is evry1 hatin on diabetes

  11. 1ss2ssx says:


  12. chopin65 says:

    He is wrong about white rice. Billions of asians eat it everyday and they are very healthy.

  13. JesusPaid4You says:

    I couldn’t handle this woman interviewing me. She needs to learn how to politely not stare at people so weirdly.
    My final verdict is: very creepy.

  14. beijosparavoce says:

    We don’t know how old he is. but if he’s 100+..you would be correct

  15. fetymann says:

    he’s probably in better health than 98% of people his age. Judging by the way he speaks (lack of excess pausing) his mind is still functioning very well.

  16. Joewillsetitright says:

    Have you mercury metal amalgam fillings removed asap.

  17. Joewillsetitright says:

    Don’t eat Meat, Dairy, Refined sugar/carbohydrates. Also, stay away from whey, casein, lactose, and albumin. Eat a one hundred percent plant based vegan diet and you will live a long healthy life.

  18. Joewillsetitright says:

    White rice is garbage, it’s as bad as bleached enriched white flour. You need to eat brown long grain rice. Stay away from refined foods.

  19. ytfmichaelxu says:

    what does this guy have against white rice? The Japanese eats rice almost in their every meal and they live the longest.

  20. Joewillsetitright says:

    Complex Sugars and Carbohydrates, Meat, and Dairy kills.

  21. guitardude5050 says:

    GO Diabetes

  22. Gameboob says:

    Yea. theres something about getting health information from someone thats looks ready to be buried that I do not like.

  23. beijosparavoce says:

    This guy looks like hes on death’s door

  24. Sarah says:

    what does this guy have against white rice? The Japanese eats rice almost in their every meal and they live the longest.

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