Why Does God Heal People Through Prayer But Lets Millions Of People Die Through Natural Disasters?

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God apparently intervenes in the world through prayer, he felt compelled to intervene in the world by parting the red sea etc. But he is not compelled to intervene when millions of children die due to Tsunami’s and such. Why?

– The parting of the Red Sea was the result of a tidal wave building, caused by the eruption of a volcano in the area (which also caused the plague of frogs and the “angel of death” (volcanic gasses).

The people that are “healed” have conditions which psychiatrists call “hysterical” diseases – they’re cause, not by anything wrong with the person’s body, but by the person’s subconscious inability to walk, see a particular colour, etc. The pomp and ceremony of the faith-healing ritual gives the people permission to let go of their hysterical problems – they can also be cured by psychiatry.

So don’t imply the participation of God in either instance when the facts say otherwise.
As for the children – people die. That’s a sad fact. The world isn’t fair.

Eric H

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23 Responses to “Why Does God Heal People Through Prayer But Lets Millions Of People Die Through Natural Disasters?”

  1. fouro33 says:

    Most of the world does not belong to God and does not acknowledge Him as the Living and True One.
    BTW, were YOU praying that God would intervene in the tsunami or Katrina or the cyclone?

  2. When hurricane Katrina hit some people just prayed and some people actually joined the Red Cross and went over there.
    A Molecular Biologist working on cancer does more good than any priest or prophet did because they can only talk to the sky in desperation and don’t get off their @ss to do anything about it, through laziness or stupidity.

  3. ?Shay says:

    It is sad that natural disasters are often blamed on God, yet, no “credit” is given to God for years, decades, or even centuries of peaceful weather~~and the produce of the earth from that weather.
    God created the laws of nature according to scripture, yes. Most ‘natural disasters’ are a result of these laws at work. Even an atheist would agree to that.
    Hurricanes, storms, and tornados are the results of weather patterns colliding.
    Earthquakes are the result of the earth’s plate structure shifting. The recent tsunami was caused by an underwater earthquake.
    Could God prevent natural disasters? God ‘could’ do anything. Is every natural disaster a punishment from God? Absolutely not.
    In much the same way that God allows evil people to commit evil acts, God allows the these things to happen, this is also true.
    The fall of humanity into sin had effects on everything, including the universe we inhabit.
    So, we are back to where we began. We can understand why natural disasters occur, yet we do not understand is why God allows them to occur. Right?
    What we can know is this…is that God can, and does, bring great good out of terrible tragedies and this world, thank God, is not our final home. Then we’ll have perfection.
    A Christian perspective.

  4. lila says:

    This is such a hard question. Why do natural disasters kill millions of people? Why do millions of people die of illness? People die because of sin. God doesn’t kill people. Yes, people die, we live in a corrupt and tragic world. But God did not create it that way, He created it good. Man sinned and plunged us down the path we are now on. Remember, although millions die, millions also survive. Some of those stories are so miraculous, God intervened for them. And through these tradgedies many come to believe in God. Yes, God could stop these disasters from happening, but His ways are not our ways and we cannot comprehend them.

  5. summer. sky. together we shine. says:

    lik they say God workd in misterous ways
    i believe it is to make us stronger
    maybe if u believe and dont ever give up hope
    and belive in God with all your heart
    he is always there for you
    and if its in a natural disaster
    its for all of us to see that it was there time to go
    God is amazing and its for a reason
    never give up hope…….never

  6. goshine2 says:

    It may be unpleasant to contemplate, but death and suffering are facts of life. Job put it well when he said: “Man, born of woman, is short-lived and glutted with agitation.”—Job 14:1.
    The Bible promises a new world in which “righteousness is to dwell.” (2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 21:3, 4) Before those ideal conditions are realized, however, mankind must go through a time of unprecedented wickedness. “Know this,” says the Bible, “in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here.”—2 Timothy 3:1.
    “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom,” said Jesus, “and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another.” He added: “All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress.” Matthew 24:7,8
    During these last days before Jesus changes things people are going to die. We are waiting, and in God’s due time death will never happen again. Revelation 21:4
    Until then, it is our privilege to support God’s rulership by obeying his laws and principles as found in the Bible.
    . The prophet Habakkuk asked God: “Why is it that you look on those dealing treacherously, that you keep silent when someone wicked swallows up someone more righteous than he is?” However, Habakkuk did not jump to hasty conclusions. He said: “I shall keep watch, to see what he will speak by me.” Later, God assured him that at an “appointed time,” He would end suffering. (Habakkuk 1:13; 2:1-3) We must therefore be patient, waiting for God to end wickedness at his appointed time.

  7. Happy Hiram says:

    God has a plan. The plan involves pain and suffering for me and joy and money for Beyonce. God doesn’t have to give everyone an equal piece of pie, because we all have different appetites. God gives us what we need, even sometimes bad things, but it is not a punishment, just a challenge.

  8. team_sug says:

    The question you seem to be asking is the age old “Why do bad things happen to good people?” What you are really asking, however, is the same question that 95% of this forum is asking and that’s “is there a God?”
    The answer to the 2nd question is yes, clearly there is. It would be rediculous to spend this much time and conversation on something that does not exist… right athiests?
    The answer to the first question may be found here, in Harold Kushner’s book “When Bad Things Happen to Good People.http://www.amazon.com/When-Things-Happen…
    There is also an answer worth reading here:http://www.everystudent.com/wires/stacyj…
    Consider this: God is more complex than the questions you are asking.

  9. Ms Blue says:

    Do you believe that God believes that death is worse that can happen to someone? We do because we think of our personal loss and the pain of the ones we love. Yet, I wonder if God sees it as another step towards meeting up with Him?

  10. turingsc says:

    Actually, praying persons are often saved from such disasters. I remember hearing about several who were saved either from, or out of, a collapsed bridge a few years back. Did those millions have a strong prayer life?

  11. Ladybyrd says:

    It is appointed unto to man once to die! We all have a pointment with death.Death will come to all of us the point is to be ready.

  12. TheTiff- says:

    Very good point but really, that is a question no one can answer… :/ cept God pays u a visit himself if he is real, lol :p

  13. the natural disaters r a way of god letting people know that he is disappointed and it’s a way of makin us stronger because he will never put more on us than we can bare.

  14. Watch Movies says:

    Maybe god is real and he chooses not to help or maybe he cant help.

  15. irk.some says:

    According to Pat Robertson, bad things happen when you plan a Gay Pride parade.
    They must’ve been going to have a doozy in Rangoon…

  16. God seems to like to behave exactly as if he doesn’t exist.

  17. Just Marvin says:


  18. flyakite says:

    he is a big homo sometimes

  19. Sour Puss says:

    Why doesn’t he heal amputees?

  20. Barack Osama says:

    im hindu so i beleive its karma and fate of those people and god does not interfere

  21. cowboys_ says:

    he doesnt let those people die

  22. he’s calling them to heaven. Prove me wrong.

  23. Madame Ladybug says:

    We should always pray God’s will be done. He is righteous in all of His acts, whether we agree with His methods or not.

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