Why Do So Many People Believe ‘Natural Medicine’ Will Cure Them?

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My dad is a doctor and he tells me all the time (without naming people) stories of people trying ‘natural’ teas and leaves for diseases like cancer. Then, at the last minuet end – up in the emergency room with their families but my dad can’t do anything because A) they.re too close to death, or B) the won.t give consent for the surgery/medication administration because they are brain washed into believing that they’ll be saved by their ‘magical’ medicine.
My dad tells me how heart breaking it is when he can’t help a person on the brink of death….
Why are so many people ‘brain washed’ into thinking that they’ll magically be cured by these ‘natural medicines’
(I know my opinion is bias)
Brayden. 15. London
Please don.t rant about your medicien…i.m closed minded. lol. jk. I won.t change my opinion, but I want to hear other opinions
Health care is free where i live

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7 Responses to “Why Do So Many People Believe ‘Natural Medicine’ Will Cure Them?”

  1. People want to believe in “magic”; somehow convinced that Drs. hide cures to profit from them.

  2. jblaze_0 says:

    The West’s best contribution to the world of medicine is Surgery – It has improved so many more people’s lives
    But Natural medicine is quiet effective also
    It is very important for you not to think of Natural Medicine as being performed by Hippies and Tree-huggers
    Natural medicine involved only natural ingredients so they are a lot less side effects than using something chemically manufactured

  3. It’s a fact that most illnesses you’ll have in your lifetime are self-limited; that is, they’ll go away pretty well no matter what you do, and if you do nothing.
    In the modern world, though, there’s an expectation that technology “should” fix every problem. When that doesn’t happen, people get cynical. Also, statistical analysis and relative risk evaluation are areas in which people generally have zero expertise. That sets them up for even more distorted expectations.

  4. Diane A says:

    Many current treatments are based upon “natural” formulations so the claim that natural is one side and medicine uses “chemicals” is purely wrong. And Mr J above fails to realize that some of the deadliest poisons are fully natural. Natural meds can have more side effects than regulated because there is no standardized doses or purities.
    For example: fox glove = digitalis (digoxin)
    the transplant drug (cyclosporine) is a fungus, arsenic (a natural chemical) was used for syphilis etc.
    But why specifically do some people eschew organized medicine for some really quacky things? I really don’t know but quackery has been around for thousands of years. And I too have seen some really sad cases–its more complicated than just not having $. Some of those “cures” are very expensive (look at the knoki foot pads!!). Some people just believe odd things, or want to believe in fantastic outcomes. Some are in religions that influence them completely (almost brain washed), some don’t get what they want from mainstream medicine so turn to other sources that are more than happy to accomodate and get paid. People can be very persuasive. There may be elements of mental illness, paranoia, delusions in some of the crazier cures.
    Some “natural cures” also work! (as I said much of modern medicine is based on older cures)–so if one works they all must! )I hate the term “natural” however, since even mainstream can be natural & some natural is pretty unnatural)
    It is a fascinating study. Like Urban legends–some stuff just doesn’t go away!

  5. derekdud says:

    I have no idea..but I have a story. I live in Wisconsin and very recently there were these parents that wouldn’t allow their daughter to receive treatment. Their daughter had type 1 diabetes (genetic) and they believed that they could give her natural medicine and pray for her. If you know anything about diabetes, you know that when you have it insulin is NOT present at all or it does nothing. You need insulin to absorb glucose in your body. So pretty much the daughter was STARVING for weeks. She was eating, but nothing was getting absorbed. The girl was so drained that she couldn’t even walk for the last 3 days of her life.
    Now, if you seen your daughter sick and couldn’t walk..after you have tried to pray for her…wouldn’t you take her to the hospital?
    Happy to say, the parents are going to be charged with reckless homicide.
    I think that some natural medicine work for psychological reasons for people because its in their cultures. I mean, I am sure your family has some weird things you do to help cure you. When ever I had a sore throat my mom had me gargle salt water..thats not very professional..but it worked!

  6. Ms. Informed says:

    i’m thinking this is a mixture of desparation, distrust of big pharma, science/medical naïveté, unwillingness to stick to complicated medication schedules and/or inability to pay for expensive treatments.

  7. J.SWAMY I says:

    Homeopathy,naturopathy,herbal medicine,magneto therapy,acupuncture,yoga,Ayurveda , faith healing etc are placebos.

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