Why Do Doctors Distrust Natural Medicine?

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Many of the drugs that doctors Rx have not even been around in the last 100 years. Many of these drugs do work but not without side effects that may cause other health problems.
Natural treatments have been around for 1000′s of years with fewer to no side effects.
Why do doctors discredit natural medicine?

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19 Responses to “Why Do Doctors Distrust Natural Medicine?”

  1. mrodrx says:

    Because there is little evidence that these things work. Rx drugs are put through a rigorous process to prove that they are safe and effective. Natural products are not. The manufacture of Rx drugs is highly regulated so that each tablet is the same and contains the same amount of drug. Natural products are not. We have examined and know the drug interactions for Rx drugs. We don’t know the interactions for natural products.
    Many of the herbals that are sold have little or know active ingredient. Many interact with prescription medications. Many have severe side effects but people don’t know about them because they haven’t been studied. Did you know that St. John’s Wort decreases the effectiveness of birth control pills by 50%. Try finding that information on the bottle. I have seen patients die because they took herbal supplements. I have seen patients that have had transplanted organs rejected because their herbal supplements interacted with the rejection medications.
    A lot of natural products have been used for years but don’t actually do anything. There was a recent study done to prove that Echinacea helps colds but the study proved that Echinacea does nothing for colds (I found that amusing).
    I believe that there is a lot of benefit in natural medicine but it HAS to be studied before it is used or it can do more damage than good.
    People here mention the greed of the doctors and drug companies. Do you think that the people who make herbals are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts? They are in it to make money too. They don’t tell you about the risk of herbals. They just make up claims of what they can do with absolutely no proof and they put lives in danger to make money. They are far worse than the doctors.
    Another thing to consider, the average life-expectancy in the year 1900 (before modern drugs were around) was 47 year old. The average life-expectancy now is 77 years old because of modern medicine. Natural medicine may have been around but it obiously is not as effective or people would have lived just as long.
    So if you really want to abstain from modern drugs and only use natural medicine, be my guest. I would just advise against making any long-term retirement plans because you probably won’t live that long. Good Luck.

  2. freakish says:

    no but i do distrust a doctor who has anesthetics in a room alone with a “young” adult

  3. r u randy? says:

    Mostly… because “natural treatments” are simply bunk which have been tried, tested and found to be relatively ineffective for most cases most of the time, but also because some “natural treatments” are absolutely PURE BUNK which have been tried, tested and found to be 100% guaranteed ineffective for most cases all of the time.
    Medicine is not stupid… it uses the things that work and avoids the things that don’t work. Wise up..! Take a look at the support that medicine gives for ordinary aspirin, a very useful and effective drug that has been enthusiastically recommended by medical professionals and sold over the counter since the day it hit the market. Have cherry juice or sunflower seeds or powdered goat milk ever enjoyed a similar limelight? Hmmm.?
    Doctors highly recommend a great number of uncontrolled, (non prescription,) items that have been proven to assist good health. Look at the food industry – fresh fruits, milk products, low cholesterol products, vitamins and the like are all touted by medical professionals with great praise for their necessary inclusion in our daily diets – these are for the most part “natural treatments” for maintaining good health. Please note that a daily consumption of fish oil is not generally found in a list of healthy food recommendations. Think about it… medical professionals make plenty of recommendations for the use of “natural treatments” … they simply have figured out how best to employ them and how NOT to.
    [][][] r u randy? [][][]

  4. georgia2 says:

    because you can`t treat cancer with camomile tea!!!!!!
    i`m a medicine student, and i`ve seen these kind of things…people just don`t get it…it`s sad after all…

  5. Foxhound says:

    Homeopath meds are a threat to the profession of many doctors plus the natural stuff hasnt been tested as strictly as drugs have. Its more that natural meds are a threat to the business.

  6. Cornelius S says:

    Because they are stupid and untrained in natural medicine. They are more interested in drugs and their personal spending than learning how to properly treat patients.

  7. lateralu says:

    doctors don’t cure anything,they treat it.they don’t want you cured they want you to keep comming back to them for treatment.

  8. twopipes says:

    because it puts them and the pill companies out of business

  9. a_delphi says:

    Because natural remedies are a threat to their pocketbook. Also a threat to their ego. You see they know all, not some ‘granny’ with her cures. I am being facetious.

  10. MamaSuns says:

    It’s a money thing…. Pharmaceutical companies would be out of business, and you wouldn’t be going back to the doctors or having expensive treatments or surgeries.
    Believe it or not, there are a few doctors that trust natural cures, mine does. And he lets me “self treat” unless he needs to set a bone or something…..

  11. Spex says:

    Because if they recommended natural medicine they wouldn’t get those cushy kick-backs from the pharmaceutical industry.

  12. Ivan says:

    Natural medicine works for the people who believe it. It’s a proven fact called “placebo”. But very few of them are demonstrated to work in properly controlled clinical trials.
    Doctors are scientists, so they believe in facts. They learn and understand how Rx medicine works. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop taking natural medicine, if it works for you. Also, there is no reason to worry about the doctors mistrust, because you don’t need their approval. You can just buy it over the counter.

  13. This issue is well discussed by Michael Murray ND and Joseph Pizzorno ND in their Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine 2nd edition. Most modern doctors are taught to distrust natural products in med schools which receive huge grants and funding from the medical drug industry

  14. deederma says:

    They don’t teach nutrition and natural medicine in medical school. They teach doctors to push the drugs….The pharmaceutical companies pay the doctors to cover every ones symptoms rather that cure the person. A homeopathic doctor is going to take a different approach. He is taught to give his patient certain nutrients, herbal remedies, natural medicines so that the body will heal itself. Wow! What a brilliant idea don’t you think?

  15. Loss Leader says:

    What in the world is it about the fact that natural treatments have been around for 1000′s of years that is supposed to support your argument?
    People thought the earth was flat for thousands of years. That doesn’t make it true.

  16. Opus says:

    “Natural treatments have been around for 1000′s of years with fewer to no side effects. ”
    They also have little, if any, efficacy beyond what a placebo can do.
    Many modern medicines were derived from “natural” treatments and IMPROVED upon them – either efficacy or side effects or both. If they weren’t BETTER, they wouldn’t have become successful.

  17. hitchboy says:

    I am so very hearing you my friend and i work free daily to promote natural health care and more importantly people’s right to choose and use natural methods.
    Bottom line here is natural remedies provide little in the way of kick backs to the doctor prescribing them! Plain and simple…natural remedies are threatening the drug companies and they are publishing all kinds of propaganda to make you the public feel scared and bewildered and turn back to their illness perpetuating drugs and keep paying them for the privellidge. wrong isn’t it!
    I offer free naturopathic consultations online from here to anyone needing help http://www.jentleearthhealing.com and I write articles here http://www.craighitchenstherapies.com to inform people on natural health and I recommend everyone see the site of Mike Adams http://www.truthpublishing.com and see for themselves the truth behind what is a dirty smear campaign by drug companies etc to take away from you people out there your right to choose how you want to care for your health.
    Personally as Naturopath I get all the medical failures that drop into the too hard basket. We are people’s last resort. A new approach is needed and in the vast majority of cases I can help people with this different and natural approach. Why then are Naturopaths, Herbalists etc seen as a threat, because we are!
    Craig – Naturopath

  18. Fool in the Rain says:

    If natural medicines are proven to work then people will stop going to the doctor. Why would we need doctors when we can get natural medicines that are alot cheaper and more convenient than going to the doctor? Doctors are greedy and money hungry.

  19. c0mplica says:

    Because they can’t make money from nature!

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