Why Are American’s Slowly Destroying Natural Food By Irradiated Methods?

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America is not on the front lines when it comes to eating healthy.Irradiated food has a structure change when irradiated and by taking away the natural way of decompisition from food the consumer gets old food that could be more dangerous for your health as natural process’s are there for a reason .The current problem with people is that they need to know expiry dates on food and in if a manifacturer has placed a longer expiry date on the product to extend shelf life and the product has a shorter shelf life than the expiry date then the consumer could become sick?The process of extending product shelf life in not for health reasons but for the allmighty dollar.Meat and seafood in america is treated with carbon monoxide so it will retain its fresh look and in fact the meat and seafood could be very old and could kill people?So people food’s molecular structure should not be played with as people evolved through food and climate to where people are today.?Should this be against the law?

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6 Responses to “Why Are American’s Slowly Destroying Natural Food By Irradiated Methods?”

  1. Vajradha says:

    Ok.. let’s look at say.. fridges & freezers.. They stop/slow down the natural process of decomposition of food/drink products by bacteria, but do they harm you?
    Irradiation just kills every single living organism within the food (bacteria), without changing the composition of it, and the potency & type of the radiation means that when you eat it there will be no radioactive matter ingested (other than Carbon from the foodstuff, believe it or not that’s radioactive).
    Get over your fear of modern technology, I’d be more concerned about the sweetener aspartame in your food/drinks.http://www.aspartamekills.com/
    Also be afraid of having a fluoridated water supplies. It’s illegal in most of Europe, but not in the US or UK.http://thyroid.about.com/cs/toxicchemica…
    EDIT: As for having bacteria in your diet, try gulping sometime, every time you swallow some saliva and take a bite to eat you ingest thousands anyway (unless you eat in an aseptic environment). They provide NO essential nutrients wheras vitamins (even from GM foods) help keep you strong and healthy.
    You don’t know what you are talking about as this type of irradiation doesn’t change the molecular structure of the food, and it most certainly doesn’t change the molecular structure of anybody who consumes the product.

  2. Jose R says:

    Need creates demand which it needs to be supplied in the fastest and most abundant way possible to generate the most amount of money possible. Regardless.
    Key words money regardless.

  3. Stupid Marxist says:

    You want to eat something else? Be my guest.

  4. BUY only organic foods to avoid this.
    This is very sly of the food industry to slip irradiated foods pass us.
    No testing, no announcements, no labels, etc. This TELLS ME not to trust them or their FRIGG’n Franken sh*t FOODS!!!

  5. Aaron says:

    how many times are you going to keep asking the same question?

  6. Mahal says:

    If Americans aren’t healthy, why do we have among the longest life expectancies in the world?

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