When Will Newborn Start To Sleep For Longer Periods?

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How many hours does everyones baby’s sleep at night? My baby is almost 4 weeks and wakes up every 2 hours, sometimes even more often than that to eat.
Im just wondering when she will start to sleep more? She is eating like 4 ounces every feeding. I read she she be eating that much per feeding but like every 4 hours not 2.
How much does your baby eat , how often, and how much does she sleep. Anyone know when baby’s start to sleep for longer periods also?
Any info would be great!

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9 Responses to “When Will Newborn Start To Sleep For Longer Periods?”

  1. Cindy D says:

    I know how hard it can be to think you will never sleep again! The waking up should slow down soon and if it is all about being hungry and you are concerned surly talk to your dr. My daughter had such a crazy appetite that we started giving her, with the dr;s go ahead, some little cereal in her milk just at night before she would sleep. this has its own side effect though….gas and constipation. but when you are totally deprived sometimes things can seem hopeless and everything is harder. Remember you are not alone and it WILL GET BETTER!! I swear. hold on, from one mommy to the next.

  2. Mommy to Ethan says:

    My son was still waking up every 2.5 hours at that age. All babies are different, though. I know some parents who have babies who only wake once a night at 3 weeks old! I was so envious of them!
    Once he gains enough (around 12 lbs), he should start sleeping in longer stretches. Mine was waking once a night until recently (he’s 3.5 months). Now he’s decided to wake 2x’s again. Their sleep changes so much!
    I know it’s exhausting, but it’s normal. And soon, he should start sleeping in longer stretches. If you’re BF, you might try cluster feeding him in the evenings. I don’t know what to tell you if he’s formula feeding. Hang in there and know that it does get better. Even if he continues to wake a lot, your body will manage to adjust to a lack of sleep! :(

  3. YoungKus says:

    ugh, my first woke up every 45 minutes until she was about 3 months old!! she was horrible!! Then after that she still only slept about 2 hour stretches until she was 1. Oh she was sooo horrible, lol. Now at 6, she is an early bird, go figure. My second woke every 2 hours until he was about 3 months, then he was a great baby and slept for about 4 hour stretches until about 10 months, then all night. My third she wakes up STILL every 2 hours, no more, no less… and she is 6 months old. i forgot to mention, they nurse every time they wake up.

  4. lashunke says:

    well im on my fifth pregnancy and with all the other babies they woke up every two hours to eat until they were around three months old and then they would sleep pretty much thru the night, do you breastfeed or bottle feed because sometimes they do not get enough to eat from your breast and get full so have to eat more often, i had that experience with my first two so i gave them a bottle before bed and they would sleep alittle longer in between feedings.

  5. my son just turned a month old on the 19th. he currently eats 4 oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day. two nights ago he had a 4 oz bottle at 6:50 and didnt wake up to eat again until 11:50. that was 5 hours right there. hes never waited that long but even last night he went four hours until waking up for another bottle. its never the same with him as sometimes he does wake up every 2 or 3 hours. it all depends.

  6. Mandy says:

    Is your baby breast or formula fed? Usually breast fed babys need to eat more often, than formula babys. But do not worry, more sleep is on the way. By 6 weeks my daughter started to sleep 4 hours straight, and it just gets better from there. By 12 weeks she slept from 8pm-4am and now she is 5 months and sleeps all night. She is on her way there, it will get better =)

  7. growing inside says:

    At 4 weeks, let the baby eat as much at it wants. You can try giving more than 4 ounces per feeding and see if she will take more and maybe sleep longer.
    The sleep varies, my first one was sleeping four hours at a stretch by 4 weeks, my second one woke up every two hours until 6 months..

  8. SS.622 says:

    My daughter woke up every 1.5-2 hours from birth to 4 months
    Then from 4-6 months she was sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night
    Then at 6.5 month she started sleeping through the night (But still wakes up once or twice a night on occasion)

  9. *kade* says:

    wait untill 8-12 weeks n u should see a massive change in ur babies sleeping pattern. as soon as they start to eat more they will sleep longer feed her up in the day n she will hopefully sleep of a night.
    best of luck xx

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