When Drinking Becomes a Problem That Requires Attention

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How do you identify the fact that you have a drinking problem? When is it plain to see that you are involving yourself in abusive drinking?

If you have hopelessly attempted to discontinue your drinking or if you promised yourself that your drinking days are terminated and then you were made aware that you were drinking in an excessive way just a few days later, the probability is exceptionally good that you have drinking problems. The bottom line is that if you have made an effort to quit drinking and cannot get this done, then your drinking is controlling you, instead of the other way around.

In a similar manner, if it takes increasingly more amounts of alcohol to get the same “high,” more likely than not you need to become aware that you have a problem with your drinking.

You may be telling yourself that the rationale for your drinking is so that you can reduce your anxiety or get rid of the distress that you feel. Likewise, you may be trying to steer clear of a negative circumstance and may be looking for something better, more positive, or less mournful.

As you continue to drink, to the contrary, you will realize that drinking does not result in the same high and you will also understand that drinking doesn’t help stamp out whatever produced your problem in the first place.

As you continue to drink in a hazardous way, unfortunately, you may become alcohol dependent and, as a result, you may add another essential predicament to manage rather than becoming aware of more productive and healthy ways of managing your alcohol generated problems.

An Alcohol Assessment is Probably Necessary

If you have determined that you have a drinking problem, conceivably the best thing you can do for yourself is to call your medical doctor or healthcare provider and schedule an appointment for a thorough physical and for an assessment of your drinking behavior.

If you really believe that you have a serious drinking problem, it may be a good idea to get prepared to hear that you need to get alcohol reahbilitation.

At this point, what are your choices? You can surely say no and refuse to see your doctor and continue your pattern of abusive drinking.

It definitely doesn’t take a wiz kid, to the contrary, to realize that long-term, out-of-control drinking, if left untreated, will get worse over time and most likely set in motion an early death. Accordingly, your healthiest alternative is to face your drinking problem and get the alcohol treatment you need.

The Charade of the Functioning Alcohol Dependent Individual

It is somewhat odd to note the fact that multitudes of alcoholics lead busy and active lives and have jobs, vehicles, pets, families, houses, and any number of material possessions just like non-alcoholics.

Many of these “functional” alcohol dependent people may have never been apprehended for drunk driving and may have been fortunate enough to avoid all alcohol generated legal issues. In spite of this good fortune, nonetheless, these alcohol dependent individuals need to drink in order to deal with life on a day by day basis while keeping up their facade as they interact with people outside their family.

Ask anyone who has seen them when they are bingeing or in a drunken stupor or ask a family member about the problem drinker’s alcohol addiction, nevertheless, and they will be quick to maintain the truth of the drinker’s situation and the details about the alcohol dependent person’s drinking circumstances and about his or her alcohol-related problems.

Why Do Alcohol Dependent People Fail to Recognize Their Drinking Difficulties?

As alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse research has emphasized, no matter how observable the alcohol induced issues seem to those who interact with the alcohol addicted person, alcohol dependent individuals characteristically deny that drinking is the basis of their alcohol produced difficulties. Not only this, but alcohol addicted individuals often blame their alcohol induced predicaments on other people or upon other circumstances that surround them rather than seeing their part in the issue.

The origin of the difficulty is that alcohol addiction is a disease of the brain. Once the person has become an alcoholic, he or she frequently resorts to denial, manipulation, and deceit as a way of coping with the fact that his or her drinking is out of control. And to make the situation more complex, the experience of alcohol withdrawal symptoms usually circumvents the alcohol dependent individual’s rare attempts to suddenly refrain from drinking. As depressing as the alcoholic’s existence is, nevertheless, the good news is that quality help is commonly available – if the alcoholic reaches out and gets alcohol rehab.


Coming to grips with the fact that drinking is triggering problems in your day by day functioning is perchance the simplest way to find out if you have a problem with your drinking. Stated more precisely, if your drinking is leading to difficulties with your health, at work, in your relationships, with your finances, at school, or with the legal system, then you have a drinking problem that needs to be tackled.

If you have a problem with your drinking, furthermore, this means that you are involving yourself in irresponsible drinking.

While some individuals may be able to pinpoint their drinking problems and significantly diminish the quantity and occurrence of their drinking, others, then again, need to address their drinking difficulties by getting professional alcohol treatment. Additionally, due to their penchant to deny the facts and warp the truth, alcohol addicted people undeniably require proficient alcohol rehab for their hazardous drinking.

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