What Is Your Child’s Sleep Schedule? What Time Do They Wake Up And Go To Sleep And Also What About Naptimes

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Please also list your children’s ages.
One more thing, are you flexible with bedtime or do you strictly stick to the same time every night? Thanks!

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9 Responses to “What Is Your Child’s Sleep Schedule? What Time Do They Wake Up And Go To Sleep And Also What About Naptimes”

  1. oracleof says:

    If school is in we have this schedule:
    Our kids ages are 12, 9, 5, 2
    Everyone to bed at 9 pm. (Sometimes the 12 year old will head off to bed at 8pm) They can all read in bed. They usually drop off youngest to oldest within 1/2 hour.
    The 12 year old gets up at 6am.
    The 9 and 5 year old up at 8am.
    The 2 (almost 3) yr old up at 9am.
    Naps are occasional at best. One or another might crash out in the afternoon if they are really zonked. It’s pretty rare. (Boy do I miss nap-times…)
    Once summer comes( and weekends during school) we’re very flexible. The youngest might be in bed by 10, the older ones 11 or midnight. Sometimes the older two stay up even later.
    The only time we really stick to bed time is when school is in session.

  2. neet says:

    My 17 month old daughter wakes up at 7am every morning – give or take 15mins, she takes a nap every afternoon- usually around noon, sometimes an hour earlier or later depending if i’m tired or we’re out doing something. The naps usually last about 2hrs and then she goes to bed for the night around 9pm. Bedtime is not set in stone for us, she’s gone to bed as early as 8 and as late as *gulp* 10:30, but we usually stick to around 9… I can’t handle much later than that.

  3. wigglesm says:

    she is 5 and 1/2…don’t forget that half….haha
    she just started school, so bedtime is 9 sharp.
    before school, i tried to have her in bed by10pm, maybe not sleeping, but at least in the bed watching a cartoon on tv. on special nights. she goes to bed whenever i feel that she is really tired.

  4. passivea says:

    My 2.5 y/o son is pretty much on the same schedule every day unless we are on vacation or have a family function to attend.
    Normal day:
    He wakes up at 7am
    He naps from 1pm-3pm sometimes until 4pm
    He goes to bed between 8:30pm-9pm
    Hope this helps.

  5. Valerie H says:

    Age – 16 months…
    wakes up at 6am, naptime from 1230-2pm, bedtime between 730-8pm.
    We dont need to be strict with her bed time… she pretty much demands to go to bed between 730 and 8pm every night.

  6. Heather says:

    My 19 month old wakes up at 8:00am, Naps from 12:00-2:00, then goes to bed for the night at 8:00-8:30. He has been in this schedule since he was 11 months old and we stick to it! If we dont, he is a crab.
    My six year old on the other hand doesnt nap and she typically wakes up at 8:00 because of her brothers noises (which will change when school starts) and then she goes to bed at about 9:00. As long as she is mellow (and no school in the am) we let her stay up a little later.

  7. Michelle says:

    I have 3 1/2 year old twin girls.
    They wake up in the morning around 8am, then take a nap 2-4pm, and then in bed by 8:30pm.
    They pretty much go to bed at the same time every night.

  8. cerah_mi says:

    11 months
    Wake up around 6:30-7
    Nap from 9-10 and 1-3(we’ll phase the morning one out in a few months)
    Bedtime at around 7:30
    We are pretty flexible with bedtimes. I’m not going to keep him up if he is tired, but I won’t let him stay up all night either. If he’s still up at 8:30, he goes down whether he’s happy or not-mom and dad need quiet time, too!

  9. sckr4luv says:

    16 months old girl
    wakes up around 830 to 9am, nap at 100pm-300pm, goes to bed around 830 or 9pm
    Sometimes im flexible, but that depends on how our day went and what time she got to take a nap..but mostly we stick to the schedule even when shes with her grand parents

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