What Is The Best Way To Get A Very Energenic Child To Sleep??

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about an hour before bed try turning off the TV, stop playing and sit quietly and read them a story if they can read have them take turns after that they should be calmer and it will be easier to put them to bed. Good Luck.

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9 Responses to “What Is The Best Way To Get A Very Energenic Child To Sleep??”

  1. just me says:

    I have found that best way is to give your child a bath before bedtime. This is always soothing to a infant, toddler and even an adult! AFter that, then maybe some story time and off to bed. My children fall asleep faster and have a more sound sleep after they had taken a bath that night. Good luck.

  2. Mum to 2 says:

    I have two VERY energetic children and I have found that massage works wonders in getting them to chill.
    After bath time and story time we turn down the lights, put on soft music and I massage them.
    There’s great info on massage that you can look on the internet for or in books at your library. Most of them are geared toward infant massage, but most have a section on massage for toddlers and older children.
    Good Luck!

  3. mlcacek says:

    My 20 month old is VERY VERY VERY energetic and around 7:45 or so, I put him in his PJs and sit him in a rocking chair with me with his blanket and we read a few books. He calms down and gets tired.
    Most nights, I can lay him in his bed and he is out. Sometimes I will go into his room and sit on the floor waiting for him to fall asleep.
    I had to sit in his room more often early in the process but lately, it might be once a week at the very most.

  4. Culture Warrior says:

    I put my kids to bed at 7:30 but i let them turn on some low lights and play out of bed until 8pm. by playing quietly, they calm down on their own and I turn their lights out at 8 and they have to stay in bed. good luck!

  5. chelebee says:

    an energetic afternoon at the pool, a good hearty meal and a chamomile tubby followed by a good book … lights out,baby!
    **reading the words s l o w ly and almost whispery helps relax the eyelids( on both parts!) do YOUR best to stay alert and finish the book!

  6. justsayi says:

    My husband and I dis agree on this all the time…although we agree that our kids don’t believe in sleep.
    My goes to sleep just fine at daycare for nap time but wakes up badly for them. We struggle most nights to get him to sleep. I believe that he is worse the later it gets my husband who does most of the bed time routine disagrees.
    Every kid is different and although I agree with all the “experts” that sleep is important. I don’t agree that all children can fit into their definitions of how many hours a child needs to get.
    My son is very energetic and we too are out of ideas. Good luck.

  7. geekgirl says:

    Depending on the age of the child- try to limit daytime napping, and NO SUGARY OR STARCHY treats after dinner- Try to involve them in some “after dinner” quiet activities, like a family walk, then a story before bed.
    Good luck!

  8. southbel says:

    Giant hamster wheel. Just kidding. Exercise: make it into a game, and have them do it over and over and over again until they drop — like run them on a giant hamster wheel. Works well AND you get a healthy child. Just make sure to change the straw and water bottle once in a while.

  9. E3 says:

    Read this and see if it applies. Sorry NAK right nowhttp://www.askdrsears.com/html/7/T070900…

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