What Is The Best Way To Fall Asleep Without Drugs Or Herbal Remedies?

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I tend to lie in bed for a long time before I fall asleep, is there any reason for this?? and how could I stop it?

- Make sure your bedroom is well ventilated
-Don’t eat or do vigorous exercise for a couple of hours before bed
-Try to only use your bedroom for sleeping. That means no computer, no casual TV watching, no work. The idea is to strengthen the link in your mind between bed and sleep, so when you finally do lie down, your mind doesn’t get confused with other activities you’ve been doing there!
-You might find it useful to listen to a book on tape. I find any Terry Pratchett or Bill Bryson ones work well.


Often it is an overactive brain that keeps me awake. I find it helpful to focus on some repetitive pattern and draw it over and over again in my mind until I fall asleep out of sheer boredom. Alternatively, I try to achieve the state that sometimes comes just before you fall asleep where the mind flits aimlessly from one topic to another. Whatever you do, don’t lie there worrying about things – that takes mental discipline, but this gets easier with practice.


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29 Responses to “What Is The Best Way To Fall Asleep Without Drugs Or Herbal Remedies?”

  1. Some things that help me are:
    hot cup of tea
    and especially, my sound machine that plays realxing sounds like spring rain, summer crickets, white noise and ocean waves. It really works well.

  2. Yes……there is a reason for it.
    It normally happens when you have left something unfinished. And you keep on thinking about it.
    In students its the revisions of lessons, in Men its the pending work at office…etc etc.
    The right way to fall asleep quickly when you are physically and mentally tired.
    Hope it helps…..

  3. Mezmarel says:

    Usually because some people wait until bedtime to think about all their problems. Just try to blank your mind completely. Then just think of the most beautiful, tranquil place you have ever been to. Laying by a lake when you were a kid or something. Hear the leaves rustling in the breeze, the little waves lapping the shoreline at your feet, the way the sun dances on the water. Don’t even think of your stupid boss, or the checks you haven’t make out so far this month. This is your time !

  4. I would try maybe a glass of wine to relax you. It really works for me

  5. Nadia S says:

    Warm up some milk with a small stick of cinnamon and when warmed add some honey. This always works.

  6. Ramona says:

    Your mind is your most powerful weapon.try to clear your mind when you go to bed and tell yourself mentally that you are relaxed and sleepy.dont allow thoughts to creep in, also take a few deep breaths, and imagine all worries drifting away.

  7. Jojotrav says:

    Try and have a bath before hand. Don’t drink and coffee or even tea for at least 2 hours either. If I have a cup of tea it really keeps me awake. Take some exercise too. I often find Sunday nights are really bad for getting to sleep as my mind just won’t close off….. Sometimes I just make up stupid stories to keep my mind off worrying about work and stuff. My husband finds listening to the TV soothing and loves to fall asleep to it (turned quite low).

  8. Chet says:

    If we offered you a miracle remedy that prevents and cures “Insomnia/Sleeplessness” would you buy it? Certainly you would. You won’t find it in a Pharmacy but at the Grocery Store.
    Try the Natural Cures for Insomnia/Sleeplessness.
    Insomnia or sleeplessness has assumed alarming proportions in present times, especially among the upper classes in urban areas. This is evident from the wide range of medication for this condition prescribed by physicians and sold by chemists. Instances of persons taking an overdose of sleeping pills with fatal results are quite frequent. Insomnia deprives a person of mental rest and thereby interferes with his activities in the daytime. It constitutes a severe health hazard when it becomes a habit.
    Sleep is a periodic state of rest for the body which is absolutely essential for its efficient functioning. Sleep gives relief from tension, rests the brain and body and a person wakes up in the morning fresh and relaxed after sleep. The amount of sleep, however, varies within very wide limits from individual to individual. Normally, 7-8 hours of sleep every night is adequate for most people. Some, however, do well with four to five hours because their sleep is deeper and more refreshing.
    Insomnia is common among the elderly for a variety of reasons. The sleep of the elderly is often punctuated by brief periods of wakefulness during the night. In such cases it is the quality rather than the quantity which is most affected. With age, there is gradual reduction of periods of deep sleep. The older person, therefore, gets roused easier. Sleep requirements also diminish with ageing. From 9 hours of sleep per night at the age of 12 the average sleep needs decrease to 8 hours at the age of 20, seven hours at 40, 6-1/2 hours at 60, and 6 hours at 80.
    Symptoms: The signs of pathological insomnia are dramatic changes in the duration and quality of sleep, persistent changes in sleep patterns, lapses of memory, and lack of concentration during the day. Other symptoms are emotional instability, loss of coordination, confusion, and a lingering feeling of indifference.
    Causes: The most common cause of sleeplessness is mental tension brought about by anxiety, worries, overwork, and overexcitement. Suppressed feelings of resentment, anger and bitterness may also cause insomnia. Constipation, dyspepsia, over-eating at night, excessive intake of tea or coffee, and going to bed hungry are among the other causes. Smoking is another unsuspected cause of insomnia as it irritates the nervous system, especially the nerves of the digestive system. Often, worrying about falling asleep is enough to keep one awake.
    The Cure: Sleeping pills are no remedy for sleeplessness. They are habit forming and become less effective when taken continuously. They lower the I.Q., dull the brain and can prove fatal if taken in excess or before or after alcohol. The side effects of sleeping pills include indigestion, skin rashes, lowered resistance to infection, circulatory and respiratory problems, poor appetite, high blood pressure, kidney and liver problems and mental confusion.
    To overcome the problem, one should adhere to a regular sleeping schedule, going to bed at a fixed time each night and getting up at a fixed time each morning. Early to bed and early to rise is a good rule. Two hours of sleep before midnight are more beneficial than four after. It is sheer folly for students, at examination times, to keep awake till long after midnight, drinking one cup of tea after another, as that is only apt to cause blackness and inability to concentrate in the examination hall.
    Research has shown that people with chronic insomnia almost invariably marked deficiencies of such key nutrients as B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C and D as also calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and zinc. The sleep mechanism is unable to function efficiently unless each of these nutrients is present in adequate amounts in the diet.
    A balanced diet with simple modifications in the eating pattern will go a long way in the treatment and cure of insomnia. Such a diet should exclude white flour products, sugar and its products, tea, coffee, chocolate, cola drinks, alcohol, fatty foods, fried foods, foods containing additives, that is chemicals for preserving, colouring and flavouring, excessive use of salt, and strong condiments.
    In the modified eating pattern, breakfast should consist of fresh and dried fruits, whole cereals, seeds and yogurt. Of the two main meals, one should consist of a large mixed salad and the other should be protein-based. A cup of milk sweetened with honey at bedtime is helpful as the amino-acid tryptophan contained in milk induces sleep.
    Sleep is often elusive. Any attempt to force it only drives it further away. It is better to divert the mind with soft music or light reading. While going to bed, visualise a blank black wall occupying the entire field of vision. Turn your thoughts to light and cheerful matters. Use light bed clothes and relax. Do not lie on your back, put on your side with one or both knees brought well up and the head and shoulders slightly forward. During the night, the position of the arms and legs should be changed frequently and a healthy sleeper usually shifts from one side to the other several times in the course of the night.
    Controlled breathing is also a great help in inducing sleep. The method is to lie on your side in bed, and then take three deep breaths expanding the abdomen completely. Then hold your breath as long as you can. Next, take three more breaths and repeat the breath holding. While you hold your breath, carbon dioxide accumulates in the body and induces natural sleep. Regular, active exercising during the day and mild exercise at bedtime enhances the quantity and the quality of sleep. Exercise stimulates the elimination of lactic acid from the body which correlates with stress and muscular tension. Regular exercise also produces hormonal changes which are beneficial to the body and to the sleep pattern. Walking, jogging, skipping, swimming are all ideal exercises. Vigorous exercise should, however, be avoided at night as this can be over-stimulating.
    Yogasanas: Yoga helps a majority of cases of insomnia in two ways. Firstly, yoga treatment helps tone up the glandular, respiratory, and nervous system. Secondly, yoga also gives physical and mental relaxation as a safety value for one’s disturbing problems. The traditional yogasanas which are effective for insomnia patients are shirsana, sarvangasana, paschimottanasana, uttanasan, viparitakarni and shavasana.
    Hydrotherapy is also effective in treatment of insomnia. Application of hot packs to the spine before retiring, hot fomentation to the spine, hot footbath, or an alternate hot and cold footbath at bedtime are all time tested methods. The cold hip bath with the feet in hot water and the prolonged neutral immersion bath (92 o to 96 o F) at bed time, when one’s nerves are usually irritable, are also effective measures.
    Along with the various measures for the treatment of insomnia, all efforts should be made to eliminate as many stress factors as possible. The steps in this direction should include regular practice of any relaxation method or meditation technique, cultivating the art of doing things slowly (particularly activities like eating, walking and talking) limiting the working day to 9-10 hours and five and a half days weekly, cultivating a creative hobby and spending some time daily on this, avoiding working against unrealistic targets and completing one task before starting another.
    Hope this helps, Good Luck.

  9. Janika says:

    count sheep or do the times tables it always works for me. NEVER do excerise before bed.

  10. fitzy says:

    hot milk and a nice bath does it for me , also reading before hand is very relaxing zzz

  11. shirley v says:

    try counting sheeps

  12. tara says:

    have children they get you so tired out that by the time you get to the bedroom you fall asleep on your way falling into your pillow

  13. Angela C says:

    bread right before bed makes you feel all full and cozy. of course, it’ll also make you fat. so maybe try an orgasm. you’ll get that cozy feeling w/o the fat. :) and even if it doesn’t make you tired enough to sleep, you’ll still feel better.

  14. Try a bedtime ritual, such as a warm bath, then a warm mug of milk and nutmeg. Also sprinkle lavender on your pillow, this is a great sleep inducer. Another good tip is not to eat past 6pm, because it will keep you awake, same for caffeine.

  15. ilovedan says:

    taking a long time to fall asleep means u wave a lot on ur mind. try conting backwords from 100, and you’ll fall asleep after a few times

  16. Animal Helper says:

    you should get some meditation tapes and or try yoga. this is a great way to just doze off.

  17. Screaming Mayday! says:

    i do that 2. what works best for me is a hot drink before bed

  18. konk yourself out. drink warm milk,close your eyes and count to 100,boil lettuce and drink the tea, i cant think of any more.
    good luck on the sleep thing :)
    am sleepy, ahhhhhwwwww!!!!!!!!
    – - Z Z Z Z z z z z

  19. I do little quizzes in my head. I go through the alphabet and think of a word of a certain theme for each letter, eg, boys names. Then I think Adam, Ben, Charlie, Daniel, Eric, Frank etc etc. It sounds boring but it send you to sleep after a couple of games. One of the ones that makes me think is food. That’s a challenging one.

  20. fabian29 says:

    the verry best way to fall asleep without drugs is:
    try meditating or yoga
    have a hot bath/shower
    read a book
    drink a cup of warm milk
    count sheep

  21. kchick80 says:

    Have a warm bath, read a book, masturbate. All of these will relax you and send you off to sleep.

  22. Jewel M says:

    drink something warm ( or cool in the summer) read, play soft, soothing music and keep the room dark.
    if you exercise in the morning that can help you sleep through the night. don’t exercise right before bed if you can help it, it will just make your body more awake.
    obviously don’t drink caffine a few hours before bed.

  23. Aaron D says:

    Eating turkey, a nightcap like a nice glass of sherry, a glass of milk, chamomile or spearmint tea (sleepytime time tea from Celestial Seasonings is caffeine free and wonderful with a couple teaspoons of honey). It is scientifically proven that having an orgasm can make one sleep better. Long hot bath, you can get bath salts that are labeled for helping you sleep. I think the biggest reason you can’t fall asleep is because your mind isn’t sleepy, try exercising, it’s a proven method. Wake up earlier and go to bed earlier.

  24. littleon says:

    I read somewhere that apples make you sleepy as well as chamomile tea (caffine free) and turkey

  25. I went to see a therapist for exactly the same problem. I had one session with her using NLP and hypnotherapy and it worked, I sleep like a baby now and only wake up when I have to..really amazing.
    she can be found at http://www.real-changes.com

  26. Pleasant Peter Perkins says:

    I find placing myself back in a happy experience…or even inventing a new one helps. I have often ‘drifted off’ thinking about being in Central Park with my girlfriend and taking a taxi out to the Village for dinner.
    I don’t know for sure…but I think I sleep with a smile on my face most of the time.

  27. Oh, it's like that? says:

    I’d suggest that you take a nice warm, comfortable shower because, it’s very relaxing and it works for me!

  28. aaisha:) says:

    yeh ok i that happens to me too sometimes………what works well for me……..
    is to have a hot shower before i go to bed, to relax yourself.wat also works well is to have a hot drink such as warm milk or hot choccy…and also reading till u just drop the book……..that happens to me every night.
    good luck….sleep tite!
    xxx a

  29. essentia says:

    a glass of warm milk does it for me.

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