What is the beauty of raw living food?

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Raw food diet

Hello my friends, I just wanted to share with you a few thoughts on the beauty of the raw food diet… or should I say the fruit and vegetable diet? On the higher levels, this is about…. Advanced Cellular Regeneration! We are not going to get well by suppressing symptoms, so what are we going to do? That’s right… eat the living raw foods to allow you to have a Brighter Mind & a Clearer Heart.

 Living Foods Energize the Cells, but do not obstruct… as NOT much metabolic waste is left behind. For example, an orange does not obstruct… ;-) This is the beauty of the raw foods….

And no matter what others might say, just know that you can do this! Your family might not understand. Your friends might not understand. So you just go on believing in yourself…. no matter what! Allow yourself to always be filled with the light of life that is present in living foods!

 Thank you… I am grateful for each and everyone of you… and your mind, heart and body are each thanking you right now for taking care of yourself so well! ;-) Peace be with you all…always. Love, Dan .

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25 Responses to “What is the beauty of raw living food?”

  1. bcoulal says:

    There is a saying “Give a man food and he will live for a day. Teach a man how to grow his food and he will live for a lifetime.”

  2. bcoulal says:

    Most people who are mostly sheep and watch TV all day long and munching on potato chips and hamburgers will probably say that you look weak but what they don’t realize is that compared to most people your immune system is a fortress with nukes ready to deploy and your body has almost zilch bodyfat underneath the skin. I, however, appreciate your videos. You are living proof that physical appearance means nothing when it comes to personal wellness.

  3. LifeRegenRevolution says:


    Organic cucumbers are SO expensive here in PA, $ 3.70 for 2

    too much for them sadly

  4. LifeRegenRevolution says:


    Dan has a Very lean muscular and Healthy Physique and body structure

  5. twicetheman2 says:

    thanks for being a great cheerleader! You are my only homie for sure, but I need more light.

  6. SOCRATES012 says:

    Im with you brother! You look great. Thanks for the inspirational videos. Peace

  7. HNpedersenTube says:

    love you man, thank you so much for sharing. The world needs this man.

  8. vicky2c says:

    so this is what healthy looks like! lol. You rock Dan! Keep them coming! We love you:)))))

  9. alanpeaceful says:


  10. liferegenerator says:

    I think it is a fine drink…

  11. EscapeArtists17 says:

    Hey Dan, I was wondering what your thoughts on Guyaki Yerba Mate are? I drink the bottled stuff in the morning for a jolt…

  12. brendandylanmaloney says:

    Great body !

  13. ialfand says:

    Dan the man, you’re very inspirational. Keep on,
    keep on. I really am struggling right now to stay with the raw diet. I do it, then I don’t, I do it than I don’t. But with your help, I’ll keep on the path.

  14. bearamundi says:

    Dr Dan Green!!
    ….taking the dirt and transmuting it into the higher vibrations…
    very impressed by your videos!!

  15. mommaperez says:


  16. ACEBAKER911 says:

    the power of raw foods makes these internal beneficial procedures happen all at the same time

    1. Detoxification
    2. Re Oxygenation
    3. Re Mineralization
    4. Re Hydration
    5. Re Alkalize

  17. CenturionPhysique says:

    Oh yeah, I don’t take B12 either, I used to take it for the 2 years while I was a vegan. But I stopped taking earlier this year when I became a raw foodist. It just feels unnatural to me. My body don’t want pills, it wants fresh fruits and vegetables.

  18. CenturionPhysique says:

    Dan is amazing.

    We’re on fire baby!

  19. drtooty5 says:

    i rated you a 5 on this video; thanks for being on youtube!

  20. princesspamela1959 says:

    I’m on fire!!! keep on keeping on Dan!!!

  21. CaptainStriker says:

    Lol i`m thinking of becoming a raw foodest or as much as possible and (4:49-4:56)i`m spiritualist, and damn no one understands me lol.

  22. Cr8Joi says:

    We are on fire!

  23. veganprincess01 says:


  24. AmberThinks says:

    since i’ve cut out processed foods, I actually do not have a tolerance for them anymore. my body rejects any junk. i feel dizzy and sick so now I just abstain from all of it.

  25. switchin2raw1111 says:

    Traces of chlorine in drinking water, antibiotics in animal foods, etc., have truly compromised our normal flora, and when we make the diet switch, we have to first overcome the damage done…

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