What Is A Vitamin Or Herbal Supplement (something Natural) That Curbs, Or Suppresses Hunger/appetite?

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I am looking for anything that’s a natural way to curb ones appetite. Vitamins. Teas. whatever. Just nothing dangerous or risky to the health. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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5 Responses to “What Is A Vitamin Or Herbal Supplement (something Natural) That Curbs, Or Suppresses Hunger/appetite?”

  1. oldtimek says:

    Typically, they have to list that they help you to feel fuller faster and keep you satisfied longer because of FDA restrictions, but you can still find them. I’ve only seen two that have shown to help to curb hunger and those would be Hoodia Gordonii and Slendesta (a potato protein extract). We have had a lot of people tell us that they have worked for them quite well, but different people do have different responses. And of course, it’s not recommended long-term, so be careful about taking them too long (mostly for under-nourishing). Good luck!

  2. Healthy Skeptic says:

    I’m curious to know how you plan to ensure that an herbal supplement is not “dangerous or risky to the health”? Most herbal remedies do not have sufficient evidence to prove their safety or efficacy, in fact some have been proven to be unsafe and ineffective.
    By no definition can “all natural” mean that a product is safe or healthy. Consider the examples of hemlock, mercury, lead, toadstools, box jellyfish neurotoxin, asbestos — not to mention a nearly infinite number of toxic bacteria and viruses (E. coli, salmonella, bubonic plague, smallpox). In many cases, synthetic versions of natural compounds have been engineered to make them safer and more effective. And to be clear, a synthetically engineered compound is usually the exact same molecule as the one you might call “natural”.
    You clearly have a desire to go with “natural supplements”, but why? Is this because it sounds only logical that a natural supplement would be safer. I really encourage you to think critically about this decision. If someone is influencing you one way or another, you need to question their credentials. What makes them an expert? Do you they have sufficient scientific training to back up their assertion?

  3. Willpower alone is proven to not work. Eventually, if you’re feeling hungry, you’ll eat.
    First, do some research on Leptin. This hormone (only just discovered in 1994) is the hormone that signals to the brain to stop eating and burn fat, or vice versa. You can become leptin resistant just as you can become insulin resistant from years of poor eating habits. When this happens, the brain doesn’t ‘hear’ the signal to stop eating. One of the most well researched physicians on leptin and insulin is Dr. Ron Rosedale. He will say that it’s the most important hormone in the body. Do a search for his site and book. Bottom line, lower leptin levels and hunger cravings will end. This IS achievable by diet alone although challenging. I am aware of only one supplement that has been clinically proven with a placebo controlled, double blind study to lower leptin. It’s called MaxWXL (weight loss accelerator)It is all-natural and no stimulants. It helps eliminate the cravings, so you can focus on proper eating. To bring long term results you must change eating habits. Lowering leptin levels gives you the additional help to do this.

  4. Joy G says:

    Fennel curbs hunger, that and it’s essential oil.

  5. Floda says:

    hmmmmm WILL power

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