What Is A Good Natural Product To Help With Edema Of The Legs And Ankles?

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oh sure I have begun cutting down on the sodium intake that is is all good but, I am talking about finding some natural product, as in from a natural health food store or vitamin shoppe as i do not want to be taking medications and or water pills and be sick and full of chemicals or be
peeing constantly, I have been to the doc and there is nothing seriously wrong like with kidneys or liver or anything.

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9 Responses to “What Is A Good Natural Product To Help With Edema Of The Legs And Ankles?”

  1. nursienu says:

    Here’s something that doesn’t cost anything–Elevate your feet for 20 minutes or more several times a day. The proper elevation is feet above the heart which means not using a recliner.
    Natural diuretics: Water, green tea, asparagus, oats and tomatoes.
    Activity like walking can be useful as when your muscles contract blood doesn’t pool in your lower extremities. When blood flow is diminished, the fluid in your blood leaks out into the tissues.
    You didn’t say how old you are or if you have any health problems. When people age things start to go array, and then health problem develop. If you are 60 or more, obese, or have congested heart failure you indeed may need to take a fluid pill. The extra fluid and weight are hard on your heart. If you have these problems and the MD says there is nothing wrong get a second opinion.

  2. radarboy says:

    In your case please take Natrum sulph 12x powder or tablets (4 tablets chewing or small spoon of pwder) every day 2 times morning and evening which will do wonders.
    Natrum sulph is a natural bio chemic (sodium sulphate ) exists in our body for the purpose of balancing the water content in each cell,and excrete the excess water reducing the eodema.
    this is no more a medicine….but a natural supplement.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a doctor. I tell my edema patients to use Ace wraps instead of compression stockings; never wear them to bed, never put them on too tightly ie if they feel too tight then they are. Put them on in the morning even before you get up to pee because your legs are not too swollen then.
    But, follow the walking rules:
    walk but do not stand, for walking will reduce edema
    standing and/or sitting with your legs dependent will increase edema
    after walking or protracted standing, sit with your feet up, like in a recliner for at least 15 minutes–this is actually therapeutic reeducating your veins to compress like they did when your were younger
    Here is a trick: if you have no difficulty breathing in bed, at night, and get by with only one pillow, then put a one inch block under the foot of your bed (two paperback books will do it); you will be surprised on how much less edema that you have.

  4. angelam2 says:

    Since the edema in the lower extremities is usually water, the best way to get rid of it is to pee it off. You might want to try to swear off of soda ( Coke, Pepsi, etc…) for one full month and see what difference it makes. Also…whenever you feel the urge to pee, dont resist it. Go immediately, it can cause kidney problems in the future.

  5. Beamer says:

    Ace wraps
    elevate your legs
    drink cranberry juice or the natural pills and drink a glass of water with them.
    cut out fatty foods, sugars, pop all junk food.
    Eat veges that you like instead.
    You are retaining water, best way to get rid of it it carefully and safely. Email me if you want I can help you with a better diet and simple exercise.
    Good Luck!

  6. Anonymous says:

    two friends of mine took the herb Horse Chestnut and each one drained excess fluid with the herb. another person i know had acupuncture and oriental massage and lost 40 pounds of water from legs that were the size of big tree trunks. her doctor told her before this that “there was nothing ” he could do to help her.

  7. EllenLou says:

    TED stockings can be ordered from your pharmacist and they also have a good selection in the store too.

  8. Elizabeth S says:

    I had severe tendonitoud wich caused alot of inflamation in my ankle that was alot like edema, the only thing that brought it down was a compacted drug called Ketoprophin. It’s a cream that you’ll need a perscription for, but it wored great for me. Hopefully it could for you too.

  9. JustMe says:

    I suggest all natural Alfalfa Complex. Alfalfa is the richest land grown source of trace minerals. The roots of this perennial plant burrow deep into the soil and absorb the important trace minerals and elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorous. Combined with chlorophyll and other organic salts, these factors seem to balance the so-called salt system of the body and acts as a natural diuretic.
    Hope this is useful and feel free to contact me for the brand I use.

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