What Is A Good Homeopathic Remedy Or Other Natural Alternative Medicine Remedy,for Insomnia?

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due to thoughts running in mind,and worrying ect
It seems to be at night,I worry.
I can be up early, busy all day,and still not able to sleep,late at night.

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12 Responses to “What Is A Good Homeopathic Remedy Or Other Natural Alternative Medicine Remedy,for Insomnia?”

  1. ianmac says:

    There are different kinds of insomnia, but yours is classical coffea insomnia, such as my mother and I have. Your mind is too active to go to sleep. That is the symptom of caffeine poisoning, so you take homeopathic coffee (coffea) to counteract it.
    Thirty years ago I got headaches every weekend. Then I read about the symptoms of coffee withdrawal, and realized that I was suffering withdrawal symptoms each weekend. I cut out coffee, and most of my insomnia also vanished.
    If I’m concentrating hard on solving a problem on the computer, I could probably take coffea to prevent the problems keeping me awake, but the herb Valerian (3 tablets) an hour before bed does the trick.
    Ian McAllister

  2. Homeopathy = Fraud (see source)
    Go to your doctor, or find a remedy that works for you – e.g. Cocoa last thing at night.

  3. ck says:

    Definitely try exercise first. Then get sunlight during the day. It helps to reset your internal clock and helps your body produce proper amounts of seratonin and melatonin. Then, before bed, use aromatherapy (lavender or peppermint oil) to wind down and destress. Sip on a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea. Both are very soothing. Then as your lying in bed, do deep breathing exercises. Inhale slowly for a count of 4 and exhale slowly to a count of 8. Try to clear your mind as you’re doing this and relax all your muscles. It’ll help you to get good quality sleep. Sweet dreams!

  4. Wordsmit says:

    I get Quiet Night tablets from Superdrug and they work for me, they’re cheap as chips. They contain hops, valerian and passion flower.
    Also, physical exercise can help your body sleep.

  5. tarantul says:

    Belladonna…a natural remedy for insomnia. In small doses, I have found it helps tremendously

  6. PEACE says:

    There are a lot of good suggestions on here but, may I add try some L’Tryptophan.
    Herbs Ashwaganda for stress and will help with sleep, once it gets into your system.
    Exercise and try to go to sleep the same time everynight.

  7. PE2008 says:

    Homeopathic remedies? There are none. It’s just water.

  8. tacomadc says:

    I’m not into any aides for sleep. I’ve seen to many people addicted to them, especially over the counter ones. The best for me is pushups, situps and a glass of red wine.

  9. fandabby says:

    Knitting, it is therapeutic

  10. tomorjer says:

    Insomnia is often caused by fear, stress, anxiety, medications, herbs, caffeine, depression or sometimes for no apparent reason. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark. Soak a tablespoon of mint leaves in a cup of water for an hour, drink every night. Check out http://useinfo-insomnia.blogspot.com/ for more info

  11. Perdita Durango says:

    Passiflora 30c; for restless wakeful sleep
    Nux Vom 30c; for overworked person who wakes in early hours thinking of things, then falls asleep just before time to get up(feels worse when up in morning)
    Arsen Alb 30c; for anxious, restless sleep. sleeps with head raised. Particularly in chilly person
    Coffea 30c; for waking early, mind full of ideas, then dozing. Wakes suddenly, dreams disturb sleep.
    Herbal drinks;
    Lime flowers
    Before going to bed have a really small snack, no protein and nothing heavy. a slice of toast or a digestive biscuit or a lettuce sandwhich (strarch in bread stimulates brain to release the relaxing natural substance known as trytophan. Lettuce has been a soporific since roman times)

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