What Do You Think About Allowing Your Baby To Sleep In A Playpen Instead Of A Crib?

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I recently began putting my 7 month old daughter in her playpen in her room for naps and nighttime sleep, just to try to train her to sleep in it. This is because she refused to sleep in it before and wouldn’t nap at my mom’s when being babysat or when my husband and I would take her places. After the first day she caught on quick and has been sleeping in it for a whole week. She actually seems to sleep better in it than in her crib! With her crib she had been trying to yank the bumper off, and if I take the bumper off she smacks her head on the rails and gets her legs and arms stuck in the rails. Plus, she loses her pacificer through the rails and screams bloody murder until I come back in the room and give it to her. Having her in the playpen has eliminated these problems of the crib. Has anyone else had their baby sleep in a playpen? I worry that it may not be very comfy for her, but she seems to be sleeping great in it this past week. What do you think?

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21 Responses to “What Do You Think About Allowing Your Baby To Sleep In A Playpen Instead Of A Crib?”

  1. KRIS says:

    good for you!!
    problem solved….
    ya got to do what ever works and you found a solution

  2. Julie S says:

    My last two children are only 14 months apart and my first two are 13 months apart, so my youngest has always slept in the playpen until the oldest one is ready to leave the crib for a big girl/boy bed. My playpen has the part that attaches on the top so it is like a bassinet. I just put a few extra blankets under the sheet for some extra padding. All of my babies love it! I don’t think it is a big deal. I just took my 3 month old out of the top part and started having her sleep in it like a normal playpen. I agree with you to, it is great when we travel her normal bed goes with us, so it is no problem!

  3. alimagme says:

    Whatever works for your family! There’s nothing wrong with with you putting your baby to sleep in a playpen instead of a crib. Just follow the same steps for SIDS prevention that you would for a crib.

  4. TB_23 says:

    my son slept in his play pen for a long time, he seemed to sleep better in it than in his crib. But, now that he tries to climb out of it, he is back in his crib. So, I think that if your daughter sleeps better, you should let her and then later on she shouldn,t have a problem with sleeping in her crib.

  5. avery says:

    As long as she sleeps and you get your rest- I don’t see anything wrong with it-

  6. MissLiss says:

    I think it sound like it works for your family then go ahead. Playpens are ment to be safe. I would continue to let her sleep in it as long as she enjoyed her sleep.

  7. linedanc says:

    My daughter is 9 months old, and still sleeps in her playpen. When she became to big for the bassinet part, I just took it out. She sleeps great, and it is small enough to be right by my bed. I say let her sleep where she is comfortable. The first few months of my baby’s life, she would sleep nowhere, but in her bouncy seat! Then, I just stuck the bouncy in the playpen! She will let you know when that playpen has become a nuisance. Plus, if she sleeps, you sleep. Everybody wins.

  8. Playpens are fine. :) My daughter slept in one before she had a crib, and still does when we go out of town.
    Babies don’t need pillow-soft mattresses and tons of pillows like we’re used to. FIRM mattresses are best, and safest. They sleep on what they’re used to! Babies can sleep in the most remarkable positions… ways that we adults can find painful!
    The important thing is to ensure that you all sleep soundly and safely… WHERE isn’t really important. As long as it’s safe!

  9. There’s really no difference–just whatever works best for you & your child. My baby slept in a playpen until he was 4 months old. He finally adjusted to both & I just used the crib because I didn’t want to waste it (it was a gift). He still sleeps in a playpen if he ever stays over with his grandparents, or just for taking naps during the day. I say, stay with the playpen…especially if its letting both you & baby get some much needed rest!

  10. when i went to a hotel my baby slept in a playpen. truthfully a play pen is a lot cheaper then a crib. so yeah I think it’s a good idea!!

  11. Patsy A says:

    The playpen pad does not provide the support her growing body needs. The occasional nap or night at gramma’s is one thing, but it should not be used all the time. For another thing, it’s where she plays, so it could be confusing when she’s expected to sleep there.

  12. ? says:

    Playpens are not made for prolonged sleeping as the mattresses may begin to sag.
    A mesh crib bumper would solve the problem with her pulling at the bumper, as you are supposed to remove those fluffy ones once the baby can roll over.
    A second step might be a crib tent. This puts the same mesh material used in a pack n play all around baby, inside the crib bars. No more pulling the bumper down, and no more losing her pacifier.
    For a little while, the playpen is fine, just be sure to watch for wear and tear.

  13. amyhwood says:

    i’m almost 23 weeks pregnant and my husband and i have decided no crib, only playpen….

  14. Special K says:

    My newborn (now 6 months) slept in her playpen untill she was 5 months old. Her bedroom is a little farther from ours (also she had breathing problems) than I would like so I waited a bit longer to switch her to her crib. But now I find that when we take a trip she won’t sleep in places like a bed or couch without having some type of border around her. It’s weird.. she has to be able to touch something with her hand/foot. But other than that I don’t see how it’s affected her development. About the comfortable thing.. I run a daycare & I actually had a mom bring in a 3 in foam pad (that was cut to fit) to put on the play pen mat. We just put a play pen sheet onit & we’re good to go:)

  15. you shouldn’t have her sleep in the same place she plays. she’ll get confused about if it’s time to play or sleep and then you’ll get frustrated. but if she doesn’t play in it, it’s a fine thing.

  16. Doodlest says:

    If the playpen is no longer used for play, then not a problem. I personally don’t think there’s a problem, but run it by your pediatrician as well. Perhaps there are concerns that we yahoo!posters are unaware of that peds know about.

  17. man0of0m says:

    If its not like super hard on the bottom. Absolutely no problem. She gets her sleep and you get yours

  18. ?Porsha? says:

    I think that it is fine for her to sleep in the playpen. My daughter also sleeps in a playpen, that has a bassinet that you attach to the top until they are up to 20 lbs. She loves sleeping in the playpen,and has never had a real crib. I love the playpen because its portable and smaller than a crib. I think if the baby sleeps in it, it must be comfortable for her. When babies are uncomfortable they will let you know by crying or arching their back.Babies are supposed to sleep on firm matresses, so I dont really see any problem with it.

  19. ladydye_ says:

    as long as the baby is safe and comforted it is fine. i have twins and there were times they slept on the floor, couch, in a chair, playpen, crib, carrier, and even a box with a pillow in it. my daughter was a very finicky sleeper and there were times she would fall asleep in her car seat and we would leave her in the seat and carry her in the house in it and sit the whole contraption in the crib and leave her sleep. most playpens i have seen/used have a small pad that fits in the bottom of it. trust me the baby is fine. she is safe and no hazard of falling or hitting anything. my advice is pick your battles, sleeping in a crib vs. a playpen is not a big deal. there are much more important things to really worry about. your baby will be fine no matter where she sleeps (as long as it is safe). good luck and congrats

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