We Have Trouble Getting School-aged Child To Sleep Before Midnight?

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My granddaughter is almost 8 years old and a very smart little girl. She loves to read and is very active physically, but she cannot get to sleep before midnight most nights, leaving her tired and difficult to arouse in the morning. We’ve tried changing our dinnertime, bathtime, tv time and she just reads in bed, no matter how early she’s put in her room. We’ve tried herbal remedies and nothing seems to let her reach slumberland any earlier. We have an appointment with the doctor but really prefer not to be giving her drugs to get to sleep. Anyone else having these problems or solutions, please share. Thanks.

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13 Responses to “We Have Trouble Getting School-aged Child To Sleep Before Midnight?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    take the book away so close to bedtime it simulates her mind no wonder she can’t sleep.
    and Ivy is a moron

  2. Child of Vision says:

    Try getting her up an hour earlier than usual, even if she is cranky for a bit.
    Make sure she gets 3 meals a day and isn’t loading up on soda pop and candy.
    Have her take a warm bath right before bed time.
    Keep her room a little warmer than necessary and leave the light on. Both of these things will make her sleepier sooner.
    If all else fails, let her learn to deal with it. She might just be a nocturnal person.
    Don’t drug her up. Please.

  3. Pesquali says:

    NO drugs!!!!!! try a tea called celestial sesonings. It has a bear passed out on a rocking chair on it. It’s almost like a silent epidemtic, kidss not sleeping when they should. It might be outside inffluences changing her judgement of when to sleep. Cut as much caffine out of her diet as possible, soda is evil anyway(seriuosly) just make her think that their is no reaosn to stay up later maybe by going to sleep earlier yourself. The more she get acustomed to sleeping late the harder it will be to break her of her insomnia

  4. Icebabe says:

    She can not read in the dark. Turn out all of the lights and make sure that they STAY out. All that is left for her to do is the stare around the room or sleep. More than likely, sleep will win. Whenever I want my kids to sleep (no matter what time it is), I put them in bed and turn out the lights. They are usually asleep withing 10-15 minutes. This is the same whether it’s 8 p.m. or 11 p.m.

  5. equal_op says:

    Please refrain from giving her any kind of medication, even benadryl. Many doctors and parents are quick to medicate children. All children are different. Many foods and drinks contain caffeine or similar additives. Watch her diet and have her relax. After dinner and her bath…let her read and then lights out. If she starts playing in the evening she probably justs gets burst of energy. Remember that all children are different and she may just outgrow this phase. Be thankful she is healthy!

  6. for_su says:

    you must put her on a schedule every day including the weekend. Get her involved in a sport that happens after school to work off excess energy. She needs to get up at the same time each day and go to bed at the same time each night. at least two hours before bedtime she should only engage in quiet activities. Over stimulation such as running about or exercising can cause some people to have trouble sleeping. Once she is in bed she needs to stay there and lie quietly. reading a boOK is ok but no stimulating activities.
    You also have to not encourage her to be active. A kiss goodnight means the day is over and unless its an emergency it time to say goodnight.

  7. marie says:

    If she’s reading in bed after you have told her to stop, then take her lightbulb out or her books away. You are the adult, set an appropriate time for her to stop reading and enforce it. If she’s engrossed in an exciting book then she will carry on reading long after she would have gone to sleep if the book was not available, no matter how tired she is.

  8. Rachel says:

    hi! try to play with her during day or involve her in lots of physical activities like cycling, basket ball or catch and cook in the park so she will get tired by end of day and will not have any energy to be up for late.
    give some head message just before sleep or try to roll your fingers in her hair.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Try to memories her some relegious words or verses from your relegion.I am muslim and when i have trouble in sleeping i start reading Quoran.It really help me to put me in sleep.If you are Christian ask her to read Bible or some other relegious book.It help me.

  10. Shadow Kat says:

    get her up at 7am no matter what time she goes to sleep. Do not let her sleep then put her to bed at 8pm. If she wants to read then 7.30 with lights out at 8pm. Put on some relaxation music. Have tea at 6pm then 6.30pm a bath with lavender till 7am. Some quiet time from 7-7.30 then bed. She needs no stimulation at night in any form, whether it be physical, mental or food wise such as colours in food, soft drink (fizzy drinks) or caffeine. At worst if the doctor suggests it a 10 day course of a sleeping medicine is not a bad thing to get her in the routine of sleep. It is more of a worry what the lack of sleep is doing. A child this age needs 10-11 hrs of sleep at night to function. Good luck

  11. Dania C says:

    no sugure and make her go to bed on time and wake her up earlyer so she is tired out and will be wanting to go to bed earlyer.

  12. nykate_w says:

    try benadry

  13. Afzaal Rasheed says:

    Well there’s always the standby of warm milk! It works for some people – you can try that.
    Your MD may suggest Benadryl, which is generally effective at a low dose. Also, if it helps and she gets on a pattern of going to sleep earlier, then she may not need it very long.
    I completely understand your not wanting to medicate her, but keep an open mind.

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