We Are Advised To Avoid Sugar, Salt And Fat. Is Natural Sugar Contained In Most Fruits Dangerous To Health?

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we have been encouraged to eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day, but most of these fruits taste like they have so much sugar in them, is this not dangerous to health, especially for those concerned about weight gain?

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7 Responses to “We Are Advised To Avoid Sugar, Salt And Fat. Is Natural Sugar Contained In Most Fruits Dangerous To Health?”

  1. blackbir says:

    GET IT STRAIGHT: NATURAL SUGARS, just like in fruits, fruit juices, beets, vegetables, etc. are not good in that they fatten you up just as bad as candy & cake, & pastries. Try to avoid them if you want to stay slim. the body converts them to FAT just like it does any sweets. So wake up to reality!!!

  2. dylstar7 says:

    fresh fruits and vegetables will not spike our blood sugar,
    excluding fruits like pineapple, watermelon get the picture?
    so, theese foods will not require our pancreas to manufacture insulin in in order to regulate the amount of blood sugar in our bodies.
    I would suggest using “Blackstrap” unsulphered molases as an alternative to sugar in any form

  3. no the natural sugar in food is good for you. it is not from the caine sugar that is made from the caine. like candies, cakes, pies, etc. when you are worried about weight try to stay on a low calorie diet and watch the fat intake. you will be fine. eat 4-6 small meals per day. and eat vegetables for snacks if you like them . good luck to you

  4. M. S. says:

    Naturally occuring sugar is not the same as added sugar in processed foods. Plus, a little of the three are essential, as long as you dont go overboard.

  5. shawna g says:

    Extra sugar is what we tell you to avoid. Syrup, sodas, popsicals, things with sugar and no nutritional value. Yes there is sugar in milk and fruit but you get lots of nutrients with the sugar so it is not bad. It is suggested that 60% of your calories come from carbs which are breads and sugars. When you eat lots of syrup/candy/soda that is extra sugar with no nutrients and that is what makes people fat not a piece of fruit. However you can still gain weight from eating fruit if you are eating way more than you need. If you buy canned fruit get the kind in light juice (you can also get the kind in heavy syrup which has lots of added not needed sugar).

  6. tramps3 says:

    Natural sugar is not dangerous in itself, as long as it is part of a well balanced diet. For me personally, I love my sweets and junk food, but find that if I eat fruit instead, I don’t crave sweets and junkfood so much. Only exception to the rule that I can think of is where diabetics are concerned…

  7. Stumpy says:

    Natural sugar cannot be avoided, thus most dieticians see it is less of a bad thing than added sugars. The main idea is to limit the intake of unnecessary amounts of these substances.

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