Want To Understand Power Of Subconscious Mind? Here Are The Real Secrets

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An area that most people overlook, the subconscious mind is full of benefits for you as a person. It may involve finding a new job, getting a new home, making more money or just being happy, but on many occasions individuals don’t believe it’s possible. What we have to remember is that our actions start from the mind, even though on some occasions they come from the subconscious area.

For example, if you wish to change the channel on the TV, you think about it and then you do so. But, have you ever noticed you picked up the remote and quickly changed a channel without ever once thinking about why you did what you did? If so, have you ever stopped to think about your actions? More than likely, you did not because the action was a subconscious one. Without knowing it you were using subconscious mind power!

Before we get deep into this conversation, it’s important to understand how an action occurs. Normally you might be sitting in front of the TV and want to change the channel. The conscious mind will tell you to pick up your remote and press the appropriate button. However, there are times when you see maybe a commercial you don’t like and automatically change it without even giving it a second thought. This occurs because you’ve trained your subconscious to change the channel when that particular commercial is on.

If you could really harness the power of your subconscious mind, you’ll find that you are going to be able to take advantage of your full potential. While we are often told of the dangers that lurk in our subconscious, the truth o the matter is that that is far from the only type of thing down there.

That is why it is helpful to also look at the positive aspects of the human mind and how we can approach the subconscious as a means of self-improvement. Now, some may read this and think it refers to an overly complex process that is difficult to attain. In reality, it is the opposite that is true. The guiding of the subconscious mind is no where as difficult as some assume. Through a series of simple processes, it is possible to use the power of the subconscious mind so that it helps one harness unlimited potential. So, let us take a brief look at some of the ways this is achieved.

Quite possibly, the simplest way one can guide the subconscious mind it through the power of affirmation. As one would logically assume, affirmation refers to the ability to remind oneself of positive aspects of life in order to achieve a desired result.

Maybe it’s not even you that is suffering from this problem. It could be your best friend, a spouse, or even your kids. An easy example to understand is when you have to cut your grass. The positive person realizes that once they are finished they don’t have to do it for another week or so. The pessimist starts thinking about how long it’s going to take and what else they could be doing. It’s a normal stress response that takes the energy right out of you, which is why this is a crucial step to your success.

When you want to make sure that you are going to be getting the right kind of work done, consider reminding yourself of the great rewards that you are going to get. On the other hand, you may also simply reaffirm to yourself that you are the best person for the task and that you are simply just plain awesome!

With affirmations, you can do things like quit smoking or drinking or even overeating. With constant repetition of your affirmation, you can tap into your subconscious mind and get the response and the level of commitment that you need to move forward; this can really change your behavior for the better!

There are lots of other ways that you can use the subconscious mind as well. Using a post hypnotic suggestion is one great tool to use. You can work with a certified hypnotherapist or you might want to take a look at doing sessions of self hypnosis that are available on pre-recorded hypnosis audio files as well.

Since hypnotherapy is something that only few people do, you may want to try brainwave synchronization therapy or binaural beats to train your subconscious mind. These allow you to tap into a different arena that involves headphones and listening to different frequencies. Something similar to these is the CDs some people purchase to help them sleep. They usually involve ocean waves, crickets chirping, or something along those lines.

Once you’ve reached a certain peak regarding the training of your subconscious mind, there are higher levels to attain. It’s something that only a few people can do, but there has been evidence that shows Buddhist monks achieving supernatural powers. Granted it’s not like they’re Superman or anything, but levitation and invisibility has been documented.

What it comes down to is you have to manipulate the way your subconscious thinks. There are even movies like, ‘The Secret’ that delivers all kinds of information on the subconscious mind. It deals with the Law of Attraction and how positive thinking can change your life in several different positive ways.

Amazing as this seems, recent advances in quantum physics are showing more and more what the ancient religions have been saying for thousands of years; that this reality we live in is in fact merely a product of our mind. In fact all of the so called ‘supernatural’, ‘psychic’ or ‘esp’ powers have been explained in scientific terms using quantum physics.

In the end our subconscious mind is far more advanced then we ever thought possible. If you are looking for a positive change in your life, then you shouldn’t overlook the manipulation process of your subconscious mind. It will leave you with a better way of live and new opportunities to choose from in the near future.

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