{Video} Alex Jones TV 1/6 Alex Interviews Kevin Trudeau (Natural Health Cures & More)

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www.kevintrudeau.com From 5.26.2009 Kevin discusses natural health cures, the Bilderberg Group, the Elitists, Corporate Run Media, Supression of Free Speech and more…

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14 Responses to “{Video} Alex Jones TV 1/6 Alex Interviews Kevin Trudeau (Natural Health Cures & More)”

  1. sniper6081 says:

    @MrRyguy69 No, everyone that’s had a illness that’s followed his phony advice to get better only to realize with their worsening condition that he was just making shit up.

  2. MrRyguy69 says:

    And who has he hurt exactly, the FTC’s feelings?

  3. chukchee says:

    Everyone, take it easy. Its a show. Duh! Its just a show. Its entertainment. I like it, Its very entertaining. Dont take it seriously. Relax everyone.

  4. MaxwellVigant says:

    Utilized the methods, methods or surefire. People are idiots, Word for word got it done in minutes, helped me out of poverty. But I guess everyone will just tell me I am crazy. So was Nikola Tesla, remote control technology? and Galileo 30x magnification telescopes? Kevin Trudeau stick it directly to the people trying to judge you on the basis of a score by attacking them with the best score available? On with the crazies

  5. TiGrATeZi says:

    Ok I am not sure if there is but how come there is facilities in Europe that do natural treatments but in USA no such thing exists?

  6. mtwood992211 says:

    I’m not a huge Kevin Trudeau fan myself, but one thing i DO believe is what he says about the drug companies trying to silence him. This is America and no matter how crack-pot someone’s ideas seem, he has a right to them and we should protect his rights. Even if he doesn’t have the cures, shouldn’t we as a society be open to the natural cures? Personally I’m more skeptical to believe people who have something to sell me, such as the drug companies!!! Their opinion is always skewed

  7. FallenSkorm says:

    hes a scammer. i want to believe theres a cure for diabetes …but there just isnt one.

  8. TheyFeedingULies says:

    A. Jones is psychologically unstable, just look at his mannerisms.

    K. Trudeau is an evil man.

    - lol, “non-fiction book.”

    Look how he mixes in all these conspiracies to suck in in ppl and create an aggregate group. This is the beauty of free speech.

  9. wigglezwow says:

    So i guess promoting the health and wellness of America makes you a quack, so i guess we have to promote the death and control of our nation to be “normal”

  10. aarongohn says:

    Uh Alex, This Kevin Trudeau guy is a total quack. You know that Alex, I guess you support total quacks or are you one yourself?

  11. wigglezwow says:

    Gogogo Kevin!

  12. rich2rock says:

    I don’t need a law to make me free!

  13. rich2rock says:

    I you can kill yourself with alcohol and cigarettes and every other corporate pill, what do they care what anyone does for their own health!

  14. easguitar says:

    Kevin Trudeau was the first to turn me on to the reality of the collusion between gigantic food corporations and the pharmaceutical monolith and their mutual goal of sickiening and enslaving the average American citizen for profit and power.

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