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Just as any drug addict has to hit rock bottom before they are truly in the mental position to make a change for the better, many people who suffer from cold sore outbreaks due to Herpes simplex type 1 eventually reach a rock bottom of their own. You get tired of smearing on creams or taking prescription medications which only offer temporary relief and you are determined to get rid of them forever. You have one last outbreak at the most inconvenient time of your life and you put your foot down! You decide there has to be a way of preventing them, rather than just treating them after they appear.

So, where have other sufferers turned to when they hit rock bottom? Have any long lasting solutions to cold sore outbreaks been found by them?

The great news is that many of them have found a way of preventing cold sore outbreaks and they have been living free of them for months, and some for years. The secret is ditching the creams and medications for all natural cold sore treatments. There are comprehensive programs which teach all the secrets and strategies for preventing them from ever developing. It all comes down to identifying a key deficiency that is found inside most Herpes sufferers, which can lead to repeat outbreaks.

Rock Bottom

So, if there are natural cold sore treatments which can actually eliminate future outbreaks, why isn’t everyone who suffers from cold sores following these programs? Why do most people continue to believe what they are told by doctors:  preventing cold sores in the long term is impossible. You cannot get rid of this virus; you will simply have to endure the outbreaks time and time again and continue to purchase ever more costly medications over and over again.

Many people continue to believe that old line from their doctor and every book they may have read because they simply haven’t looked for any further answers. Perhaps they haven’t reached rock bottom at the moment or maybe the outbreaks that they have experienced have only been minor and do not come very often. Or, perhaps they simply believe preventing them is impossible so they don’t know they need to be looking for all natural cold sore treatments!

For many, rock bottom will come. They will develop horrible cold sores on a very important day of their life or find themselves unable to kiss someone they love at a very special moment. Maybe a woman will find herself unable to kiss her husband on her honeymoon, or perhaps a man will find himself walking his daughter down the aisle to be married, but unable to kiss even her cheek as he leaves her with her new husband. These are just some of the critical moments where sufferers find themselves at rock bottom and are ready to find a lasting solution to cold sores.


If you find yourself at this point right now, or you know someone who is, be prepared for a real commitment to preventing cold sores. An all natural program will show you how to identify and eliminate a real deficiency inside your body which is likely leading to many of your cold sore outbreaks. In order to make those changes last forever, you have to remain committed to this type of cold sore treatment long term.

A natural program will be easy to follow, and it will bring about a huge change to your life!

If you are, or if you know a cold sore sufferer and need to find a treatment that works, I would strongly suggest that you have a look at the great testimonials from real people that have tried a breakthrough remedy and had fantastic results. For an effective natural way to treat cold sores visit and get a treatment that works.

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One Response to “Treat Cold Sores Now – Naturally”

  1. Elroy Sabal says:

    There is conflicting evidence on a possible benefit from extracts from the plant echinacea in treating oral, but not genital, herpes. Resveratrol, a compound naturally produced by plants and a component of red wine, prevents HSV replication in cultured cells and reduces cutaneous HSV lesion formation in mice. It is not considered potent enough to be an effective treatment on its own.

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