Traditional Chinese Herbs

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The second tier of Asian medicine, after Food Therapy, is traditional chinese herbs – therapy chosen because of its relevant affective strength on the human body. Herbal therapy is applied to open the channels with specific influence on the underlying cause of imbalance and related symptoms. Widespread knowledge of herbal remedy is essential or injury could follow. Herbal medicines have the same strength as food except that it does impacts the body directly. When reduced to an extract level which equals about 4-5 times the strength of the basic herbs, the effect is quicker and stronger. Natural herbs do not heal any better than synthetic medicines but they can help the body to fight disease, strengthen the body’s immune system, and help to harmonize the body’s functions. After a master herbalist learns about individual herbs then a herbalist will proceed to herbal formulas which make a greater impact to energize, reduce or harmonize more body parts in the restorative process. Traditional Chinese herbs deserve respect because harm can occur if not applied correctly. Though not as dangerous as synthetic medicines, imbalances can occur if rendered inappropriately. Positively stated, Chinese herbs can release many physically imprisoned sufferers from pain, rapidly, while anchoring homeostasis.  


There are 12 channels in the human body. These clearly defined channels are influenced by historically beneficial herbs that are known to impact a specific channel. In addition, herbs can influence many body functions with a multitude of results. For instance, when a person has a hot type imbalance, the herbs recommended must be cool or cold, and if the person suffers from a cold type disease the herbs that should be taken are warm or hot. An example of a hot body type imbalance would be where liver or stomach was actually getting too hot; whereas cold body conditions would show up as cold in the spleen or lungs. Here is where a thoughtful practitioner shows their value. Chinese herbs that can rid the liver of heat could possibly not be able to the same for the stomach:Likewise, herbs that able to warm and energize a cold-deficient spleen, may be capable of restoring the lungs from a cold condition. As a result, multiple herbs have been evaluated for their various affects on the processes of different organs. The functions of the herbs and the 12 meridians can be interrelated and this is what is meant by the meridian attribution of herbs. Herb have been researched, observed for centuries and well documented for their specific influence on the channels. In particular, well trained master herbalists will know which channel and at what point along the channels, the herbs impact. Below are common Traditional Chinese herbs used by a herb master.

Common Traditional Chinese Herbs include the following:

American Ginseng

Chinese Scullcap



Asian Ginseng





Dong Quai


Chinese Ginger

Bitter Melon



Ginkgo biloba


Green Teas


Longan fruit

Herb therapy when combined with compatible food therapy can be extremely valuable in aiding an ailing person towards normal balance. When you add exercises (Tai Chi & Qi Qong) that wake up the natural restorative energies of the body then the potential for optimal health is achievable. 

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