Tips On How To Help A Restless Child Sleep?

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My youngest child has a lot of trouble getting to sleep. She cries a lot and frequently wakes up at night. My friend told me to mix in some Bacardi in her milk and bottle-feed her right before bedtime.
I just don’t know how much rum to use. I think 1/3 rum and 3/4 milk would work.
Have you guys tried this technique? Do you have any other tips on helping her sleep?

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8 Responses to “Tips On How To Help A Restless Child Sleep?”

  1. i luv *thugz* says:

    lol ive used that technique!!!
    lol it guess the baby tired and goes to sleep rigth away…
    although if you give him/her too much it can be really bad for him…
    another thing you can do hunny is play with her alot. get her very tired…. feed her right before bed….. like warm milk…
    and give her a warm bath.
    that should get her very tired lol
    i used to babysit alot!! so i know wat your gon tru
    hope it helps

  2. jateef says:

    You have got to be kidding. Either that, or you are very, very dense and need some simple clarification:
    Babies cry a lot. They also wake up at night. This is what babies do.
    Babies do not drink alcohol.
    Here are some other tips:
    Start a routine for your baby. I’d suggest bottle, bath, baby massage, book, and bed. Notice that “rum” doesn’t come into the routine. No rum.

  3. april720 says:

    LOL are you serious?? Bacardi for a child?? I hope you’re kidding…
    try reading to her at night while she’s lying in bed. sing lullabies to her. play soothing music until she falls asleep. give her a warm bath with some lavender in the water. spray lavender scented spray on her pillow. have a bedtime routine every night until she gets used to it.

  4. meow22 says:

    ive heard of people using rum/whisky but only a tiny bit!!! not that much a thimble full in a bottle, or just rub it on the gums after the feed, this was used for teething, an old wifes tale, but i know many that have used it. but this doesnt mean its the best way to go about it! im sure you could read, rock etc. or try leaving for a few mins, maybe your picking him/her up to soon and there picking up on this and crying more often to be in your arms.?

  5. ?Summer says:

    First of all, I hope you’re joking about giving her alcohol.
    Secondly, babies love hearing their mother’s voice. Pick up a book, cuddle up and read to her. I guarantee it will calm her down. All they want to do is feel safe and loved.

  6. Moma <3 says:

    DO NOT PUT RUM IN THE BOTTLE! that is so wrong. thats basically getting your baby drunk to fall asleep.
    How old is your baby?
    If the child is old enough try rice cereal in the bottle. this will fill them up and make them sleep longer.

  7. Brother - all humans related? says:

    Avoid giving him alcohol at all costs. Make him play and be active before bedtime. If the problem isnt solved, get back to me.
    also read
    Dr Khalid Munir

  8. ???????? says:

    i fell her pain its 7:00 am here and i cnt get to sleep

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