Thyroid Problems Natural Remedies: Nutrition Expert Shares Secrets

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Did you know that low thyroid hormone can affect your energy? The thyroid gland is very sesitive to stress, both emotional and chemical and this can also affect the liver. However thyroid health may be easily maintained by a few natural ingredients. Learn how to improve thyroid problems naturally with world-renowned nutrition expert Byron J. Richards. Richards discusses how Thyroid Helper, an all natural thyroid remedy, can help improve thyroid function. Learn why hypothyroidism is such a common diagnoses and learn what you can do to improve thyroid function and problems the natural way.

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20 Responses to “Thyroid Problems Natural Remedies: Nutrition Expert Shares Secrets”

  1. kxkhan says:

    @WellnessResources This Liptin Diet thing > is it a book full of recipies. Please give me the full name of this book so I can order it. Is it available in any book store. Please let me know. I will appreiciate it. Thank you

  2. McFlyinHigh says:

    I used to have hyperthyroid and went on medication. Few years ago i took a blood test and the result shows that my thyroid hormone level was normal again. so no more medication. now i feel the symptoms’ coming back, but the blood test said otherwise. what’s going on?

  3. doGruoY says:

    the key element that will help thyroids suffering people is COCONUTOIL… simple 100% coconutoil with nothing added, Dont bother about virgin or extra virgin, simply regular 100% coconut, it looks white when its hard form, otherwise its fluid looking like any oil. buy it, eat it, cook with it, use it for your skin, and help yourself of the our secret names :*, no secret no nothing ;)

  4. succulentesculent says:

    hello by two key things as especially getting ears on eyes, findin what may justify my greater attraction w/ soaked kelp or small beet root in my wild ferments while other examples also show something extra & now water soluble iodine’s insight versus any instant but tender. too, logical coenzymes flow from a source of increased bvitamins’s been tremendous @thyroid’s rejuvenation off mercury impact even. much releasability’s essential as ciruclation to be learned for leaning thank you w/o crank ~

  5. channelin says:

    superpump…why use creatine to lose weight?! anyway good luck with that all i do is drink 2 cups of tea a day especially after my work out to keep my metabolism going by increasing caffeine. you waste less money and its the same shit used in fat burners. except they use some epipherine as well as caffiene. dont wate your money

  6. CYCOCHRIS55 says:

    @channelin No that is what I am trying to get down to is 1.5 my tsh was 150 I have to go to take another blood test next week!! that is why I am taking Cytomel with the Synthroid and from what I have heard if you workout while doing cytomel it shreds weight!! If you are using fatburners!! I am starting tommorow SUPERPUMP 250 one of my friends had thyroid problems and he has lost a shitload of weight!! I lost 58lbs last time doing P90X so I think this will work!!

  7. channelin says:

    150 wtf…what does that mean? im sure you meant 1.50? mine is 4.6 may be you use different metrics in your country, is there any way you can translate that number to the conventional figures used?
    btw fat burner pills are screwed up honestly its possible to lose weight im doing it, but its bloody hard, are you sure your eating veg in almost every meal? and having only 2 portions of fruit and exercising daily at least 20mins?!!

  8. CYCOCHRIS55 says:

    @channelin mine are at 150 I am getting ready to do P90X again to see if this helps I start again tommorow! With the Phase1 Fat burner diet the whole 3 months!!I will keep you posted if I have any progress!!

  9. channelin says:

    what are your tsh numbers please? im almost the same as you. i’d appreciate it if you told me

  10. lolo5656ify says:

    i am 13 and i have thyroid and im 220lbs now and i am 5’6 and i could not lose weight ! i need help! bad!

  11. Mega554321 says:

    @mephibosheth OMG you got that medicine to?

  12. WellnessResources says:

    @mephibosheth Our product Thyroid Helper can be safely taken at the same and will work along with your medicine.

  13. WellnessResources says:

    @CYCOCHRIS55 I would start with reading The Leptin Diet, which has helped thousands of people struggling to lose weight.

  14. AnnaEmert says:

    What if you don’t have a thyroid anymore?

  15. CYCOCHRIS55 says:

    I am 34 years old male and I have hypothyroidism I have gained over 90lbs in about 8 months (320lbs now) I am on 200mcg of levothyroxine and 10 mcg of cytomel!! I still cannot lose weight can you give me anymore advise on a diet plan plus supplements!! I’d be a damn guinea pig just so I can cure this and be back to my old self!!!

  16. mephibosheth says:

    Is it possible to improve your thyroid condition through nutrition while on Synthroid?

  17. WellnessResources says:

    @jmarsh433 If would like some help you can call 952-929-4575

  18. jmarsh433 says:

    my roommate in college is a smoker but he as a very distinct, very pungent aweful body odor. it does not smell like a typical body odor though its very distinct. I dont know how he can stand the smell coming from his body because its so bad it actually clings to articles of clothing as well as furniture.. any advice would be great

  19. embarkconsulting says:

    Wow! Great information – thanks!

  20. Queenie says:

    I was just banging on things which I will find interesting but this one comes with great insight worth of reading. It’s the experts who knows more about things which will make our health problems a bit easy, just by following their tips then we can actually get that wellness we long to have. This isn’t a joke nor just a plain strategy to utilize the post but it talks about reality and certainly speak of reality.

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