The Negative Cycle of Too Much Work and Abusive and Hazardous Drinking and The Need For Alcohol Rehab

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Work was becoming too chaotic for a young police officer named Gary. Although he had only been on the police force for four-and-a-half years, he was already known as a hard worker who hardly ever refused working overtime. If truth be told, he was now working fifteen to twenty hours of overtime each week and, as a result, he felt like he was losing his grip on his personal life. What made the situation more complicated, however, was the fact that Gary started going out drinking with a gang of fellow officers after work.

What Began as Fun Soon Became Abusive and Unhealthy Drinking

What began as a good time soon turned into careless and irresponsible drinking and then into a negative cycle of feeling tired each morning when he awakened for work, working more overtime hours, and then going drinking with his friends after work.

Plainly Gary was in a psychological and health-related rut and going through some adverse alcohol effects on the body. Where Gary really noticed drinking related difficulties and alcohol short term effects, however, was in his family life and in his marriage. His wife wasn’t really a complainer, but she regularly asked him to stay at home more with the family rather than going out and spending money while drinking with his fellow officers.

Gary’s Irresponsible Drinking Adversely Affects His Personality

In a similar way, Gary’s hazardous and careless drinking also adversely affected his personality. More specifically, the more heavily he drank, the less patience he had with any issues or problems that emerged concerning his wife or his children.

It Was Apparent to Gary That His Abusive and Irresponsible Drinking Was Adversely Affecting His Work, Pocketbook, Relationship With His Family, and His Health

In his heart of hearts, it was clear to Gary that his abusive and unhealthy drinking was adversely affecting his pocketbook, relationship with his family, work, and his health. So one Friday afternoon Gary came to a decision to talk to Jerry, a trusted old police officer buddy that he greatly admired.

Gary told Jerry how abusive drinking was negatively affecting his relationship with his family, health, pocketbook, and his work. Jerry told Gary that he totally understood because just around eleven years ago, he too involved himself with abusive and irresponsible drinking. In fact, Jerry told Gary that abusive and excessive drinking can create so many issues in a person’s life that almost everything of importance can be destroyed. And finally, Jerry recommended that Gary make an appointment with an alcohol psychologist at the work-affiliated drug and alcohol addiction treatment clinic.

Due to the fact that his employee’s assistance program was affiliated with this rehabilitation center, it was not only convenient but also quite affordable to seek guidance about his careless and hazardous drinking. And due to the fact that the staff at the alcohol abuse center was competent, supportive, and non-judgmental, Gary would be able to get alcohol rehab that made sense to him and something he could accomplish.

After talking to his psychologist about how his drinking was adversely affecting his relationship with his family, work, pocketbook, and his health, Gary comprehended the fact that he was burning the candle at both ends with his extreme work hours and his careless and abusive drinking. Once he realized that he was digging himself into a rut, with the assistance of his psychiatrist, and after twelve weeks in rehab, he was at last able to stop drinking and quit working overtime.

Due to His Alcohol Rehabilitation Gary Felt More Healthy and Had Much More Energy

The result was that Gary saw life another way now that he was in alcohol recovery. More to the point, due to his alcohol rehabilitation he not only had more quality time to spend with his family, but he felt better and more healthy, he actually had more money now even though he was working far fewer hours each week, and he was more patient when interacting with his wife and his children. As luck would have it, now that he stopped drinking, Gary and his wife were not only beginning to save some money for a different house but he also felt more energized and alert than anytime since he and his wife were married.

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