The Most Effective Traits of Longevity

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The Secrets of Longevity have been a quest by many people for aeons of time. There are pockets of the world’s population where people live much longer than the longevity nations (China, Japan, Korea) such as the Hunzas in the Himalayas, the Vilcambas in the Andes, the Abkhasians and Georgians on the Black Sea, the East Indian Todas and the Yucatan Indians. Researchers tracking cultures living the longest have found that its not unusual for these peoples to live a life of quality. Work and play beyond 80 years and beyond is typical. A majority, attain 100 years remaining active and honored by all they live with. Here are the longevity habits of these people. 



  1. SLEEP

Sleep more, age less…Sleep is not an optional activity. When one cannot sleep, then and only then does a person realize it is as valuable water and food.

Any book dedicated to the topic of aging will cite the necessity for enough sleep, which is 7-9 hours.

There is a strong relationship between deep sleep and the release of Growth Hormone. It is during sleep that adults secrete the greatest amount of HGH.

Sleep disturbances usually stem from 1) deficient adrenals and kidneys (need energy to sleep), 2) high blood pressure spike at 3AM, 3) damp-obstruction in the throat (blocks airways) snoring, semi-wakefulness , 4) excess heat rising from the liver which causes alert status, head heat and headache and 5) excess urination which wakes the person thus not allowing deep REM sleep


You cannot deny the health benefits of stress reduction.

Alleviation of stress eliminates and slows aging and resists disease.

Dr. Paul E. Lemanski (Albany Medical College( writes, ‘Stress causes the release of ‘fight or flight’ hormones which increase blood flow to our large muscles, increase our heart rate, respirations and blood pressure, and decreases blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract including the saliva glands.

Sleep disturbances usually stem from 1) high blood pressure spiking at 3AM,  2) Deficient adrenals and kidneys (need energy to sleep), 3)  


In ’Successful Aging’ (1998) a study on aging in America, which had begin in 1987, showed that almost all healthy seniors had been physically active throughout their life.

Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known proponent of alternative or complementary medicine and the author of, ‘Healthy Aging’, supports the idea that up until modern times, humans have almost always been physically active, simply by surviving off the land. Today we work off computers. Most important, we all need to exercise regularly. Yes, walking counts, if done briskly.


We all know the importance of good nutrition and a balanced diet. But which diet? The best history of longevity is held by the Hunzakuts of the Pakastani Himalayas. Most of the people achieve the century mark. They practice these health pillars, exceptionally, and more. They eat 3/5 the calories as those in industrialized society, drink 40 cups of water with chunks of Himalyan mineral salt daily, work 12 hours a day then play,take long 20 mile treks or hike up the mountin side, meditate many times in the day, etc.  Their diet consists of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and a little goat or Yak meat every couple of weeks, drink home made “Pani” wine (weak) and goat milk. Their great secret is that they don’t waste their waste. They put all animal and human elimination and garbage back into the soil as compared to industrial society where all all elimination goes down the drain to public works depts. and dumped in sanitation pits. Our soil is nutritionally weak while their soil, without the support of nutrients and pesticide, can fend off all microbes and insects. 


Like that of nutrition, lots can be said and studies can be cited all day long as to which type of water is best for us. One thing is for sure however. Drinking enough water on a daily basis is essential for proper elimination and detoxification. I have found that water in plastic containers is very acidic which results in an inflammatory state. Water from the city (Houston) is in healthy ranges but you can smell the excess chlorine. I suggest putting a filter on the tap and shower head. Less acid and chlorine.


Today it is becoming very hard to argue against proper supplementation in order to maintain health due to our poor soil nutrition. However, if one were to source natural crop supplementation, they would be better off. This is hard to come by because it takes extra knowledge to provide for yourself and you need to take the time to grow your crop. But, if you are are desiring longevity then I would begin the search for an urban community garden or acquire land to produce yourself.

Our top researchers, scientists and medicial professionals know connection between food-nutrient deficiencies and the diseases which plague the human body.

Since our soil is mineral deficient, effective supplementation based on plant nutrients is crucial. Longevity herbal is a beneficial natural source of highly mineralized, vitaminized food. Besides the health engendering alkalods contained there are dense nutrients which provides the human body the potential for correction. The key is the knowledge of the practitioner and chooser of the herbs essential for balance to be achieved. 


In the work called “The Secret” and many studies before, a positive belief in oneself, one’s vision, having supportive people to hold you to the task and believing in you, recognizing when you are off-course and positively course correcting will greatly minimize stress, affect others to be positive and reflect back positivity.   

There are, of course, other pillars to support a long and healthy life, but these are what we consider the most fundamental. More in-depth information can be found at “Secrets of Longevity“ 

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