The Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

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What The Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Entails

The eyes are definitely the most important facial feature. When we meet another person we tend to look at their eyes first. In order to augment the appearance of the eyes lots of cosmetic surgery are available.  Much of today’s cosmetic eye surgery is carried out with lasers. For example many older women choose to have laser eyelid surgeryto remove fatty deposits so that the eyes appear younger. However, not all laser eye surgery is purely cosmetic. For instance the Lasik eye surgery procedure is carried out to correct refraction errors and improve the vision so there is less need for visual aids such as contact lenses or glasses.

Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure: How It Works

The proper term for the Lasik eye surgery procedure is laser-in-situ-keratomileosis. The Lasik eye surgery procedure is carried out to reshape the cornea, which is the clear part at the front of the eye. After the cornea is reshaped the light that travels through the cornea is properly focused when it reaches the retina at the back of the eye. The reshaping of the cornea depends on whether the individual in question is near or far sighted and on the significance of the refraction problem.

The Lasik eye surgery procedure is carried out by an experienced eye surgeon using a microkeratome and an excimer laser. The surface of the cornea is placed to one side with the microkeratome to expose the corneal tissue underneath. The surgeon then uses the excimer laser to carefully reshape the cornea and correct the vision.

Potential Complications

All surgical procedures have potential risks and complications. The Lasik eye surgery procedure is no exception to this rule. The complications that occur most commonly include dry eye syndrome difficulty driving at night, seeing a halo around objects and glare.  Furthermore the results of this type of surgery tend to vary and sometimes the vision deteriorates again over time.

There are also some more serious potential risks though they are very rare. For instance if the eye becomes infected this can lead to permanent vision damage that cannot be corrected with vision aid or further surgery. There have also been cases of foreign bodies getting caught behind the surface of the cornea. 

Is It For You?

Only you can determine whether or not you wish to undergo the Lasik eye surgery procedure. Before making such a decision it is important to have a clear idea of all the benefits as well as the potential risks. You will also need to decide whether you can afford the surgery because it can be quite expensive. For the Lasik eye surgery treatment one should be at least eighteen years of age and have healthy eyes that are free of disease or retinal problems.

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