Symptoms And Effects Of Diabetes On To Reduce Sugar Level Naturally.?

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recently in a blood test for insurance i came to know that my blood sugar level has gone up beyond normal limits. i am very much worried that i have to take lifelong medication. can anyone suggest to me natural remedies & effects and symptoms of diabetes along with remedies. i am overweight

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9 Responses to “Symptoms And Effects Of Diabetes On To Reduce Sugar Level Naturally.?”

  1. r alexander says:

    The first line of treatment for diabetes is diet and exercise. Loosing weight will help your body respond to insulin, and may prevent progression of your disease and delay the need to take medications. Obviously, following a low carbohydrate diet will also help control blood sugars.
    Diabetes has many consequences, in almost every system in your body! Having the disease for a while will increase your risks of cardiac disease, kidney disease, eye problems, nerve problems, response to infection, intestinal problem – pretty much you name it! So, obviously it is something you want to keep careful watch on and be as proactive in preventing its progression!!
    Good Luck!

  2. firemedi says:

    I once heard a doctor tell a patient, “We now have a cure for diabetes. It’s called ‘walking’.”
    Watch your sugar intake, and exercise regularly. Follow up with your doctor and let him monitor you for awhile to track your progress.
    Good luck!

  3. justanot says:

    Mine was up too, don’t forget that they lowered the blood sugar standards from 125 to under 109 so their is wide spread panic going on right about now. LOSE THE WEIGHT and the sugar level REALLY DROPS HARD, Avoid refined carbs (Pasta, candy, soft drinks), I did’nt like the fact that I was just left on my own to figure this out, get the book by “Suzaane Sommers” it will help you BIG TIME, You’ll be o.k, I just went through the same thing, don’t panic, e-mail me with ANY questions, you’ll be ok, just shed that weight using the special “K” diet on the box, it’s the easiest diet to follow. I lost 65 lbs, and my sugar level fell right back down to normal levels between 110 and 70 after an 8 hr fast. Also i ate pasta 1 hr before the test unknowingly, of course the sugar level jumped up to 140, 150+ is normal after eating a meal, that did’nt help, I changed my diet around, and lost the weight, this seem to help HUGE !

  4. bugletti says:

    exercise and start eating healthy. im not sure if it will make it go away but it will make you healthier and lengthen your life.

  5. Mr. Peachy® says:

    If you lose the weight through exercise and diet, get the book I mention on my diabetes info webpage, and follow the suggestions, you probably can avoid medication… if you act right away. I didn’t, and have take oral medication twice a day now, but otherwise manage very well.…

  6. angel h says:

    The best way to reduce blood sugar naturally is to eat well, exercise and add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in water everyday. The cinnamon will reduce the sugar level naturally. I know this because everyone in my family seems to be a diabetic and a naturalist suggested it yrs ago for my grandmother and it worked like magic.

  7. gulfvetg says:

    Incorporate a teaspoon of cinnamon into your diet everyday. Whether you disolve a stick of cinnamon in a cup of coffee/hot tea, or sprinkle the powder over something to eat. There’s lots of research about it on the web. Check it out. I know for a fact that the VA Hospitals are using it to treat the veterans with diabetes with fantastic results. Good luck.

  8. Gort says:

    Blood Sugar Management…
    Diet Guidelines…

  9. mandy says:

    follow a low G.I diet (lots of information on the web) and take regular exercise. Using the bodies large muscles increases the bodies ability to cope with sugar. Weight loss will follow this diet and exercise.
    The best way to discover if you have type II diabetes is to ask your GP for a glucose tolerance test. This will measure the bodies insulin response to a measured amount of glucose.

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