Stop Mistaking A Migraine For A Headache – There is a Difference

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In the US alone, thousands of people are inflicted with mild to severe case of migraine attacks. Migraine, which is an identified neurological ailment, may most probably progress from a simple everyday annoyance to a severe life-threatening experience. Since treatments for migraine headache are very pricey, very few individuals discuss their condition to a specialist. There are a number of established causes of migraine. According to experts, migraine may be instigated by the following factors:

1.Piercing noises and bright lights
2.Swift changes in sleeping patterns
3.Too much consumption of caffeine and alcohol
4.Fluctuations in menstruation
5.Unwarranted smoking
6.Allergic reactions
7.Emotional and physical stress
8.Changes in weather conditions

However, there are times when a migraine occurs for no reason at all. With this, doctors believe that migraine triggers most when one is exposed to a number of environment-related factors. Experts always advise their patients to make a note of their headache and migraine attacks, thus, making it easier for them to analyze which factors generally trigger the agonizing attacks.

This will also help patients make a distinction between simple headaches from grim migraine condition.A lot of people repeatedly wrongly refer to headache as migraine. The fact is that migraine is not just a headache. Unlike the simple headache that can be easily cured by taking drugs, migraine needs a consultation with a neurologist followed by a succession of treatment. Majority of the advised prescriptions, nevertheless, are not wholly effective.

Distinguish migraine from headache: Be familiar with the warning signs. As stated earlier, countless individuals confuse migraine as a dreadful headache. To detect if what you have is already a serious migraine condition, the following are the three warning signs to consider:

1.A feeling of vomiting
It is no longer a simple headache if you continuously feel nauseated. Most of the time you will be aware of a wave of an unsettled stomach, but on occasion it goes with vomiting. Variability in body temperature coincides with this condition.

2.Agonizing pain
Another indication of migraine is the re-occurring pain on either the left or right part of the brain. The pain often sets off in the eyes then edges down to the neck.

3.Visual defects
You will be aware if it is already a grim case of migraine when you are undergoing visual disturbances. If your eyes become overly sensitive to light; you frequently see flashing lights before you; or you somehow experience interim blindness, now is the time for you to check with a neurologist to validate your condition.

Most of the conventional medications for migraines are not 100 percent efficient. As such, several individuals suffering from migraine attacks resort to alternative cures.

One of the established alternative therapies is the acupuncture, which helps keep away headache from further developing. While some make use of relieving aromas and incense, others suppose that sleep is the ultimate solution for migraine. Since migraine attacks usually follow a sequence of pattern, physicians constantly recommend patients to put off breaking off the cycle by not taking any painkiller or other relieving medication.

Taking no notice of the pain is more likely to allay the lifespan of the attack.

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