Sleep Walking Child?

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My daughter just started sleep walking. She is almost 8. I’ve read that sometimes there are ‘stressers’ that can start this sleep walking thing. Anyone have a child who sleep walked and happened to know what it was from? Also, anything I should do besides set the house alarm and make sure she’s safe?

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7 Responses to “Sleep Walking Child?”

  1. lillilou says:

    They have small alarms at places like bed bath and beyond you could even put on her bedroom door. On stick on is on the door, the other right across from it on the door jam. Its magnetic, so when the door opens, the magnet separates, and a little alarm goes off. Loud and annoying enough. Plus they’re only like $5.

  2. worldsti says:

    there can be many stressors, the one I knew about was molestation. It is best to get profesional help/

  3. Maliorqui L says:

    well i use to sleep move that means that i was moving my arms becuase i have a bad dream.

  4. I used to sleepwalk BAAADLY. I would leave the house and walk down the street, even if the door was locked. My mom eventually put a chain lock at the very top of the door where I couldn’t reach it. She also slept very lightly because I’d do things like climb shelves and such. I’m sure mine was stress related. I still do it from time to time, but it’s not as bad as it once was. My doctor told me it’s from very active dreaming as well.
    There are magnetic alarms you can put on her door at night. If the magnets are pulled apart a little alarm goes off and can alert you to what she’s doing.

  5. Ann S says:

    All three of my children were sleep walkers. My children would sleep walk for no apparent reason. I was a sleep walker as well . We all are deep sleepers and dream vividly. We would simply walk in our dreams so to speak. Sometimes watching a scary or exciting movie, eating right before bedtime etc. can make a person have a different level of sleep in which the brain stays very active.Also changes in hormone levels, growing spurts etc can cause sleep walking as well. The only thing to do is observe her during the day and make sure that she is not having any staring spells, rapid eye blinking, or repeated lip smacking . If you notice any of these signs have her checked out by a children’s neurologist to rule out epilepsy. Other than that I wouldn’t be concerned most people have slept walked at least once in their life and most out grow it.

  6. L R says:

    I had a son that sleep walked & it can be a part of fatigue stress and anxiety. Most children out grow it & it’s nothing to really worry about. It can also be inherited

  7. antz g says:

    well i dont have a kid but im the one that sleep walks and i heard that it is stress related or (like me) they have a dream and they r trying to get away from sumthing

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