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How can i get sleep. I have Post Tramatic stress disorder. And have nightmares all night. I need help. My parents wont let me go to a hospital or theripist. Im always depressed and can never get sleep. When i do i always have nightmares and wake up sweating and crying. Please help me….

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5 Responses to “Sleep!!!!!!!!?”

  1. Dan S says:

    The medications Ambien and Lunista may be the most helpful, although I recommend starting with Trazadone; you are probably a good candidate for GHB.
    I have chronic insomnia and have had it for 15 years so what I am telling you is tried and true and works for most people.
    Sleep Hygiene: Get the TV out of the bedroom, and darken the drapes. The bedroom is designed for sleeping and you shouldn’t do anything else there. You want the optimum conditions for sleep in your bedroom. I run a fan all night long; the white noise drowns out other noises that could disturb my sleep. When I go into the bedroom I compose myself for sleep and that is my goal. I don’t stay up long, I go to sleep or at least start trying to within the first half-hour. I got this from my first visit to the Sleep Clinic at the hospital.
    You can turn down the lights a little before bedtime then that can help put you into a sleepy mood, turning down the TV volume and winding down and hour before sleep puts your body into preparation for sleep.
    Melatonin is a sleep hormone naturally produced by your body so it is a safe supplement to take, and I have done so for 20 years. Start with a milligram or two and then work your way up to 4-6 until it starts to work. Sleepy Time tea, before bedtime will help since it has natural herbs in it that help to trigger the sleep centers of the brain. Valarian Root is a natural supplement that has helped me and has some doctors recommend it. A doctor recommended the Melaton and Sleepy Time Tea to me.
    Ambien and the similar drugs are only good for a week or two, because they don’t give you a deep sleep.
    Most over the counter and many prescription medications made for sleep don’t work well.
    According to:
    “Not the stuff most dreams are made of. But if the unusual pitch makes you want to try Rozerem, consider that it costs about $3.50 a pill; gets you to sleep 7 to 16 minutes faster than a placebo, or fake pill; and increases total sleep time 11 to 19 minutes, according to an analysis last year.
    If those numbers send you out to buy another brand, consider this, as well: Sleeping pills in general do not greatly improve sleep for the average person.
    American consumers spend $4.5 billion a year for sleep medications. Their popularity may lie in a mystery that confounds researchers. Many people who take them think they work far better than laboratory measurements show they do…
    Most sleeping pills work on the same brain receptors as drugs to treat anxiety. By reducing anxiety, the pills may make people worry less about not going to sleep. So they feel better…
    Another inexpensive alternative, and one of the most widely used sleep medications in this country, is the antidepressant Trazodone. It works well in many patients, but some people say it leaves them groggy the next day, according to Dr. Daniel Carlat, a psychiatrist in Newburyport, Mass., who publishes The Carlat Psychiatry Report and declines industry financing. In men, Trazodone has been linked to rare cases of priapism, prolonged and painful erections. “
    Some medications have a side effect that causes drowsiness. Trazadone is a safe antidepressant that helps; Seroquil is a stronger one that has worked for me. Clearly medication is your last route, and you want to try each previous step before going this far. I have moved on to stronger drugs because my problem is severe.
    There are four stages of sleep and we pass through them several times a night, usually one cycle can take 30 minutes to 1 hour. Only when you go down to stage 4 does your body start healing. Ambien drops you to stage two so it puts you asleep, but not a recharging one. When you drop off and are just drowsy you have reached stage one. At stage two you start dreaming. Stage three is a deeper sleep and the body becomes nearly paralyzed so your actions in your dreams won’t hurt you—you don’t run in bed or flail around widely. At stage four your body starts its night functions of repair and growth. Then you go up through the various stages. When you are in stage 2 and are woken up you have a good chance to remember your dreams, but when you dream and drop down to stage 4 then you probably won’t remember the dream.
    Sleep is critical and a human can go with out if for about 2 weeks before insanity sets in and 3 weeks before death. During sleep your body goes over the facts of the day and creates long term memories or dumps the memory. It also works on the problems of the day and builds new reflexes if you are learning them. The brain is very active when you are asleep and that down time is critical to your health.
    What may be the best for your case is GHB: The drug, known as the date rape drug, causes sleepiness and short term amnesia. Thus you would get to sleep and not remember the dreams. The VA will not prescribe it though (as of 3 years ago) and getting a prescription for it can be expensive.
    According to Wikipedia:
    “GHB has been used historically as a general anesthetic in the 1960s, as a hypnotic in the treatment of insomnia, to treat depression, and to improve athletic performance. In Italy, under the trade name Alcover (ATC code N07BB), GHB is used in the treatment of alcoholism (50 to 100 milligrams per kilogram per day, in 3 or more divided doses), both for acute alcohol withdrawal and medium to long-term detoxification. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration permits the use of GHB under the trade name Xyrem to reduce the number of cataplexy attacks and excessive daytime sleepiness in patients with narcolepsy….
    GHB is a CNS depressant used as an intoxicant. It has many street names, including Liquid Ecstasy and Liquid X. At recreational doses, GHB can cause a state of euphoria, increased enjoyment of movement and music, increased libido, increased sociability and intoxication. At higher doses, GHB may induce nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, agitation, visual disturbances, depressed breathing, amnesia, unconsciousness, and death. The effects of GHB can last from 1.5 to 3 hours, or even longer if large doses have been consumed or if it is mixed with alcohol.
    In general, the doses used recreationally are between 500 mg and 3000 mg, corresponding to approximately 0.5–3 mL of liquid if the concentration is 1 gram / 1 mL (which is not always the case). When used as a recreational drug, GHB may be found as the sodium or potassium salt, which is a white crystalline powder, or as GHB salt dissolved in water to form a clear solution – generally at a concentration of 1 gram / 1 mL and so is twice the strength of the Xyrem solution sold legally for medical use. The sodium salt of GHB has a thin, very salty, chemical taste.”
    Do NOT take Temazepam because while it promotes sleep it also promotes dreaming and drastically increased the number of nightmares that I had to fight through.
    I cannot recommend that you try Liquid Ecstasy since it is an illegal drug.
    A show on Showtime hosted by Penn and Teller called Bulls_ _t broke open the mystery behind most sleep aids saying that they were useless. A warm glass of milk can promote sleepiness with its hormone tryptophan, but you would need to take 37 glasses of milk and eat an unreasonable amount of turkey to get an effective dosage.
    According to the same show an expensive mattress has as much chance of helping you as one bought at Wal Mart.
    Relaxation tapes might help as would antidepressants, but if you really have PTS then therapy is the only answer. If you call a suicide prevention help line and tell them that your mental condition is driving you to a point near that of suicide then they should help you and can even get you enrolled in a county medical program. If you are an adult then you can submit yourself for psychiatric examination if you are a minor then a call to Child Protective Services would put them at your disposal.
    Your condition sounds so serious that you need medical help, other than that the strongest thing that I can advise is relaxation tapes. Your cheapest source would be

  2. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I’m sorry your parents won’t “let” you go to a hospital or a therapist. I think that is totally selfish behavior on their part and it is wrong to not take care of you.
    Have you tried reading before you go to sleep? Pick out some good books from the library or book store (some that are not scary but are good for your mental health) like a good comedy story, good mysteries, etc. The librarian or store clerk can help. Stay away from books related in anyway to your PTSD. Books can help you relax and get your mind away from things that bother you. Good luck. But, if things get worse for you, you HAVE to get some help. People have to have sleep in order to function properly. You might have to go to someone else, like other family members or even a friend’s parents, to get some help. They might be able to talk to your parents for you.

  3. the bell jar says:

    Relaxation techniques? Try meditation- take yourself to a place that calms you and brings you peace.
    When you feel your mind begin to return to negative memories and/or thoughts, go back to your place of peace.
    Tense up the muscles in your body and release them. Breathe slowly and focus on your breaths. Stretch the muscles in your body and feel the tension being released.
    If you are spiritual, spend some time in prayer.
    Take a hot bath/shower before you go to bed, or soak in the tub to relax your body.
    You can also read before you sleep so your mind is already entangled in other worlds other than your trauma.

  4. Irisheye says:

    Why the heck won’t your parents
    help you? That’s terrible. You need
    to see someone. I don’t know why
    your having traumatic stress disorder
    but your parents have to know. Tell
    your mom what is happening to you.
    Tell her your scared and that if she
    doesn’t help you, your going to the
    ER and ask them for help. They will
    help you. So please do what you need
    to do to help yourself. Good Luck

  5. Kara says:

    dont listen to your parents
    do what is best for you
    talk to a close adult that you think will help
    its terrible post tramatic stress disorder is
    a hard thing to deal with
    please do your self a favor
    and get help
    thats the only way it’ll get better

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