Should Parents Get Their Child On A Sleep Schedule Before They Start School?

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If so, how long before they start school should they be on a sleep schedule? By the way, my daughter is going to start preschool soon which is why i am asking. Up to now we have been very lax on bedtimes and we are getting conflicting advice from family on what the best thing to do is.

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10 Responses to “Should Parents Get Their Child On A Sleep Schedule Before They Start School?”

  1. Second Hand Rose says:

    Yes, starting as soon as possible. A sleep schedule is very good for children, particularly young children.

  2. Carrie says:

    About two weeks, considering she’s starting preschool.
    No earlier, no later.

  3. nikki126 says:

    the best way to get your preschooler on a sleep schedual……on the first morning wake her up early! even if she stayed up late. keep her going all day and dont let her nap! by 8:00 she will be ready for bed. if she starts to fall asleep during the day wake her up real quick and give her a bath and a snack depending on what time of day it is. i had to do this with my 5 year old when she started kindergarten last year. my older kids i just gave them benedryl the night before the first day. ( i know i know) lol but they were all rested for the first day of school! hope this helps.

  4. shooting says:

    About 2 weeks before school let the soon-to-be-preschooler go to bed at around 8:00

  5. Just Somebody says:

    I would start right away. Remember that kids need 10-12 hours of sleep a night. Also a regular schedule can be an awesome thing. It is good for the child and you.

  6. Walking on Sunshine says:

    Sleep schedules are crucial during school time for everyone. Making sure your child gets a good night sleep will help her to concentrate better and make the educational process easier. When a child is sleepy in the morning they resent going to school and don’t want to wake up or go – so if they are well rested the morning will go much smoother preventing the am battle.

  7. ?Eternal Rest? says:

    My mom like a week before school starts makes me go to bed at 9 and wake up at well now it will be 5:30…

  8. MamaBear says:

    Yep. Otherwise, mornings are going to be hell for both of you. Unless you plan to homeschool, she’s going to have to learn a) that it’s important to get enough sleep to function during the day and b) she has to be at school at a certain time, not when she feels like it.
    It will be an adjustment for her AND your family, since you are accustomed to letting her stay up to fit whatever your family is doing from day to day. About two weeks before pre-schools starts, begin a bedtime routine so that she will be used to it before she gets hit with the culture shock of preschool!

  9. proudmom says:

    Yes my son is 3 and will be going to preschool in august and i definitely will put him on a sleep schedule. You have to or else you will have one cranky kid on your hands. I think you should start the sleep schedule around 2 -3 weeks before school starts. Just don’t put them to sleep before the sun goes down i have heard of parents who put there kids to sleep like at 6:30 – 7 , seriously would you want to go to bed with the sun still out.

  10. Meghan H says:

    Sleep schedules are good for everyone, not just children. However, children are unstable and chaotic by their nature, and if they are self-determinate then their lives are chaotic and unstable. You will do your daughter a big favor when you pick a schedule for her to follow.
    As to what schedule she will be on, that is determined by
    a) what her waking schedule is
    b) how much sleep she needs.
    Most children her age need at least ten hours a night. If she doesn’t take a nap during the day she might need more. So, if you will be dropping her off at daycare at 8 am, then you will probably be waking her up around 7 am. This means she should be asleep no later than 9 pm. Feed her dinner by 7 pm, then at 8 begin her bedtime ritual (put away toys, brush teeth, potty, read books, etc) and get her in bed by 8:30.
    If she will be napping at day care, you should find out what the designated nap time is. If you are letting her sleep until 10, she probably won’t want to take a nap at noon.
    ** I put my two year old to bed while the sun is still up. We get up at five am and leave the house at six.

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