Preventing Illnesses and Diseases with Vitamin C

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Antioxidants such as vitaminc C can be used to prevent disease Vitamin C – The Most Essential Nutrient Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a vitamin only because it is a nutrient essential for life that is not manufactured in the body and must be obtained from outside sources. Every living thing on this planet except primates (Including man) and guinea pigs produce their own Vitamin C internally, do not require it in their diet, and do not suffer from a host of diseases and maladies caused by Vitamin C deficiencies. Vitamin C is manufactured internally from glucose by a four-step process, each requiring a specific enzyme. Humans have the first three enzymes but the fourth is damaged and non functional apparently from a genetic mutation that occurred in our distant ancestors. It seems that we really have a species wide genetic disease. Perhaps fixing this genetic defect should be a primary goal for the genetic engineers of this century. There is a fifth step in vitamin C cycle, the conversion of ascorbic acid into mineral ascorbates in the liver. The price of vitamin C deficiency is staggering. Mammals with the enzyme can live 8-10 times their maturity age. Mammals without it have a hard time living to 3-4 times their maturity age. Therefore, if humans had the gene to make their own vitamin C, the human life span could be more like 300 years. Humans have cardiovascular disease and arthritis while other mammals do not. Humans are also more susceptible to viruses and infections than animals with their own vitamin C. What

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21 Responses to “Preventing Illnesses and Diseases with Vitamin C”

  1. danmarino1970 says:

    Unbelievably BRILLIANT man! Thank you Dr. Pauling.

  2. GoodVibrationsHealth says:

    Lack of vitamin C was quite evident with the early explorers in the 1500s and earlier. For whatever reason, we need to supplement with vittamin C.

  3. defect530 says:

    this guy is brilliant!

  4. splashcat says:

    Well our bodies do make vitamin d3 on skin exposed to sunlight. But we cover up with clothes today.

    And vitamin C, we probably used to get plenty of in our foods for eons, and, as Dr. Pauling points out, the mutant who lost this ability could use that energy for something else, say, developing better brain power so had the advantage.

  5. galaxybaseone says:

    not even the best machines on the planet are perfect, but with wisdom we reach for perfection or ignore wisdom and accept common entropy.

  6. MrCohibaboy says:

    why has the human body stopped making its own vitamin c and vitamin d , why has the human body evolved to get rid of this , so we have to take pills and food to replenish our body with these vitamins

  7. tiptiptapable says:

    Iron and minerals are not produced in the body. No one goes around claiming IRON is the HOLY GRAIL. one substance is not the holy grail.

  8. Entropy56 says:

    It is sad that smart men make up stories about millions of years ago. You’d think he was there seeing it all happen. Everyone knows that microbes are a simpler life form than humans and animals but Evolutionists fail to explain why more complex life tended to arise when it was a liability rather than an asset. That one fact Explodes the myth of Evolution.

  9. bonzaibb12 says:

    I almost died from Scurvy 3 months ago . I had surgery on my sinus’s and a week later almost blead to death . I had 4 surgeries to save my life an artery ligated and several blood transfusions. I drank a half gallon of OJ a week, a bannana a day and a salad a day but developed it still. The cause was Chron’s disease and little beneficial flora . I take probiotics and digestive enzymes daily now as well as 1,500mg of vit C. My skin has improved as well

  10. DocBirchall says:

    They are doing this for market share. Most of the poor quality supplements are manufactured by big pharma. They are synthetic fractionated crap which should be in the same category as toxic drugs. All Vit C is not created equal!

  11. bostonale1 says:

    Enough research on Vitamin C — there are many other anti-oxidants out there that need more research and findings.

    Did you know that cigarette smokers have a greater need for Vitamin C than non-Smokers because it is used to neutralize compounds in cigarette smoke. Studies have shown that cigarette smokers have lower levels of Vitamin C. Additionally, Vitamin C has a synergistic relationship with bioflavonoids.

    Do more research on this and don;t give cigarettes to the monkeys for this test.

  12. FallenSoulRising says:

    I’ve always thought that it is quite peculiar how they refer to vitamins and minerals as micro nutrients. There is nothing micro about vitamins and minerals.

  13. pixiepurv says:

    They’re doing this because the governments have been poisoning us since the 30s and 40s with the Innoculation program, food sources, tap water, chemtrails etc… The only thing that keeps us well is vitamin c.
    I am not a conspiracy theorist, I have just recently found this out. Look up project gardenplot and do some research to understand more.

  14. ulymunch says:

    wow its been known for a while (by a few) that vitamin C is an effective aid in aid Cancer treatment. There are clinics in Mexico (where big pharm has less of a stronghold)like the Oasis Clinic, where vitamin C infusions are used as PART of a more effective treatment of cancer. In the U.S. many treatment centers like the Issels in Arizona are using Vitaming C infusions for the treatment of Cancer.

  15. anyusmoon1 says:

    Presummably, only through natural selection, if you’re an evolutionist. Unfortunately brains and know how are no longer attractive traits to the opposite sex :-(

  16. certifiedhealthnut says:

    Camu Camu has the highest source of NATURALLY occuring Vit.C. it is paramount to optimal health to get a natural source that is readily available to the cells otherwise you are wasting your money. synthetic/commercial Vit.C blocks receptor sites. having all the other co-factors increases bio-availabilty. Camu Camu has Leucine, Serine, for mood/nervous system & Limonene: shown to reduce appetite and aid
    in weight loss. the usage of Pure Camu Saves Rain Forest too! AMAZONHERBSITEdotCOM

  17. DSIXSIXSIX says:

    why are they doing this???

  18. AscensionSeries says:

    Vitamin C is vital/essential to life but it seems now that there is alot of concern that Canada is illegalizing it and may only be recieved through an MD. If this happens the USA may follow or have a reduction in supply. Bill 51c is said to be the blame caused by drug companies manipulating the Government..

  19. alanejackson says:

    Any thoughts on there being an organelle living inside your body/cells that migrates magnetically?
    Are you keeping it moving as much as you used to?
    As much as it needs to?
    Can you think of ways to?
    Search + Share ~ Magnetrition

  20. crippled82 says:

    So, some day, these genes will be activated again…

  21. prokopton says:

    Dr Linus Pauling also did research on tobacco addiction in England. When subjects craved cigarettes, they stuck a straw through an orange and sucked on it. 79% showed decrease in smoking in 3 weeks, 20% quit altogether. Physiological: Orange has vitamin c and natural sugars. Vitamin c detoxed the body and natural sugars replaced the cravings.

    Psychological: the straw is shaped similar to a cigarette.

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