PART 1 – Naturopathic Doctor Raided by Health Canada and RCMP

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(From the DVD “THE RAID” available at PART ONE of a testimonial by Naturopathic Doctor, Eldon Dahl, describing his home and family being raided and held for 11 hours by Health Canada and the RCMP.

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25 Responses to “PART 1 – Naturopathic Doctor Raided by Health Canada and RCMP”

  1. tbirdt47 says:

    I guess one of us has to light himself on fire to bring more to awareness

  2. omegasher says:

    Memoranda rights are your “rights’ that are read to you when being arrested. There is no reason for you to be read these “rights” if you are not being arrested. In Canada your rights are based in common law and enshrined in the bill of rights. The Charter of Rights & Freedoms actually takes away common law rights and makes them privileges bestowed by government. So if you want rights in Canada you have to claim common law jurisdiction.

  3. omegasher says:

    It is not lawful for an officer to enter the home until the warrant is presented. Also it is not lawful for the officer to not identify himself when asked. A warrant being served does not require the reading of memoranda rights, so the officer telling them they had a right to remain silent was out of place if they were not being arrested. Did the warrant give the officers the right to detain the individuals under question? Not likely.

  4. omegasher says:

    What crime did this man commit and according to what law?

  5. omegasher says:

    The Health Canada Fact sheet is not the same as reading the bill. Also the bill as presented on-line is not legally binding and may contain mistakes so it can not be used for legal advice.

  6. RustyIronloins says:

    You’re wrong. Read the Health Canada fact sheet on this bill. It’s amazing what a little research will cure.

  7. RustyIronloins says:

    Why are people surprised that the Gov responds when they commit crimes? Weird.

  8. RustyIronloins says:

    Oxymoron: “naturopathic doctor”

    Analogous with “dry water” and “rap music”.

  9. groovearchive says:

    00:42 search warrant they produced listed items available at any US health food store…. sounds like something scheduled / controlled in Canada…

    no mention in either Video about what they were searching for…. ephedrine/ephedra? thats my guess… but its only a guess, cause they would not discuss such a vital fact in either video…. consumer protection ftw… search might be legit if his place of business was his home. (as many NPH practitioners do)

  10. misterfung says:

    To come together we first need to keep defending the openess of the internet, otherwise itll be super hard to organize and our efforts will become little localized easily squashed revolts. They’re well on their way of closing this thing down so keep your ears perked and act when called….

  11. shortysmagic says:

    its sad that people actually think rights as if they are some sort of scientific thing not just make believe bullshit to keep people happy. how do we come together?

  12. JoyeuxLj says:

    Gangsters…all of them. Police officers, The RCMP, governments, certain agencies they can do whatever the hell they want. We never had rights. People have to come together in one mass and do something because its only going to get worse.

  13. Canadiancouple says:

    I am disgusted and appalled at this story. But not surprised. Harper must go. There is no freedom left in Canada. I am ashamed to be Canadian. We have let those in power run this Country into the ground.
    You needed video security cameras in your house. It’s sickning to think we need video surveilance in our own house to help us with not criminals but RCMP and Health Canada. I hope you sue their asses off!

  14. TheMrCannabis says:

    how the hell can canada stand by and let worksafeBC and health Canada rape our freedoms and human rights. sounds sick cuse it is sick,we are getting raped by the ones who are there to help us and protect us ,they will smile at your face wile they tie your hands and rape the freedom that runs in our blood as canadians,How can we let this happen.Gives our country a foul smell and still everyone lets it happen.THIS IS CANADA WE TAKE FU#@EN PRIDE IN OUR COMPASSION

  15. totalpackage181 says:

    police love to create propped up media supporting their efforts…main stream media is a slave to their justification of a police state………V forever

  16. Nidder1 says:

    You think this is bad. This is nothing. Bill c-6 will make it so that health Canada doesn’t need the RCMP or a warranty. They will be able to go into your home, on your property, and confiscate it all without a warranty, or any measure of guilt associated.

  17. AnJeliCreLiC says:

    The AUTHORITIES only have to do this to a handful of people, TO CREATE THE FEAR IN US THEY REQUIRE ~ THIS IS HOW THE FEAR IS SPREAD – BY US!!

  18. vandra420 says:

    Thank to your supplements I have been able to manage my chronic pain from my 28ft fall at work..
    WorkSafe B.C and Health Canada DO NOT cover or recognize natural supplement as a medicine.
    WTF !!!!!!
    Wake up CANADA ..
    Amino acids, natural supplements food, has saves my life ..

  19. Howrualldoing says:

    WAKE UP Canadians! This is only going to get worse if it is not stopped. Mass Canadians need to stand together on this and help these people out! Phone your MP, file lawsuits, do whatever is legally necessary to bring the R.C.M.P. to justice. The RCMP is not above the law and they blatantly and arrogantly infringed on the rights of this Canadian Citizen and his family. This is just a taste of what the future holds if people don’t legally fight for their rights While there is still opportunity.

  20. eaglemessage says:

    Oh you say he brought in special powers, that is interesting maybe Kryptonite boy wonder. You sound like a real piece of work. What have you done to help people, you can knock this ND for helping but you do nothing but complain.

  21. litzyshits says:

    Hey STOOL-DWAYNE. Thanks for not answering my question. Did YOU think before you posted? Do you know how to read a newspaper? Pick one up, read it and learn something. The media report what they are being told by the W.H.O and it’s wolrdwide, and gee golly it’s true too! As far as ‘honest’ Eldon goes he illigally brought pills with special powers into Canada and got caught!
    So think real hard and if you can’t answer my original question then keep your pie hole shut!!!

  22. IonUCanada says:

    Read ‘Lord Blackstone’s Commentaries” (1800′s) – 3 absolute rights – right to life, liberty and property. If you have time and patience, read the first human rights charter – The Magna Carta – which still applies to all Common Law nations. (last sec. … “to all heirs, for ever and ever…”)

    Finally, check out ThinkFree(dot)ca – watch their videos. NaturalPerson(dot)com
    YouTube “Jordan Maxwell” to learn about UCC and civil law. This is just the start…

  23. IonUCanada says:

    You can find your rights in numerous places. 1st off, download your Canadian Bill of rights and read it carefully. Those specific rights only apply to Natural Persons…. ie human beings, not corporations (artificial persons) 2nd, you can read the UN declaration of human rights (1948) which shows you your ‘authorized’ rights. Also, read the Charter of rights and freedoms – sec.26 takes you back to the Can. Bill of Rights (sneaky buggers).

  24. northendnorman says:

    This is a scary scenario. I had a therapist hwo was growing herbs and received a letter from the government that she would be charged with growing banned substances if she didn’t tear them all out. She complied.

    We are heading in the same direction as the Americans: a police state.

  25. stilldwayne says:

    I am quite sure naturopaths would say to adhere to a vegetarian diet. No contact with pigs = no swine flu.
    This is about the gov shafting yet another honest citizen, not your personal biases or your Media fuelled fear about the next big outbreak.. Think before you post fuggtard..

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