Other Than Having A Good Fitness Program, Is There Somehing Natural I Can Take To Help My Bipolar 1 Disorder?

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I always feel better when I am active. But I was wondering if there was something natural that I can get at the health food store that I should be adding in. any ideas?
They put me on Abilify, 10 mg 30 pills for $400.00 a month. That is so unreasonable. Plus, I would like to do thing naturally as possible.
Thank you!!

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6 Responses to “Other Than Having A Good Fitness Program, Is There Somehing Natural I Can Take To Help My Bipolar 1 Disorder?”

  1. healthwr says:

    You should really check with your doctor about not taking your medications first.
    If you want to take a nutritional supplement, you can try Vitamin Bs. They help to regulate your mood. A deficiency can lead to depression.
    Here is an article for more informationhttp://www.healthandwellnesscentral.com/…
    Do however check with your doctor first about taking this.

  2. bubblehe says:

    i am also bipolar, bipolar II, and no there is no way to feel better naturally. active lifestyle helps, but does not completely even you out.
    i understand the prices of these medications are exorbitant. i pay $1000.00 a month. i am broke but i am a functional broke person.
    check this out, recently i called target store and spoke with the pharmacist. i am not sure about the actual just of it all, but she was able to put me on a kind of “insurance” which is sponsored by target.
    the medications are still expensive but much less of a hardship for me.

  3. signed American rebel says:

    yes i had a chemical imbalance due to over drug use in my past which cause my brain to move faster then it could handle any kids reading this remember this
    i was a heavy meth addict for years and my brain developed what they later called addmd (attention deficit disorder mental disorder) basically i was not over active physically but mentally caused major sleep issues to were i was only getting a hour of sleep a week even after i had been clean and detoxed for 2 years sleeping pills had no effect cause my tolerance was so high…. the doctor nearly gave up until he got a new report from some were saying they had good luck with meth patients with ( fish oil) not cod liver oil fish oil the omega 3 were the major one but there is several others in there any way it helps rebuild parts of your brain and bring them back to a only way i can say it is a ( default ) setting beat medical science and every thing else over the last few years they have found that people with dementia it helps them in ways synthetic drugs just couldn’t it has helped allot of people with all sorts od mental disorders some thing you may want to look into a simple search on yahoo or google for fish oil or omega 3 brings up all kinds of info after i had taken i started to do my own research on it some very interesting stuff out there on it

  4. wickedwi says:

    First of all, i want to inform you about the person down there that suggests lithium. There is NOTHING WRONG with lithium, it is one of the only drugs that work well for my bipolar 1 disorder, but there are many precautions. You have to have your blood levels checked REGULARILY, I had mine drawn EVERY WEEK and i still went toxic. When you reach a toxic level, many things can happen, such as partially destroying your thyroid, which happend to me. Now I am ALSO on thyroid hormone for the rest of my life, and once that happend, i gained 50 pounds, became insulin resistant, and now i am ALSO on metformin as well.
    Lithium is a great drug, but has to be monitored VERY CAREFULLY, as it also has many drug interactions.
    It is much cheaper, you can probably get it for around 30-50 a month, and that is being on the high side.

  5. tsoto_so says:

    Abilify is a very effective medicine without really bad side-effects, but if you can’t get help paying for it and cost is an issue, tell your Psychiatrist. There are other options. Just eating healthy and taking herbs aren’t going to keep your disorder under control.
    For the sake of your loved ones and family, don’t give up on medication so quickly. My mother is Bipolar and would never take medications. Her disorder really screwed our family up, and she is not allowed to see any of her grandchildren because of the abusive way that she gets sometimes. You have to accept that medication is a part of your life and will be forever. It sucks, but that’s the way it is.
    I hope that you find a better option for you. There are lots of them.

  6. Pixie Dust says:

    Please, please look into alternate medications. Bipolar disorder can NOT be fully and effectively treated with diet or homeopathic remedies, no matter how vigilant. It may work for a little while, but then no.
    I do speak from experience, my husband was diagnosed less than 4 years ago and after a half dozen medications whose side effects did not seem to out-weigh the benefits, we tried every suggested option from fish oil, so herbal (yes, including cannabis to combat the mania). None of them did much and with two kids, he felt the need to find something that worked.
    He got on Lithium, been around forever, relatively inexpensive, you just really need to keep hydrated and put forth the effort to not let it make you a couch potato. (This is common when first adjusting) Also, Lithium is derived from a natural salt-enzyme, which appealed to his desire to do things as natural as possible too.
    Unfortunately my husband stopped taking his meds and ended up in a state of pschosis, with paranoid delusions and mania. As a result, I am now a widow.
    Bipolar is not a little thing. But it is also nothing to be ashamed of. If you were diabetic you would take your insulin. Same idea.
    Please look into Lithium, or ask about other options. Depakote isn’t too expensive. But do find something that works for you.
    I wish you the best of luck. Take care.

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