No More Health Care Choice, Wake Up America {Video}

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Are your alternative health choices being taken away from you? Will you soon have to obtain your vitamins on prescription? Scary stuff in this video…

Be My Friend – No More Health Care Choice, Wake Up America #5 This is introduction video to attempts to curtail your health freedom by Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Establishment including comments Codex Alimentarius. There are attempts being made to make all forms of alternative health illegal, regulate vitamins so they can only be obtained through doctor’s prescription and even outlaw anyone giving nutrition advice except members of the American Dietetic Association. Related Videos Wake Up America # 1, Food Supply and Health Care Conspiracy Wake Up America #2, Science of Profit, Corporate Takeover of Science Wake Up America # 3, GMO Foods, Genetically Modified Organisms, Wake Up America #4, What Doctors Don’t Know Wake Up America #5, No More Health Care Choice Visit Radhia’s Website at Visit Peter McCarthy’s website Visit Texas Health Freedom Coalition Peter McCarthy is theChief Executive Officer and Wellness Director of Life Energy Holistic Partners, Inc. and holds the degree of Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health. He is a Nationally Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and is a member of the Advisory Committee of the American Naturopathic Certification Board. Radhia Gleis is certified in Clinical Nutrition, CCN She is also a Certified BioNutritional

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25 Responses to “No More Health Care Choice, Wake Up America {Video}”

  1. 1Deep2424 says:

    @adammac999 i highly disagree with you. now days doctors are going to school to prescribe drugs.the health care system is really a mess. drugs are being pushed instead of alternative all natural treatments which have no side effects and are known to work just as well if not better

  2. geewhiz76 says:

    @mike282272262252 so you are basing an entire system on one persons story? lol you idiot

  3. Choggspaced says:

    As someone who lives in the UK under the NHS I have to say that your claim is ridiculous. 1. Your judging an entire healthcare system on the example of one individual’s claims 2. A doctor telling a patient that pain is ‘all in their head’ is unlikely it’s more likely the Doctor suggested the medication she’s on may have caused the pain as a side effect 3. If the Doctor thought her life was at any risk from the stomach problem he/she would have brought her in for tests and observation.

  4. mike282272262252 says:

    Hey people, if we get national health care do you know how patients will be treated?
    I’ll give you an example: my mom has a friend from England who has a bad stomach problem, it feels like someone is stabbing her in the guts whenever she eats.Every time she goes to a doctor the doctor looks up her records and finds out she is on some sort of meds for a mental problem and tells her it’s all in her head. She could die from this and they don’t care! Please pray…..

  5. hadenufnow says:

    Kill the 3000 page mandate Trojan Horse Health Care bill devoid of
    ANY HEALTH care!
    Kill the Bill..
    Pork em hard..
    vote em out..
    Nobody wants it…

  6. hadenufnow says:

    Nobody wants this 3000 page pile of crap bill but dingy harry, who would eat crap just to keep his pathetic tired old mug in the spotlight…
    The freak is still celebrating a default win on our dime…..
    Make him pay..
    Vote out the FREAKS!
    Pork em hard!
    Kill the Bill..!

  7. PianoPlayinLegoLover says:

    funny, I was about to post something along these lines

    great minds think alike!

  8. funkyflights says:

    Medicare has the power to keep costs down and that’s why some doctors and hospitals DONT accept it ….. they want the big dollars so there lies the problem… SO the private insurance company charges us HUGE premiums and they deny care to save money.. THAT”S A FACT… why is that so hard to understand for you ?

  9. funkyflights says:

    Herbs again I’ll say it … the FRAUD you keep talking about is from doctors taking advantage of the system and overcharging medicare for services not performed …. Medicare does not just let people DIE like private insurance will…. Medicare has appeals and a process for any claims that are under question and I can assure you … MEDICARE IS NOT A BUSINESS FOR PROFIT… so there lies the big difference… private insurance has a bottom line and will deny care to save money…

  10. Subher0 says:

    hHow us some proof of this fraud… and I’m not talking medicare medicare is not social healthcare and as you describe it it’s just a sick institution but show me why socialized healthcare causes more fraud… [btw one good tip: don't look because you won't find it]

  11. funkyflights says:

    government agencies do get investigated …. in one sentence you make it seem like there is no way to investigate government agencies when you can clearly see your saying 60 minutes exposed a government run program..?? clearly fraud can be investigated no matter who’s running the program … your acting like you dont trust your government at all WHEN it’s the government that protects your freedom…. because without the governments protection were part of China right now….

  12. herbs814 says:

    There is MORE fraud in government insurance. Government is mandated to pay claims quickly, and consequently more fraud is allowed. (60 Minutes exposed how much fraud exists in Medicare). Private insurance has MUCH LESS fraud than any government scheme because they are allowed to investigate claims and discover fraud.

    Again, Medicare DENIES MORE CLAIMS than any private insurance company ever does. I keep showing you the facts and you keep telling LIES to excuse government waste, fraud, + abuse.

  13. funkyflights says:

    There is more fraud in private insurance… PERIOD… Medicare’s fraud is from greedy doctors trying to cheat the system … private insurance fraud is denying payment so doctors WONT perform procedures allowing people to go bankrupt on not receive treatment at all…. BIG difference there… one is killing Americans for profit and the other is being taken advantage of by doctors… OBVIOUSLY private insurance is worse… BUT maybe your to pig headed to see that…

  14. herbs814 says:

    Medicare denies MORE claims than any private insurance and there is more fraud in Medicare than in private insurance. Medicare is an evil pyramid scheme that steals from the American people and offers inferior scraps in return. Private healthcare is better by ALL measures.

  15. herbs814 says:

    Private healthcare succeeds by serving its customers. Government heatlhcare survives by using FORCE and compulsion against the American people. Therefore, private healthcare is moral and government intrusion into healthcare is immoral.

  16. DooDooEcon says:

    2.2% profits in the insurance industry.. the top 10 make $8 bill combined!! MEDICARE FRAUD is $60 bill PLUS 3% admin costs… that doesnt take into account IRS, FBI and all the related expenses WAKE UP!

  17. funkyflights says:

    HAHAHA>.. from what POLL … the GOP POLL … Medicare only denies because doctors try to take advantage…. Medicare is NOT CONCERNED about profit like private insurance companies are…. Private insurance companies have incentives to deny claims for there share holders for profit ….. MEDICARE IS NON PROFIT HERBS….. BUT doctors have been liked to fraud and fake claims SO obviously there are gonna be SOME denials from fraud…. so this poll is like comparing Apples and Oranges…

  18. Subher0 says:

    Private healthcare services serve their own goals. Look if you’re not even trying to be smart don’t make comments because I even want you to have private healthcare now and the inferior system America is applying now contrary to ALL other modern western countries.

    Why do you want to be stubborn when clearly other countries have better healthcare over America?

  19. Subher0 says:

    Well probably but that’s completely beside the fact that healthcare in other countries is thesame though and it’s cheaper and EVERYBODY is covered.

    Admit THAT fact too.

    And that’s the way America should go. We’re not talking about Medicare.

  20. herbs814 says:

    Claims Denied
    Medicare 6.85%
    Aetna 6.80%
    Anthem 4.62%
    Health Net 3.88%
    CIGNA 3.44%
    Humana 2.90%
    Coventry 2.88%
    UHC 2.68%

    Either admit the TRUTH that (by your own standards) Medicare is THE WORST healthcare plan available… or nothing you say has any credibility.

  21. herbs814 says:

    YOU LIE. Government schemes are always inferior to private healthcare. Medicare is an evil scheme that steals American’s livelihoods, condemns them to inferior “care”, and denies them more than any private healthcare plan ever does.

    Private healthcare is a success. Which is why the evil parasitic government and its brainwashed apologists are so eager to destroy all evidence of its overwhelming success.

  22. funkyflights says:

    NO it’s not a fact…. hahahah… your probably using the fact that some private doctors wont accept medicare…. THAT”S not medicare denying someone that’s just the private system wanting MORE money…. NEVER will medicare deny a claim or not help the patient get treatment… Think about what your saying… Medicare controls costs and sets the prices THAT”S why some private doctors wont accept it…. YOUR DISGUSTING… private health care is a failure and it always will be …

  23. herbs814 says:

    Medicare denies more claims than any private healthcare… that is an undeniable fact — you lose all credibility trying to claim otherwise. all the more proof that you are an evil thug that will do anything necessary to steal our rights to private healthcare. You are disgusting.

  24. Hughes Net says:

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