Need Some Ideas For Putting A Hyper Emotional Young Child To Sleep At Night?

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routine and consistency is the key. Which is sometimes hard when you got kids i know. I have a three year old boy and bed time used to be a nightmare!
So i made it that every night would be essentially the same. After dinner its bath time, then a little play time.Then time to pack away his toys in to bed where i read him a short story book every night which he loves and then off to sleep. Works a treat. Also, avoid sugary drinks a couple of hours before bedtime, and perhaps no tv as well so they are not so over stimulated.
Also, be patient and be firm as well- when you say its bed time-it means it’s bed time.

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9 Responses to “Need Some Ideas For Putting A Hyper Emotional Young Child To Sleep At Night?”

  1. singh s says:

    You may want to try waking him up earlier in the morning and skipping the afternoon nap. Also, about an hour before bed time give the child warm milk…this makes kids sleepy.

  2. You need to tire him/her out, i guess. :)
    How old is your child? Maybe an hour before bedtime, if the weather permits, take them for a walk, or if you have a basket ball net and the child is old enough, go out and play with him for a bit. Do something that will tire him/her.

  3. cvt-3 says:

    Read to him to get him calmed down before bed.

  4. Ikkin says:


  5. graywale says:

    Pl Dont give oppurinuty to sleep in whole Day.
    if it is infant than it will be better feed him before sleep so he or she can asleep all night.
    Room shold be airy and less light.

  6. Stacia says:

    Make bath time very pleasurable. Use a gentle, child appropriate lotion[maybe one with lavendar] which if very calming. Give your child a nice massage. Always read a happy story or make up one together. Buy him/her a little night light. Assure your little one that angels will be watching over him/her through the night. No stimulating toys or tv before bedtime. Make it a calming ritual. Say a prayer together and give sweet, good night kisses.

  7. Serendip says:

    I think the trick is to not do much of anything a few hours before bed. Read stories, talk, color. things you can do in a resting state. Make sure bed time is a happy time. Snuggle with him. Tickle his forehead and arms lightly. Good luck. It’s tough when they’re young, but you’ll miss it when they’re gone.

  8. Schannon A says:

    This is the routine for my son…
    At 7 he takes a warm bubble bath
    Then I give him a massage with some baby lotion
    Diaper/Powder and put his pajamas on
    Take him to brush his teeth
    Fix him a cup of ice water in his sippy cup
    Let him pick out a couple books to read
    And I lay him down, cover him up and read to him
    Then I tell him Goodnight, and that I will see him in the morning, and that I love him
    This worked with I started making his bedtime the exact same time every day. And was firm with him staying in the bed after I had laid him down.
    My son is a very hyper little guy. He just turned 3 and he doesn’t take naps either. So I understand what you are going through there!!

  9. Lozzawoz says:

    try lavender sencted bath oil or soem lavender sencted oil on the pillows. Thsi senct really helps with sleeping and if you use it in the bath it make clam him enough for him to drift off to sleep. of corus eyou can use the super nanny technique by sitting bides his crib or what not and having your head bowed and not say look or do anything once he relzes that mommy isn’t goinmg to comfort me he’ll fall asleep. it may sound cruel but all you are really doing i sshowing him that night time is time for sleep not play. Yeah he’ll cry and throw a fit for a bit and you will want to hold him and comfort him but all that doe sis show them they have contorl over you. Just soem ideas hope they help

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