Natural Ways To Relax And Take Care Of My Body And Health?

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I live a very stressful life with my job, failing marriage, and baby. I feel like every minute of my life I am rushing to get something done and I never get to relax. I rush in the morning to get to work, rush at lunch to see baby at daycare. rush during work to finish everything. and when I get home it doesnt stop I need to take care of baby and cook dinner, give baby bath, etc. 5 days a week, it never stops, it drives me crazy and I feel very unhealthy because of it. I have chest pains and feel weak dizzy sometimes nauseous, plus I am depressed. I dont drink or smoke so I need ways to relax and find peace. My house is always loud my husband blasts tv plus theres baby and I am always washing dishes, cooking, or take care of baby. I feel like going crazy (literally) because I cant relax and manage myself. Please give me natural ways to relax what good foods to eat for my health and vitamins, please help any serious advice please will be appreciated

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9 Responses to “Natural Ways To Relax And Take Care Of My Body And Health?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    twice a week go for a massage take a yoga class and for heavens sake eat right load up on fruits and veggies

  2. Katzie says:

    Wow. Besides the fact that you do more work than most people do in a month, I found this statement very striking,
    “My house is always loud my husband blasts tv…”
    Have you tried talking to your husband about giving you a hand with things to do around the house? For example him washing and you drying the dishes?
    Everything you listed, you stated YOU do it. Not once did I see anything about your husband pitching in to help with the work.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with being a 1950′s housewife, but come on, its 2007. Women are career builders now, we don’t necessarily have time to cook, clean, have babies, raise babies, etc.
    For your overall health, i’ll only state the obvious. Fruits and veggies! Also eating things rich in iron, such as Tuna fish will give you a bigger boost during the day, make you feel fuller longer, and keep you running longer. If possible take a one hour nap during the day. ONLY one hour though. Longer than an hour will make you feel more tired when you wake up, and then you’ll be up later at night.
    Try relaxing in a bath with aroma-theraphy bath salts. I like to take a trip to TJ. Maxx to check out there selection. Very affordable and very nice stuff.
    But no matter what you eat or do, I feel one person is not enough to be doing all these things and you need to ask your man to step up to the plate and help out.

  3. T-Max says:

    You cant get your husband to help out?!!! Sounds like you married the wrong guy. Maybe instead of relaxing, you can exercise. Go for a walk with the baby.
    Just a thought about marriage counseling. If you can get your husband on your team, things wont be so tiring.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chamomile Tea
    is great. They’ve been using it in Europe probably since caveman times for a hot beverage, but also for calming nerves and relaxing.
    I’d also recommend getting adequate, not overdose, of vitamin B complex stress vitamins with zinc or multiple vitamins that contain that in lesser amount, but make sure you have it with starchy foods like bread to make it work better in the body and not cause stomach ache. This will make you more resilient to pressure and stress, and keep up your mood and overall health too. B vitamins are essential, not optional, for the brain and nerves, and most modern processed foods don’t supply enough.
    A lot of your situation and experience/ symptoms seem to hint that you don’t have enough. Once a day have a stress vitamin.
    Peppermint tea can also help. It is healthy for your nerves, and creative responsive thinking, and stomach. Its not just flavour that makes it a tea people want to drink, it actually has health boosting qualities, very popular in Morroco (the national drink there) and popular in central and northern Europe too. Its too bad North Americans don’t know or use it as much, and only have coffee without thinking.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What the heck does your hubby do? what a bum. Having a cup of tea usually relaxes and revitalizes me. For one thing, your house doesn’t seem like a quiet haven. So try taking your kid out for a stroll in the park. Diet wise, (obvious) but stay away from fast and fatty foods. Eat more vegetables for the vitamins, rice for the energy, sushi for the nonfat protein.
    If all that fails .. get a new husband.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i’d stick to the pyramid for your foods, but here are some things i’ve always found relaxing:
    lavender scented baths
    lying in bed for awhile
    try any of these things, or many at once. like… take a lavender scented bath while listening to music and have the only light be candles. best of luck!

  7. holeeyco says:

    Eat healthy
    Get enough sleep
    Take care of the baby.
    Turn off the television.
    Get off the computer and do the housework.
    Prioritize what needs to be done. Write it down. Do it. Give your husband some jobs to do. Work together.

  8. Nik says:

    After smacking your husband with a baseball bat.
    Breathing exercies, look them up they are really simple to do. If you are working hard that means you are probably hunching over alot.
    Try to catch and stop yourself from doing that, there are energies and chemicals in your body that need to reach your brain.
    Hunching over is very bad and helps cause head aches.
    no joke.
    You can always take a daily vitamin or better prenatal vitamins. I find carrot juice is an excellent boost.
    Lay on the floor and put your legs above you against a wall.
    Toxins in your body build up over time and they sift to your lowest point. You need to elevate them for at least 5 minutes a day. So you can let all the other valves and what not in your body open up.
    Stretch whenever you can.
    Consume less soduim stress salt and smoking are the worst things to over due. If you are already stressed, having a huge salt intake is not going to help matters.
    Keep your chin paralell to the floor, neck straight head up.
    You don’t seem to have time to do many other things like yoga or taichi or even an aerobics class. Unless of course you do that first thing I mentioned.

  9. Jeff says:

    Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for first aid for a heart attack and your post looks very interesting for me.

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