Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar {Video}

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Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits and even has a role in skin care. Watch here for more about this wonderful natural health food which can be used both inside and outside the body.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar include having high antioxidant levels, which can benefit the body when consumed and when applied directly to the skin. Treat a variety of conditions using apple cider vinegar with health advice from a professional wellness consultant in this free video on natural remedies.

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21 Responses to “Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar {Video}”

  1. RotaryPoweredDick says:

    @ALPHAandOMEGA44 its dumb look it up body produces enough of it, no need just buy steroids…

  2. ALPHAandOMEGA44 says:

    What do you think about high protein diets for a bodybuilder?

  3. diezelish says:

    LOL!! I had to get me a laugh out of that too! I dont think an ape would be able to see lice to pick and I agree, i wouldnt pour kerosene on noone’s head, especially mine. Killing them off the body is easy but its the environment that’s a war.

  4. SpiritWanderer50 says:

    now my cousin she has 2 kids and she poured kerosene on there heads. I guess it works but i dont know if I would recomment that one.

  5. SpiritWanderer50 says:

    when i was a kid I got some lice on my head from the chicken house. My uncle took me out to the pump at the well and pumped water right from the cold well on top of my head. brrrr it was cold but the lice vammoooosed.

  6. SpiritWanderer50 says:

    LOL ok diezelish I had a laugh to myself visualizing someone going back to primitive ape time and eating lice off another persons head. I thought internal as of eating it. I have a silly sense of humor. hehe

  7. diezelish says:

    I heard that body lice(mostly) burrows deep under the skin most of the daytime. That’s why i asked internally.

  8. SpiritWanderer50 says:

    this cured my acid reflux and my UTI “urinary tract infection plus great for acidosis from drinking to much colas teas ect and ackey arthritis. its very alkaline which can bring the body into a more alkaline state.

  9. SpiritWanderer50 says:

    i have never heard of lice being internal is that like licking someones head full of lice?

  10. SpiritWanderer50 says:

    no it just pickles lice. lol

  11. SpiritWanderer50 says:

    I get mine at GNC with the “mother”

  12. GoodVibrationsHealth says:

    Very good information.

    I sell both liquid and capsule forms of apple cider vinegar in my store.

  13. diezelish says:

    do you mean internal or external?

  14. Loverlykris10 says:

    @diezelish i heard it does kill lice…hope that helps

  15. sharon130906 says:

    Take a mason jar and add one and a quarter cup of brita water, 1 generous tablespoon of ACV, one stevia packet and some green tea. Shake it up with the lid on until frothy. It’s very refreshing.

  16. diezelish says:

    I mix 3tbs of vinegar in 1 8oz cup of green tea sweetn with cane sugar. Is that ok? Does apple cidar vinegar kill lice?

  17. UltraHeru says:

    I love Apple Cider when it is sparkling.

  18. Dynamik5 says:

    Thanks for the vid!

  19. DJTonyAllen says:

    this stuff is great especially for energy

  20. treejay01 says:

    very helpful

  21. kungfujellybean says:

    Great video!

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