Natural Home Remedies To Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

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Get a Bacterial Vaginosis Treamtent now. More and more women are now looking for that natural home remedy some doctors would not agree with this but there is no getting away from the fact that it is happening and in many cases with good success. Another reason to seek out good natural treatments is due to the rising costs of more traditional treatments and visits to the doctors along with prescription charges. that condition is known as Bacterial Vaginosis.

Bacterial vaginosis is a mild infection that occurs in the vagina when the balance of the naturally occurring bacteria becomes disrupted, resulting in a greater number of one group of bacteria over the other forms. This type of infection is considered as particularly embarrassing by some women, since it necessarily involves visible and chronic symptoms that are quite hard to ignore. Bacterial vaginosis can have any of the following symptoms: abnormal discharge with a particularly unpleasant fishy odor, intense itching in vaginal area, swelling and irritation, and sometimes even cramp-like stomach pains. There ar emany symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and women may get all or only some of them when infected with BV. the causes of bacterial vaginosis are as varied as the symptoms with many things being linked to the cause such as wearing thongs and underwear that rubs and spreads infection between anus and vagina, sexual activity between two women one of whom is infected can all cause bacterial vaginosis amongst many other things.

The number one cure for bacterial vaginosis and the most prescribed by doctors is of course antibiotics it may not actually be the best treatment though. Antibiotics are Ok but not great some women are intolerant of antibiotics others may just choose not to use them. Hence, there is a need to find an alternative treatment for bacterial vaginosis, using other substances known to be less harmful to the human body. The basis of all treatments is to restore the natural bacteria balance and flora if this can be done the chance of recurrent bacteria vaginosis is reduced. Considering that some of these treatments are quite natural, virtually as natural as the normal food we eat, there is a huge chance that it will not trigger an adverse effect on the body, and it may even prove to be a lasting solution to the problem.

Treatments include:

Restore the acidic balance – The vaginal area has natural acidic properties brought about by the interaction of different naturally-occurring bacteria. disrupting this process can and often does lead to bacterial vaginosis. lactobacillus acidophilus will restore the natural bacterial balance with in the vagina. bifidus, which are both found in yoghurt. natural yogurt can be used in two ways it can of course be eaten to get the benifit of the live cultures in to your system the other way is to dip a vaginal insert of tampon into the yogurt and insert it directly into the vagina to help restore the bacteria balance.

Preventing unwanted bacteria from multiplying – This particular treatment is done as an alternative to acidifying the vaginal pH. a boric acid douche with neutralise some bacteria within the vagina and balance PH levels. For those who have shown a particular sensitivity or even allergic reaction to this method, a vinegar douche, made by mixing a tablespoon of vinegar to one quart of water, is also quite effective.

To help treat bacterial vaginosis are many natural supplements and tropical applications also vitamins and antioxidents. These vitamins include vitamin A, C, D, E and B complex. To help relieve the itching, a topical cream made from vitamin is quite effective.

Soothe the irritated genital tissues – A warm bath or even a shallow sitzs bath has been known to soothe the irritated tissues around the vagina, although it is generally advised that soap should not be directly used to clean the genital area, as it can destroy the skin’s natural lipid shields that help keep out bacteria.

These are just some of the natural and household remedies that have been known to help in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Although i do recommend you find a good home remedy for bacterial vaginosis I would also state that if in any dout about the infection or if you are worried in any way then you should always consulte a doctor. Get more bacterial vaginosis info

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