Natural Healing For Fibromyalgia

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I Was Diagnosed A Year Ago With Fibromyalgia A Chronic Illness That Affects The Muscles,mainly The Large Muscles

My doctor has told me to take omega three and eat lots of fish which I do anyways. He prescribes tylenol threes for pain. Does anyone know and alternative pain remedy. Some days I cannot even walk I’m in so much pain.
thanks in advance!

I’m not sure what you can take for pain but I just wanted to let you know something. About 10 years ago my mom was diagnosed with fibramyalgia too. She went from doctor to doctor to see if they could help her with her pain, she even went to physical therapy so they could help loosen her back and leg muscles so they wouldnt be so sore. And every day she had to do these excersises, stretches and lay on tennis balls for like an hour and half every day so she could just do daily work around the house. Then one day a friend suggested she go to back specialist since she was having a lot of pain in her back as well as her legs. The back doctor did an MRI on her and found out she had a ruptured disc in her back. She had to have surgery to fix the disc. Since the gel from the disc surrounded a nerve for so many years it damaged it pretty badly. But the doctor removed the gel from the nerve and fixed the disc.

After her surgery she felt a world better. Her pain in her legs even got better because the nerve was causing pain in her legs. She still has her off days because that damaged nerve still gives her trouble. But since then she has felt much better and doesnt have to take millions of pain pills. I would reccomend if your pain doesnt get better or gets worse to get an MRI of some sort or a scan to make sure nothing is wrong with your back or other part of your body. Good luck and happy holidays!

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7 Responses to “Natural Healing For Fibromyalgia”

  1. iroc says:

    tylenol 3 is good

  2. SunFun says:

    I too have a problem with chronic pain but it is localized to my hips and low back. I have had it for over two years and have tried all sorts of things, physical therapy, massage, yoga, pilates, antiinflammatories such as Celebrex, Vicodan when it is really bad, steroid injections and they recently tried an antideprressant on me called Cymbalta. I only took the Cymbalta for a couple of weeks because a side effect for me was C…stipation. Just keep trying things until something works for you. I like Celebrex because it takes the edge off with out any noticeable side effects. I take all of the vitamins and eat plenty of fish and take calcium and fish oil and flax seed among other things. I push myself to get out and walk 6 days a week for an hour. The Cymbalta really worked for the pain. They don’t know why but it does but I just couldn’t put up with the side effect. Accupuncture is supposed to help too. Good luck and keep trying until something gives you relief!

  3. Sara says:

    Okay I DON’T have this but I deal with similar pain on a daily basis.
    Have you tried seeing a Pain Dr? They work with fibramyalgia patients and often work in traditional and alternative pain remedies. I am always looking out for different things to try because I currently take one to two vicodin a day and want to get away from it. One thing that helps is yoga! It’s great for your body and seems to make a difference. Another thing is eating healthy. I’ve noticed when I am healthy it helps manage the pain.
    I hope this helps. That’s a horrible illness to have.

  4. Gertie says:


  5. ILoveNj says:


  6. ? says:

    Cymbalta is the only thing that has really helped me. Read about it here:…

  7. jpwilson says:

    When I was a child my mother was diagnosed with fibramyalgia. She had constant headaches and could sometimes not even get off the couch. I do not remember much being so young at the time, but I do remember it rendering her completely useless as time wore on. However, one night she had an encounter with God at a church service. She was completely healed and that night she threw away her medicine and never needed it again. Not one symptom ever came back. I know this might sound a little hard for you to believe. But I just want to tell you that God is not a respector of persons and if He can heal my mother then He can heal you. Not only can He heal you, but He takes delight in it. Previous to her healing, my mother knew nothing about God. But through her healing she gave her life to God and experienced and even greater thing than her physical healing. She placed her life in the hands of a loving God and hasn’t regreted it since. Jesus is very real and very alive. Yes, He was crucified. But He rose again. He was stronger than death. He doesn’t condemn. He is full of love. And out of His love, He wants to heal you. So I encourage you, ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Don’t just take for granted what I said. He will talk to you if you ask Him to. He wants to heal you. All you have to do is ask Him.

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