Natural Alternatives For Teething Pain?

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My 5 1/2 month old daughter is teething. Poor thing! We’re a month in and she’s starting to show real discomfort when nursing. I gave her some infant tylenol last nigh and that didn’t seem to work. Problem is she’s alergic to the active ingredient in anbesol and oragel (benzocaine). Has anyone tried some of the natural health store products on the market? Anything you could recommend?

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14 Responses to “Natural Alternatives For Teething Pain?”

  1. josi says:

    You could try some homeopathic teething products.
    Hylands Teething Tablets:…
    You can find these at health stores. There is a store locator on this site.
    Camilia by Boiron:…
    It comes in a package of 30 capsules that you squeeze into the mouth. You can get this at the natural foods section at Superstore.

  2. lbbastia says:

    At our Wal-Greens and Wal-Mart they sell “teething tablets” and they have all natural ingredients…and they work great! They are small white little tablets that dissolve super quick so they are safe to use. Pop 2 (or 3 at bed time) in her mouth like inside her cheek and they will dissolve…they worked awesome on my little ones!

  3. Kara N.C says:

    get the teething tablets, they work great. u could also try giving her a carrot or piece of celery to gum on. out of the fridge, it will be cool, but not freezing. of course, make sure she doesnt bite off a chuck and swollow it, but if she only has a couple teeth, it should be ok.

  4. F T says:

    Frozen waffle! Trust me. Just make sure they don’t swallow huge pieces of it.

  5. mystic_e says:

    Clove oil is supposed to be really effective and safe. I haven’t tried it though.

  6. Have you tried Gripe Water? I really don’t find anything that helps my daughter either. Gripe Water does help a bit tho.
    We don’t use orajel or anbesol on her. We were told by our dentist that it is not good for our gums. So i’m not going to put something on my babies gums that is no good for ours.

  7. hstris says:

    look in the baby isle…they make homeopathic teething tablets….they worked well for my son.

  8. Brie ; says:

    I use Hyland’s Homeopathic teething gel, it also comes in quick dissolve tablets, but those contain lactose, something we don’t consume. You can even get it at Walgreens, and maybe Wal-Mart (don’t shop there so I don’t know :) )
    I’ve ever used any tylenol or anything other than the Hylands (and an amber teething necklace)

  9. Oh me oh my? says:

    A cool wet washcloth might be a good choice

  10. Jenny says:

    I used to give my children a frozen washcloth. It does thaw quickly and it is not as cold as the teething rings and easier to bite on. They loved to drag the washcloth around the house.

  11. Georgie's Momma says:

    You can buy natural teething tablets in the natural foods section of some stores. The brand that I have used is called Hyland’s. You can do a google search of Hyland’s Teething Tablets. They are very small and dissolve instantly. Every baby I have seen use them loves them. Plus they are all natural and safe.

  12. Jennifer M says:

    Another vote here for Hyland’s tablets. It’s a homeopathic remedy and they work great. You can pretty much find them in any drug store.

  13. amyiscra says:

    I have three children and used clove oil for all of em when they teethed. It can be purchased at a health food store. This was recommended to me by my god-mother whom is a homeopathic Dr. before giving to my children i tried it myself(lol) and it actually worked and tasted kinda good…didn’t last as long as oragel but what was more important to me was that I was giving them something natural. I was surprised to see no one mentioned clove oil. I haven’t tried the tablets that all are raving about…are they natural? oh..and with my youngest while teething , her gums turned black and blue-like a bruise- i freaked!! because my other two children never had this problem. I used clove oil for her and it helped right away. later i found out that gum bruising is normal. I hope u find relief in what ever form…a teething baby makes everyone uncomfortable…good luck and God bless!!! Amy

  14. DubaiMum says:

    Another alternative is an amber teething necklace. I have a few friends who swear by them for their babies!

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