My Younger Sister Just Told Me She Has Genital Herpes. I Was Wondering Is There A Cure For This?

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I don’t want any advice on medicine such as valtrex or oinements known to take away physical pain on the effected area. I understand the human body to be capable of great natural healing. I believe it goes further than we can begin to comprehend. So surely the human body can combat a virus such as herpes, right?

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5 Responses to “My Younger Sister Just Told Me She Has Genital Herpes. I Was Wondering Is There A Cure For This?”

  1. W?MBAT is Sparky says:

    No there is no cure, but scientists are working hard on a vaccine. once you have it there is no real way to get get rid of it. Here’s why.
    Herpes or HSV is a “lysogenic” virus; in a nutshell this means that when the virus attacks a cell, it inserts itself directly into the cell’s DNA. it then lies dormant, sometimes for a very long time. Then, for some reason that is not understood it become active again and takes over the cell, producing thousand of copies of itself and eventually bursting the cell. most of these copies are destroyed by the body, usually a very few manage to infect other cells. The immune system may possibly be able to detect and destroy an infected cell, but only if the virus is in the active stage. Thus most of the infected cells go undetected and the virus is able to reproduce forever. Also the virus mutates so rapidly that the body is unable to produce antibodies that would make us immune to it.
    HIV is also a lysogenic virus, that is one of the reasons why it can’t be cured either.
    Valtrex works by interfering with the virus’ ability to infect other cells, so it slows down the spread but can’t do anything about the cells already infected. It’s also still possible to spread the virus to another person, and unfortunately even a condom is no guarantee
    Herpes can cause complications in pregnancy, and may even be a risk factor for cancer though I’m not sure it’s been proven.
    Therefore the best thing to do is to be carefull, and use protection. And to be honest if you have it, get tested if you think you might have gotten it. the biggest reason it still spreads around is because people don’t do these things.
    I guess that is way more than you wanted to know, but i hope it helps you.
    Here is the CDC site for herpes.

  2. haven’t you seen the valtrex commercials? There is no cure for herpes.

  3. goose107 says:

    I am an MD. There is no known cure for Herpes simplex at this time. People who have it will have it for the rest of their lives. I have heard of an experimental protocol that sensitizes the virus to a certain frequency of light, and then when the patient is subjected to huge amounts of this light, the virus disappears permanently, at least that is the theory, but this is experimental.
    When I was in Medical school they told us a joke: “What is the difference between true love and Herpes?” The answer is—-Herpes is forever!

  4. Sciencen says:

    as far as i know herpes is forever but outbreaks can be controlled–good luck

  5. kelly r says:

    Kelly R explained it exactly right. At best the “great natural healing” that you speak of, would be of your sisters psyche concerning this diagnosis. I know that I, personally would need some emotional healing, of sorts, to deal with that news.

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