Making Different Eczema Home Remedies

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Eczema is the term given to various skin diseases or irritations that come from reactions or allergy to chemicals, foods or other products. There are various treatment options that are available though which can help to reduce or solve this problem.

While some people are more likely to suffer from eczema since they inherited it from their parents, there can be a lot of different triggers or causes. It often affects certain parts of the body where there is a fold of the skin. This includes places like the crease of the elbow and behind the knee. It is common for infants to get the irritation on their chin or hands as a result of moisture that comes from drooling and sucking.

There are many possible eczema remedies that you can try including many that are quick and easy to apply. Treatment options are often based around the key tactic of taking action to look after your skin. An example is to make sure that you use mild soaps that are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Use lukewarm water to wash yourself and try to avoid very hot or cold water. Try not to rub your skin dry after washing. Instead, just carefully pat yourself dry and then consider applying an emollient cream or an ointment – these can seal in the moisture and assist to stop your skin from cracking. There are several options available including Lubriderm cream, Moisturel cream, and Eucerin cream. Don’t use a normal lotion as they can contain alcohol that can work to dry out your skin.

Some other eczema treatments that you can try at home include having your own oatmeal bath. Mix two cups of colloidal oatmeal (which is a form of ground, powdered oatmeal) into a tub of lukewarm water. Take a regular bath in it and also use the oatmeal as an exfoliant. The oatmeal should work to soothe your skin and assist with reducing the feelings of itchiness that you may have been experiencing.

There are various over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams that you can get which should help to settle the eczema inflammation. Simply apply the cream at least two to three times every day. Within days you should have less itching and a reduced amount of redness and scaling. You can also consider whether you may require prescription strength hydrocortisone cream or a stronger corticosteroid cream.

Some of the stronger eczema creams include Diprolene cream as well as other fluorinated corticosteroids that are considerably[spin] stronger than normal hydrocortisone cream. Use these creams approximately once per day and you should notice a significant [spin]impact within a short period of time. If you want to cover a larger area of the body, then consider using oral prednisone. This substance is used as a taper which means that you start with higher strengths, in the range of 40-60 milligrams and then reduce this over two weeks to less than 20 milligrams. Shorter tapers can also be tried if the eczema is not too severe or if you intend to use a cream after your treatment finishes.

If you are really wanting to control the itching caused by eczema, you can always consider using an antihistamine. These drugs may make you tired but they are normally successful in blocking the itch signal that can cause a lot of discomfort. There are two main antihistamines used for eczema. These are hydroxyzine and diphenhydramine. Either of them can also be used in an injectable form if the pill form is insufficient.

There are also a wide range of eczema natural remedies that are based around herbal ideas. One of the options include aloe which is well known for relieving inflammation. Another option is calendula cream which soothes the skin. Chamomile is another popular option as it relieves itching. Oregon grape root, although not as well known, is also considered to be effective in reducing inflammation and removing toxins from the body.

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