Lower Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Going Down Into Hips And Left Leg Area. Help?!?

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I’m 23 years old (I’ll be 24 this December) and I had an MRI about a month ago, found out that I have a herniated disc in my lower back. Here’s my problem, I’ve always had back pain but it’s just never been this severe and I used to always see the chiropractor. I’m just upset since this is my 3rd week off of work, the pain is still in my hips down into my left leg, sometimes my left toes and at night when I try to sleep the pain is just 10x more severe. I don’t want surgery this young in my life, physical therapy seems to make it hurt worse and I don’t really know any other at home remedies? Anyone else have this problem with some suggestions? I tried putting the vinegar into my bathwater to drawl the pain out but now I’m itching like crazy since I forgot I’m allergic to vinegar. Forgot to mention, I have a heating blanket I sleep on at night but even with it being on the lowest setting sometimes it still gets too hot. I tried the IcyHot and that only lasts for so long. Plus the doctor gave me percosets (oxycodine) and I don’t like taking them unless I just hurt that bad which is why I’m on here trying to find an alternative. Help, please? :(

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5 Responses to “Lower Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Going Down Into Hips And Left Leg Area. Help?!?”

  1. jayson_p says:

    i hope your not over Weight but what can help you is a water training exercises get two floaters and put it on your underarms and hang your legs that will take the pressure out of your disc in my lower back..i hope this help you..

  2. Jack T says:

    sounds good, good luck.

  3. Richard C says:

    Just, my answer is to speak with the physical therapist. Not every therapist is good with backs and you need to find one that is. You are interested in one on one care and not the use of modalities. An evaluation should be done that goes from your feet on up to the head. Postural changes or deviations are often the cause of the pain as the muscles are having problems with being out of shape for the stresses that are being placed on them. There may also be structural problems that are present that need some help in correcting such as a shoe lift to level out the pelvis. I am less concerned with what the scan shows for one thing that the scan cannot show is when the disc problem occurred. It is possible that you were born with it. So unless the results of the scan match up with your specific complaints I am not so concerned. A disc can only herniate or bulge in certain directions as it is very tightly held in place by ligaments but again most of the pain that is associated with back issues comes from the muscles. Posture is extremely important for deviations away from plumb cause counter stresses and weakness. So become extra vigilant in your posture. As far as the therapy it should be addressing posture, body mechanics, muscular balance, strengthening the entire body, and teaching you how to control the movements of the fluid portion of the disc. At your age this should be an accomplishable act. Talk to the therapist about this and how you are feeling. If they are not receptive to this then find another therapist who is. Sit down with them before actually starting a treatment with them and ask them their approach to back problems. If it does agree with what you want then move on to another who will do what you want.

  4. Morpheus says:

    Hummmm – you’ve given up on the chiropractor??? You might want to get more treatments. That sounds like classical sciatica – 4th and 5th Lumbar. And don’t be afraid to go look for another chiropractor if yours isn’t helping you. You get the right guy, and that can work really well.
    Also, don’t heat that thing – it swells it up. Get real ice in an ice bag – and freeze that thing – start freezing at the SA joint (where the sacrum is hinged to your hip bone – right at the bottom of your back. Freeze that solid as you can. Ice is truly a legal morphine – and it does tend to shrink this thing and make it better over time.
    Also – be aware that this pain can also be psychological. There’s a Dr. Sarno who’s a doctor of recuperative medicine – he sees people who have been in auto accidents and stuff like that. And he’s come up with a new idea about this massive/bad pain stuff. it’s neat. You can get his book for about nothing if you get it used from Amazon – “Healing Back Pain”.
    Good luck with that!! Don’t get operated on! Read the Sarno book first. He speaks specifically about this “herniated disc”. The book itself might get you up and walking. I got the book from my dentist who has a horrible back – and he said that just reading the book helped him SO MUCH. I’ve also used some of the ideas in the book.

  5. creed says:

    your PT should be incorporating body mechanics above all else, so if your taking PT right now, bring this up with them & also include your self-monitoring results;; your spine is round, disc is round, the herniation could be protruding in almost any direction;; if you can find out from your doc in which direction this herniation is protruding, then you can determine the best counter-positional techniques to utilize;; you’ve GOT to take care of your back, so you NEED abdominal strengthening, you NEED to learn NOT to hold your breath for ANYTHING (this includes grunting);; you should NOT be using heat but a flexible cold pack on your LOW back ONLY to help to reduce the radiating pain;; & certainly, you NEED to either stick with PT, TELL them what’s going on, or get a new therapist;; you need to sit UPRIGHT with back support, you also MAY be better off straight on your belly when you sleep, try sleeping with your feet off the bed, since MOST (but not all) protrusions are posterior;; these positional techniques should be discussed with your therapist & he should be giving you ex’s that you can perform pain-free (esp the legs)…again, key elements, cold pack & NO holding of your breath (even grunting is holding)…good luck, but it sounds like you just keep perpetuating the herniation;; highly doubt it’s your PT, highly believe it’s the way you are using your back (functional usage)…

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