Learn About The Feldenkrais Method

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As human beings, we are born with a natural level of capability with regards to spatial attention. From the day we first start to develop motor skills for example getting capable to walk, or becoming capable to move our hands and feet around with any sort of position, our mind is constantly aware of precisely where our extremities are. This is the reason why you’re able to do things like touch your two hands together while your eyes are closed, or while your hands are behind your back.

The problem that begins to develop as time goes by is we, for several reasons, lose that recognition, or least commence to disregard what is telling us to do through social influences, or bad posture habits.

What the Feldenkrais Procedure does is to help its practitioners relearn the way that the entire body moves naturally, so that they might be in a very far better position to go about their day in a very way that doesn’t put excess pressure and stress on their joints and muscles.

The dilemma originates from the fact that we cease to look closely at signals our body is giving us. We get utilized to walking the way other people walk, and sitting inside a particular way at work, and just before you know it, you’ve developed a poor habit when it comes to your posture.

You may possibly not really feel the effects as much when you’re young, but the truth is the way most men and women move isn’t natural, and so they begin to really feel the effects via symptoms for instance lower back pain and a severe lack of flexibility as they age. That’s exactly what the Feldenkrais Technique of awareness training tries to overcome.

Among the most fundamental lessons that it teaches is a heightened sense of recognition doesn’t necessarily mean you pay more attention to the world around you; you have to also be mindful of what’s going on with your very own human body, and of what changes you are able to make to your private habits that will help you to promote your individual good health and well-being.

Via promoting a stronger recognition of one’s individual body, and in the strong connection in between the physique and thoughts, the Feldenkrais Method of self therapy can help a person to adopt an entirely new lifestyle as a result of a new sense of consciousness through movement.

It could take a long time to understand the natural therapy ins and outs, and adjust one’s movement and poise accordingly, but the benefits are lifelong and are absolutely worth the extra endeavor. With time, you may possibly be surprised at how several distinct tasks that require some level of dexterity and concentration become easier to you as you begin to further realize the connection among thoughts and entire body.

You obtain much better at making yourself move gracefully, inside a manner of speaking. Not to mention the fact that the Feldenkrais Approach itself can help to offer you with a brand new understanding of yourself from the outside in, and that variety of new perspective can bring a wholly unfamiliar type of inner peace that may perhaps have been much-needed.

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One Response to “Learn About The Feldenkrais Method”

  1. Deborah Lotus says:

    Very nicely done article on Feldenkrais, you seem to be writing from your own experience….
    Are you aware of “Sounder Sleep” a Feldenkrais approach to sleep without pills??? I noticed your pet peeve and this directly addresses it, it is very effective and pleasurable and makes your waking time more pleasant also!
    Also do you know about “Bones for Life”? another feldy approach, there is a country organization in Australia headed up by Jenny Groves….full disclosure, I am a long time feldenkrais prac. learned from Dr. feldenkrais and I am a bones for life trainer as is Jenny…All the zest,
    keep up the good work!

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