Knowledge About The Signs Of Diabetes Can Help YouTo Do Timely Treatment

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Diabetes is a serious health issue for millions around the world. Though some have knowledge about it but a large number of people have not noticed it yet. Diabetes is a very delusive disease. You may have diabetes with no warning symptoms at all. It can lead to many types of problems if it is not noticed. Only few signs or symptoms can identify diabetes. You may be curious by now to know, what are the first signs of diabetes?

Diabetes are of three types Type 1 or juvenile onset diabetes, Type 2 that affects anyone and gestational diabetes which occurs during pregnancy. Though each type has its particular set of symptoms and signs but some signs hint for diabetes. Among the first signs is the urge to release urine frequently. It may be the first sign that says that your blood sugar levels are increased very much. The high blood sugar levels are maintained by the body fluids of the body. This leads to the bladder getting full and thus causing frequent urination to remove the excess amounts from your system. You want to urinate regularly when you intake foods with high sugar content like soda and desserts.

Your capacity of water intake will increase with the time. This happens with fast losing fluids. The cell’s water is drawn out so they get dehydrated and send signals of thirst to the brain. Your thirstiness increases as the excreted fluids are to be replaced. Moreover, as the body is unable to utilize glucose as energy the food intake of the body increases. You start feeling hungry regularly. Diabetics suffering from the Type 1 variety will also notice that in spite of consumption of sufficient food there is unexplained weight loss. This is because the body is not able to utilize the energy and to satisfy the energy needs starts breaking down the fat and tissues.

The tiredness increases as the energy is not being transferred successfully where it is needed in the body. The body cells use energy from sugar to carry out daily operations and muscle movements. Diabetes or even pre-diabetes symptoms may make you drained of energy. You may regularly feel fatigue and tiredness. Drowsiness and sleepiness at odd times of the day are the symptoms of diabetes in many people.

Physical and neurological problems like blurred vision, itchy skin etc can occur due to diabetes. One can also notice other early symptoms of diabetes for example delayed healing of bruises and cuts. This occurs because the immune system is affected by diabetes. Similarly itching increases or a feeling of dry skin rises. Blurred vision is also a indication of diabetes as it causes muscular deterioration. Heavy amount of glucose in the blood also causes a tingling sensation or numbness of the extremities. Though these neurological signs are seen very late with the progress of diabetes.

If you notice any of these first signs of diabetes and are not sure whether you are suffering from it, then you should immediately consult a doctor. With the help of a simple test you can identify diabetes. You can live fit and fine by timely treatment of diabetes.

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