Knee And Back Aches May Originate In Your Feet

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Oh my aching bones! We even hear young men and women who appear to be quite healthy in all other respects say that. With the incredible advances in medicine, specifically in the area of orthopedic appliances, there is no reason to continue to suffer day in and day out with pain that is caused by a simple and correctable problem with the skeletal system. One area where great relief from chronic pain can be had rather quickly is through the use of an orthotic or orthopedic appliance for the feet.

A diagnostic visit to the foot doctor who is professionally known as a podiatrist, can result in a dramatic improvement. It will entail not only the relief of pain, but the actual correction of skeletal abnormalities that one may have suffered with for decades. Modern diagnostic tools are available to podiatrists and technicians who make pre-molded and custom made orthotics using advanced computers and software. There is a high likelihood of getting a significant amount of pain relief from a ready-made or custom orthotic appliance that can simply be worn in one’s regular footwear.

More difficult cases may easily be resolved with custom foot orthotics. Even a non-custom orthotic can be selected from a vast array of pre-molded sizes and specific dimensions that have been developed by doctors, professional technicians, and manufacturers in conjunction with patient results. Without having to go into language that would require a medical degree to decipher, let’s just think of orthotics as being able to adjust the human skeleton to be at an optimum shape and position to spread out the stresses of standing, walking, running, and climbing. All of those stresses directly involve the feet.

If a part of the foot is not formed or positioned normally, the stress that foot endures daily is not normal. This malformation or misalignment will cause an inordinate amount of stress to be endured where it shouldn’t. Or it may transfer more stress to other parts of the body such as the knee or back. When this happens the cascade of stress is followed by inflammation and injury culminating in horrific chronic pain.

The skeleton is like the framework of a building. In this case our focus is more upon the skeletal structure of the feet, but nevertheless if the frame structure is not correct, the whole structure will be put under undue stress. In a building it may collapse. For the human body there may be damage that is exacerbated for years until only a foot surgeon can correct the problem.

However for many sufferers of chronic pain caused by foot problems, a custom foot orthotic that can be worn in their shoes can give instant relief even though the sufferer has endured years of worsening pain. Though the footwear insert may resemble something one may find in a retail store, there truly is no comparison. It takes a professionally trained expert to first diagnose the cause of the problem, followed by prescribing what corrective measures and to what degree down to the millimeter that the orthotic needs to provide. This is not going to occur by hit or miss at the foot product section of the local pharmacy.

A qualified technician in the field of orthotics knows how a person’s bones should be shaped and positioned, and also knows exactly what means of correction are currently available. The expert will consider myriad factors such as the person’s height, weight, daily activity, and footwear choices. The gait and stance will be analyzed down to the point of knowing exactly where and when certain stress is put on each area of the foot for each body movement. The goal of the orthotic is to mitigate symptoms caused by misalignment and malformation of the foot structure.

The builder of any structure knows that the foundation and framework have to be precise in order for the building to stand. The same is true of each of us. We all connect to the earth through our feet. That’s where gravity meets the pavement so-to-speak.

There is so much that can easily be done to cure and correct common and not-so-common foot problems. And curing the foot problems may take away the knee and back pain as well. Fix your foundation. See a professional about how a prescribed foot orthotic can change your life for the better.

Foot and Ankle Clinics of America is recognized as one of the best established Hyde Park foot orthotics practices in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas – – and is acknowledged as highly innovative and without peer in the area. Call us at 773-752-2111.

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