Is There Any Natural Herbal Medicine Etc To Give My Child Rather Than Give Him Ritalin For Adhd?

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My son is very very active, and I dont want to put him on ADHD medication at all, it isn’t an option for me. So I would like to know if anyone has given there child any supplements from there local health food/care store that helps to calm there child down a bit.

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7 Responses to “Is There Any Natural Herbal Medicine Etc To Give My Child Rather Than Give Him Ritalin For Adhd?”

  1. MeHoo says:

    No, there is nothing that works besides real medication, which has been proven safe and effective.

  2. Why Ayurveda? says:

    I am not experts in this particular case. But I strongly believe in Aurveda (Indian Holistic Science of Life)

  3. Shan says:

    One thing that has helped my son is ginseng. (korean red) He notices a big difference if he forgets to take it in the morning while he is in school. There is something also called rescue remedy that helps alot when he is at home. There are a number of different “focus formulas” that have done wonders for my son without the use of drugs. I picked some up while I was at costco in the US. I’m not sure where you live but I highly recommend them. :) Good Luck

  4. Weird Videos says:

    ADHD certainly does exist – I’ve had it all my life and it has left me with a serious injury I can never get rid of and which I’ve no idea how I did it! But I’m afraid I haven’t found anything ‘natural’ that helps.

  5. FU2 says:

    I never understand how stimulants can help a hyper kid???
    Must be a common disease though.
    But as for me when I need to calm down I reach for the benadryl, alcohol, maybe even some xanax or weed.
    Not for speed and caffeine.
    As for herbal meds. I don’t know how other stimulants effect adhd but caffeine, ginseng etc. but if they fail dope the kid up on some benadryl.

  6. pilar says:

    there is a supplement called attend, its supposed to be good especially with memorin and extress combination. google it. also caffeine sometimes helps, less sugar, more protein (particularly in breakfast) and daily exercise is very important. also you can try and elimination diet. it is greatyou are trying to solve this problem in other ways not drug related first, yes drugs should be a LAST RESORT.

  7. EVOkille says:

    Your son has energy.. he has a personality flaw.. i’m starting to think that’s what doctors are saying about ADHD.. for a kid to be a kid, hyper and active is now becoming wrong. ADD and ADHD is a load of crap. Maybe he can lay off the sugar, soft drinks and sweets. And start a more nutritional diet with exercise.

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